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7 ரகசிய Tips and Tricks | Top 7 Amazing Android Secrets in 2019 1 GBoard Floating Keyboard Feature 2 Gboard Create your Own Stickers 3 Scan your installed app in google play protect 4 Whatsapp Chat Total Message Save as Text 5 Instagram Face Morph Tricks link Below : 6 Pubg Without Scope Zoom Trick 7 Games Websites --- --- In this video we see about Superb 7 Android Tips and Tricks that is Very Useful in August 2019,1st trick gboard has new update called floating keyboar this is used to hide your message when you are in travel, 2nd trick is gboard new feature called create your own stickers using your facial expressions,3rd trick is scan your installed apps that are available in your mobile its called google play protect it will show any harmful apps are available in your mobile, 4rth trick is used to store all chat conversation messages in single text file,5th trick is Instagram has many creators to make some face morphing videos without any app all the creators links are given above,6th trick is used for most famous games PUBG,in pubg,free fire or some other battle royal games without scope you will able to zoom when you triple tap on your mobile on your screen using simple setting in your mobile,7th trick is without installing any games on your mobile you can play many online games with two superb websites mention above,in this two websites there are many games available 2d and 3d and many categorizes like racing,action,adventure,puzzle,brain and much more...

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10 செம்ம Games |Top 10 Android Games in August 2019 #10 Iron Avenger #9 Sticky Bodies #8 Bike Mayhem Free #7 War Dogs…-simulator-ww-ii/ #6 Bombastic Brothers #5 Dark Sword 2 #4 Deadrite Hunt #3 Kill Shot Bravo…ting-sniper-game/ #2 Dawn of Zombies…war-early-access/ #1 Ride Out Heroes(Play Store) Ride Out Heroes (apkPure) War Dogs is built from ground-up as a flight simulator to offer the most immersive air combat experience, and unlike most WW II aircraft games on Mobile, War Dogs has both Arcade and Simulation grade controls for both rookies and experienced Ace Fighters. Take control of all three controls(pitch, roll and yaw) to pull off basic and advanced air combat manoeuvres like Barrel roll, Pitchback, Wingover and others like an ace fighter Enhanced Graphics: Incredible dark silhouette action RPG in sci-fi world setting, Dark Sword is back with even more vibrant graphics and quality. Enjoy the beauty of dark silhouette action. ? Advanced Gameplay: You are not alone! Form a 3-member squad and battle! Play more powerfully with the tag system and co-op team mode. Hack & slash gameplay has been enhanced as well. ? Diverse Characters: Deploy female cyborgs, Fatima, each possessed with different skills and Deadrite Hunt is an online multiplayer horror game. The world is doomed and damned by the creatures from another reality - The Realm of Nightmare. The Nightmare opens portals to our world and sends its servants to conquer Earth! Fight them back and banish these monsters and killers from our world! Welcome to your last hunt - Deadrite Hunt! Arm yourself with deadly sniper weapons, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert missions deep inside enemy territory! All of this in a free FPS action game, these aren't nerf guns! DoZ is an online simulator of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Here, those who lived through Conflagration were left to survive against hunger, aberrations, fanatical mutants and zombies, diseases and radiation. And, of course, other survivors. The first Multi-class Battle Royale Game for mobile. Choose heroes of different classes and skill sets. Summon mounts, team up to crush your enemies, and use magic abilities and epic weapons! Death is not the end as you revive as a baby dragon to seek your revenge! “Welcome aboard, kiddo! Name’s Jeff, I’m the captain of this ship. We’ve got a nasty situation on our hands — all these skittering aliens swarming us, ya know. So suit up and let’s get ourselves some gun fun!” Captain Jeff A powerful force overwhelms the city of Fairview – you are the only hope, grab your suit of power armor and become the superhero we all need. Fight your way through enemies in Iron Avenger : Infinite Warfare – the most thrilling superhero Action – RPG – set in a modern environment, under attack by an evil force. Explore a superhero game Catch and connect as many people as you can to boost your speed and your score as you plummet toward your goal: the massive mouth waiting below! Dodge planes, trains, and livestock galore while grabbing bonus items along the way for a shot at the top of the leaderboards! Downhill mountain bike racing like never before. Race down beautiful trails, smashing over rocks and roots, boosting huge jumps, scoring insane trick combos, unlocking better bikes and gear for bragging rights as the King of the Mountain!

