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Live in JAPAN, 1990. Keith Emerson(Key) Jeff "Skunk" Baxter(G) Joe Walsh(G) John Entwistle(B) Simon Phillips(Ds)

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The awesome Fanfare For the Common Man by Aaron Copland. This fanfare was written on request from Eugene Goossens, conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, in response to the US entry into the Second World War. During the First World War, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra had asked British composers for a fanfare to begin each orchestral concert. It had been so successful that he thought to repeat the procedure in World War II with American composers. Goossens suggested titles like Fanfare for Soldiers, but Copland gave it the much better title Fanfare for the Common Man. The piece was premiered 12 March 1943 at income tax time, as a homage to the common man. Even though it is american, I think it should be the "official" fanfare for alle the common people in the world. Kind of like they did the moonlanding for all mankind. This is just my personal opinion, and I mean no offence to americans for wanting to "steal" this one. Music Copyrights owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

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ELP's adaptation of Aaron Copland's composition was released as a three minute single reaching No. 2 in the UK singles chart. This is the full recording.

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SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: BBC Proms 2012 from the Royal Albert Hall, London. Marin Alsop leads the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra in the opening section of Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. This concert was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3; it is available on-demand for seven days after broadcast. Radio 3 is streamed in HD sound online. Scheduled broadcast on BBC Two, Saturday 18th August at 8.00pm. For more from this Prom with full details, programme notes and recommended links:

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Aaron Copland's piece has almost gotten to be a cliche, but with the blazing reeds in this 8-second reverberation, it's still pretty damn impressive. The trompette-en-chamade at the front of the choir kicks in @ about 1:40, I think. Douglas Major, organist/choirmaster from 1988 to 2002, performs along with some anonymous percussionists.

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1: Fanfare for the Common Man Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes 2: Buckaroo Holiday 3: Corral Nocturne 4: Saturday Night Waltz 5: Hoe-Down 6: Billy the Kid 7: Appalachian Spring

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From the release of The Three Fates project at Parkteateret, Oslo Sep. 3rd 2012. Keith Emerson playing with Marc Bonilla, bassist and drummer from Elephant 9, brass section from The Royal Norwegian Navy band conducted by Terje Mikkelsen. Recorded with iPhone 4.

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Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Fanfare for the Common Man · Aaron Copland / 柯普蘭 · London Symphony Orchestra / 倫敦交響樂團 The Copland Collection ℗ Originally released 1968 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Released on: 1991-01-28 Producer: Paul Myers Producer: Richard Killough Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer 'Fanfare for the Common Man'. Tollwood Festival, München (a.k.a. Munich), Germany, 24th June 1997. Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society.

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An amazing live performance by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 1992 RIP Keith Emerson, your legacy will live on.

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neue_philharmonie_frankfurt live

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer perform "Fanfare For The Common Man" live in Montreal in 1977. This footage is from the "Works: Orchestral Tour". Shot on August 26, 1977 at Montreal's famed Olympic Stadium. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, also known as ELP, are a sporadically active English progressive rock supergroup. They found success in the 1970s and have sold over forty million albums and headlined large stadium concerts. The band consists of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (bass guitar, vocals, guitar) and Carl Palmer (drums, percussion). They are one of the most popular and commercially successful progressive rock bands. WANT TO SEE MORE LIVE MUSIC? SUBSCRIBE HERE: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

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Asia performance ELP "Fanfare For The Common Man". Epic. © 2007 Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd. An Eagle Eye Production in association with WHD.

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Bill Randolph, assistant organist at the cathedral, shows off this amazing instrument's big reed stops, including the world-famous State Trumpet. The recording was made in the cathedral choir -- 600 feet from the StateTrumpets -- so you get some of the sense of the vast space in this, the world's fourth largest church building -- and the largest Anglican cathedral in the world. This version of Copland's fanfare was arranged by former cathedral organist Dorothy Papadakos. New York's summer heat & humidity have obviously not treated the organ's tuning very well, & those big reeds are fiendishly difficult to keep in tune in the best of circumstances. An awe-inspiring sound, nevertheless.

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E.L.P. - Fanfare For The Common Man, Carl Palmer Drum Solo and Rondo at the High Voltage Festival, July 25th 2010. A great finale to a great festival. Not the best video i've done as i was a long way back but at least it's complete ( i had just 5 seconds left on my memory card! )

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Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Fanfare for the Common Man (Single Edit) · Emerson, Lake & Palmer The Best of Emerson Lake & Palmer ℗ 1977 Leadclass Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited ℗ 1977 Leadclass Limited, under exclusive licence to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited Auto-generated by YouTube.

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From the New York Philharmonic's "Young People's Concerts" television series. Ep. 2 "What is American Music?" Original broadcast February 1st, 1958 Aaron Copland conducting Leonard Bernstein, then the conductor of the NY Philharmonic, gives a small presentation about what he feels defines American music before introducing Mr. Copland. I do not claim any rights to any material contained within this video. I am merely presenting it here for educational purposes.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare For The Common Man At The Olympic Stadium in Montreal (1977) CHECK OUT THE SPIRIT OF ROCK ON FACEBOOK

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Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Fanfare for the Common Man (Live at Olympic Stadium, Montreal, 1977) · Emerson, Lake & Palmer Works Live ℗ 1993 Leadclass Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited Auto-generated by YouTube.