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110 ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon and AliExpress Gadgets #7 Lapel Lavalier Clip Microphone Aliexpress - --- RS.150 Amazon - --- Rs--225 Gearbest - Rs--110 #6 Blue Me Ec 750 W Dry Iron Flipkart - Rs.236 Amazon - Rs.425 #5 Multifunctional USB Flash Drive Aliexpress - - RS.64gb--584 Amazon - - RS.64gb--810 #4 RGB LED Lamp With IR Remote Aliexpress - --- RS.292 Amazon - --- Rs.1,209.00 #3 Wristband tool Holder RS.299 RS.299 #2 G20 USB Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB LED Aliexpress : Rs.1200 Amazon : Rs.1699 #1 RGB Variopinto di Illuminazione A LED Del Mouse Pad Zerbino Aliexpress : Rs 1300 Amazon : Rs 2249 The magnetic bracelet is made of durable 1680D oxford cloth, and the breathable material is safe throughout the day. Embed a super magnet to retain more of the items you need, unless you remove them, it won't fall. And ensure greater efficiency. One size is best for the magnetic bracelet kit is adjustable to fit any male and female wrist, unisex design. A single-size device for most professionals, you can do what you have to do. Size: 9.3 * 34 * 0.4cm Weight: 62G Material: Oxford cloth 1680D + full nylon Velcro Color: Black, red, blue Suspension style key caps, waterproof and dustproof, and easy to take down to clean thoroughly for longer work time Amphitheater style and Curve key design provides super cool mechanical feeling The transmission line is equipped with anti-interference magnet ring for better operation The mouse: DPI adjustment provides 800/1200/1600 gear shift control for different games The smooth 3D roller with anti-skid scale grain ensures you to operate comfortably The buttons structure precursor type streamline design provides excellent click sense Ergonomic design: perfect size fits naturally in your hand and provide comfortable touch feeling Feature: 1. Professional ferrous metal mini Lavalier Mic, suitable for mobile phones, computers, such as: IPHONE, Android phones and other devices. 2. Wire: PVC wire 3. Interface: standard equipped with gold-plated 3.5mm straight plug 4. Microphone: -30dB ± 2dB, professional microphone for the mobile phone 5. Product weight: about 30 g

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10 செம்ம Games | Top 10 Best Games for Android in 2019 #10Battle Disc #9Tiny Room #8Ball Vs Hole 2 #7Dead Zed (Early Access) #6Shadow Blade #5Gun War: Shooting Games #4The Mighty Quest #3Broken Dawn II #2last battle #1RULES OF SURVIVAL The brand new mode Epic Clash is launched! You have never seen battlefields like this! Super Buffs and Skills: Zombie Status, Infrared Scan, Super Body and more to be discovered! IMBA Vehicles and Weapons As a zombie sniper, you need to eliminate every zombie coming to you! The zombie killer's job is to destroy all the zombies in this area! Be careful about the surrounding room. These dead zombies may suddenly attack you from around you! A new type virus is spreading. No one knows how or where it came from In just a few months, it has swept the entire world. Nothing can stop the virus from spreading and infecting creatures. Even worse, the infected human beings and animals would transform into terrifying, aggressive monsters. There are more and more mutant monsters. Humanity is under attack. “But the nightmare has just begun… Brief Introduction Broken Dawn offers the perfect combination of the thrilling shooters and role-playing games, guaranteeing excellent handling and exquisite graphics. We now introduce a brand new version of the game with recreated scenes and updated techniques. The in-game economic system has been improved and all aspects of the game have been significantly enhanced. Real-time dynamic lighting effects that rival PC graphics. Thrilling battles and outstanding handling. Long-term and abundant battle scenes offer varied stage experiences. Enter the magic lands of Opulencia: defeat the craziest foes, find epic loot and claim the King’s throne! Fight epic battles and become the mightiest Hero of all in this intense Action RPG adventure! ptimized for mobile device operating, smooth controlling and exciting battle sound, experience the console game shooter fun! -Flexible artificial intelligence behavior so that each enemy is unique! Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master. You will guide him through challenging levels, around countless traps, sneaking past enemies or right over their dead bodies. You have to be fast, be stealthy, be aware of your environment. You have to be a ninja. You wouldn’t go walking into the zombie apocalypse empty handed! Unlock and upgrade a range of weapons, including handguns, machine guns, crossbows, sniper rifles and more! Build the ultimate arsenal of weaponry that any true survivor of the apocalypse should have. Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences. But be carefull... If he catches the disc, he will throw it back.

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Title: 10 சிறந்த Tamil Movie Based Games | Tamil Games | தமிழ்ப்படம் Games For Android & iOS | MrYoYoTech 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸 Hi Guys I am yoyo, This is channel #mryoyotech I shows Android Tricks and Tips | Apps | Customization | Reviews | Unboxing | Games | Tech News | Ringtones | IOS Tricks and tips | Windows | All Consoles | Tamilai valarpom,Tamilanai valvom. 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸 #moviebasedgames #tamilmoviegames #mryoyotech #mryoyo Don't forget to make me happy💟😘 Like,👍🏻 Share,👉🤳 Comment,😒😓and Subscribe🙏 our channel. 🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹 Description Of Title: 10 சிறந்த Tamil Movie Based Games | Tamil Games | தமிழ்ப்படம் Games For Android & iOS | MrYoYoTech MrYoYoTech, 10 சிறந்த Tamil Movie Based Games, Tamil Games, தமிழ்ப்படம் Games For Android & iOS, Games For Android, Tamil Movie based games, Marvel games for Android, Marvels games for iOS, Tamil, Top 10 Addictive Games for Android in May 2019, சிறந்த 10 GAMES, Top 10 games for Android in 2019, game series for android, best games for android in 2019, 2019, Tamil movie based games, Movie Based Games, android, Apps, best android games, iPhone games, iOS, Games, Movies, Bahubali, Sarkar, 2.o 🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼 About This Video:😊 Today I Show This video For All Gamers, This list of Games Are Based On Tamil Movie Related Games. 🎮 🕹️ Six Tamil Movie Based Games And Another Four Hollywood Movie Based Games.......And The Bonus Game Is Marvel Game. This listed Games Very High Graphics Games For All Android And iOS Device. Sooo Enjoy it Guys🤗 1, Bahubali The Game: 2,Iron Man 1,2,3: 3,Sarkar The Infinity: 4,Spider Man: 5,Thala Never Ever Give Up: 6, X-Man The Origin Wolverine: 7,2.o Enthiran: 8,Thor The Dark World: 9,Ra.One: 10,Anjan: ⏺️⏺️⏺️⏺️⏺️⏺️Bonus Game⏺️⏺️⏺️⏺️⏺️⏺️ Marvel's Future Fight: 🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼 Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter:Check out MrYoYoTech (@HeyMrYoYoTech): Follow me on Google plus: 🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔽🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽 Tags:MrYoYoTech, 10 சிறந்த Tamil Movie Based Games, Tamil Games, தமிழ்ப்படம் Games For Android & iOS, Games For Android, Tamil Movie based games, Marvel games for Android, Marvels games for iOS, Tamil, Top 10 Addictive Games for Android in May 2019, சிறந்த 10 GAMES, Top 10 games for Android in 2019, game series for android, best games for android in 2019, 2019, Tamil movie based games, Movie Based Games, android, Apps, best android games, iPhone games, iOS, Games, Movies, Bahubali, Sarkar, 2.o I hope you guys this video is very useful to you. Thanks for watching guys.....😘😘 By ✌️🏻YoYo✌️🏻

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70 ரூபாய் முதல் - 5 Super Gadgets in Amazon,Aliexpress and Gearbeast 2019 #5 K20 Wired Earphone Universal In-ear Earbuds ============================================== Gearbest - Rs.79/- Amazon - Rs.346/- Ali Express - Rs.75/- -------------------------------- #4 Voltage Capacity Monitor ============================== Gearbest - Rs.114/- Aliexpress -Rs.90/- Amazon - Rs.290/- ---------------------------------- #3 5PCS USB LED Mini Flashlight ================================ Geatbeast - Rs.75/- Amazon - Rs.1590/- ------------------------------- #2 Mini Heat Sealing Machine ============================== Amazon - Rs.119/- Gearbest - Rs.180/- Aliexpress - Rs.88/- ------------------------------------------- #1 All-in-one Pocket Multifunction Ballpoint Pen ================================================= Amazon - Rs.425/- Gearbest - Rs.70/- Aliexpress -Rs.200/- #5 • Support volume control and answer or end calls by pressing controller • Use the high sensitive microphone and provide excellent sound quality • Ergonomic design provides comfortable wearing without falling out easily • Compatible with most 3.5mm music players, including smartphones, tablets and other audio players #4 Very simple and practical small instrument: Small and portable, no need for external power supply and other ancillary equipment, plug and play It can detect any USB output power, charger, computer USB, car charger and mobile power It can easily measure the no-load voltage of the USB port, the load voltage and the current when the device works, and judge the charging Whether the performance of the device and the charging cable meets the requirements Simple operation and wide application range: USB voltage and current are alternately displayed, and the test results are clear and clear, which are suitable for factories, laboratories and ordinary users #3 A great convenience when there is a need for lighting while camping or emergency! Efficient brightness, compact size and simple usage are available to help you solve the urgent problem. Main Features: • 3 0.2W 2835 LED beads, low energy-consumption and efficient lighting • Compatible with all standard USB port, handy to use • Compact size, easy to carry with you #2 EASY TO USE--Mini and portable. Operates simply with 2 AA alkaline batteries. Please open cover to preheat the item by pressing 5 seconds before using, then simply slide it along the edge of any bag and it's sealed airtight. MAGNETIC BOTTOM--It easily attaches to refrigerators or any stationary metal surface so you will keep it handy in your kitchen, outdoor, cabinet or anywhere you need it. OPERATE--Operates simply with 2 AA alkaline batteries (batteries not included). #1 The ballpoint pen combines multiple functions together, meeting your various needs in emergencies. Designed in a compact size, it can be taken with you wherever you go. It also can be a great gift for your friends. Main Features: Designed for 6 functions ● Stylus pen for touchscreen, ballpoint pen, scale, and ruler, slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, level gauge. Ergonomic shape and wide compatibility ● Allows you to easily use the stylus pen features on all of your touchscreen devices comfortably ( iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Tablet, Kindle, Cellphone ).


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