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To purchase or for more info go to Boosey & Hawkes Concert Band - Grade 3 Arguably the most famous fanfare ever written! Now available in a version written with standard wind band instrumentation and playable by most bands. The key has been lowered and technical demands have been modified, however, this superb adaptation still maintains all the power and majesty of the original. HL48019431 HL48019432

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UK hit 1977 peaked at No.2, 13 weeks on chart

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BLFAC International Orchestra: Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland. This was the second concert in Belgium - the one that we all felt was one of the best performances of the tour.

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Passengers in Dublin airport's Terminal 2 got a pleasant surprise on Sunday as the RTÉ Concert Orchestra performed 'Fanfare For The Common Man' by Aaron Copland. The Orchestra, conducted by David Brophy, were there to kick off RTÉ Big Music Week 2012.

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Taken From Live In London 1981. Interesting live verssion of ELP classic with Gary Moore's lead guitar as bonus. I don't own any rights, it belongs to their respective authors, this is just fans video

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Aaron Copland. London Symphony Orchestra. I love this song because we play it in community band and it is really easy. but it sounds so awesome!!!!!!! :)

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Vídeo Remasterizado Y Audio Equalizado: Reducción de ruido, mejor contraste, mas nitidez y buen audio. Subido en HD 720p

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"Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copland for Organ, Bass Drum, Timpani, Cymbals, and Gong Hauptwerk Hereford Cathedral Sample Set plus EastWest Symphonic Percussion This music is so majestic! It still gives me chills when I hear it. The original orchestral midi file is by Michael Barrett (1995). I have registered it for organ and percussion. From Wikipedia: ---------------------------------------------------------- Fanfare for the Common Man is a 20th-century American classical music work by American composer Aaron Copland. The piece was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under conductor Eugene Goossens. It was inspired in part by a famous speech made earlier in the same year where vice president Henry A. Wallace proclaimed the dawning of the "Century of the Common Man". Copland, in his autobiography, wrote of the request: "Eugene Goossens, conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, had written to me at the end of August about an idea he wanted to put into action for the 1942-43 concert season. During World War I he had asked British composers for a fanfare to begin each orchestral concert. It had been so successful that he thought to repeat the procedure in World War II with American composers". A total of 18 fanfares were written at Goossens' behest, but Copland's is the only one which remains in the standard repertoire. ---------------------------------------------------------- The top window of the video is the Hauptwerk Hereford Organ. (from Lavender Audio) The bottom window is the EastWest Symphonic Percussion. (The Timpani is shown.) ---------------------------------------------------------- (Headphones will give the best listening results.)

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This is a video I made for the song "Fanfare for the Common Man". I didn't really find a good quality version of the song, so I made this!

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Styx Movement For The Common Man Styx (Styx I)

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If you a fan of Aaron Copland or Leonard Bernstein then I hope your not to upset with this. Anyway The Nice and ELP put this sort of thing out there years ago. I like The Best's version of Fanfare with Emerson on keys and Entwistle on Bass. I'ff I could get a decent sound from the gr-20 and faster tracking I would like to use a synth sound. As it is the backing track took something like a month to complete (to many interruptions) and the Guitar was giving some greef in the pitch department.

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Fanfare For The Common Man, é um tema instrumental adaptado por Keith Emerson, original de 1942. Foi lançado no álbum, Works.

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Mister Magorium plays live in Auditorium A.Lippiello 27/10/12

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Emerson Lake & Palmer's "Fanfare for the Common Man" from the Best of ELP -- um... slightly warped.

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Music by Maurice Ravel Lyrics by Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson, Devra Golden Sequenced and Performed by Jonathan Snipes Guitars by David Rothbaum Additional Vocals by Evan Drane, William Hutson, Wesley Medina, Jim Merson, and Dan Rowan Video by Cristina Bercovitz

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Fanfare for the common Men 1978 (Instrumental)

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The world's greatest progressive rock drummer Carl Palmer solos on Fanfare for the Common Man (by Aaron Copland, arr. by Emerson, Lake, Palmer from Works Volume 1). Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy was live in concert at Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, CA December 2, 2015.

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JJ plays Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Fanfare for the Common Man / COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: All audio content in this video is solely property of the original recording artist and the use of it is not intended to disobey any copyright law. It is being used for leisure only. Therefore, a dispute claimed by YouTube on this video should not occur.

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Fanfare for the Common Man mini concert. Recorded on 7/22/12 at Texas Bandmasters Association in the Lila Cockrell theater in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Carolina Crown did a clinic with Cedar Park HS Band for TBA students and directors and then had a mini-concert at the end of the clinic. Crown performs Fanfare for the Common Man which is part of their 2012 show entitled "For the Common Good." Unfortunately Carolina Crown's percussion was not there at the clinic. Record on a Canon SX230 HS (stereo audio). Sorry for shakiness and blurriness in parts of the video. Enjoy.

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Eastern Trombone Workshop Mar 23, 2012

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Carolina Crown 2012 For the Common Good

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ELP at the Grand Rex Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 9 Aug 1997 - TV broadcast.

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Live in Budapest - BS Arena 29.09.1992 (Bonus 1) World Tour: "Black Moon" Original record: VHS


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