Tamil Girl Who Is Called As God In Korea....!

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கொரியாவின் கடவுள் தமிழ் பெண், Tamil Girl Who is called as God in Korea. Tamil is called as world's first language and so there are lot history aaround us and its one of the tamil girl's history who went to korea and become queen on there, Check out the video to know full History of Tamil girl in Korea. Subscribe Inside Tamil for more Interesting Videos on History and Facts.

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Watch-கொரிய அரசிக்கும் கன்யாகுமரிக்கும் உள்ள தொடர்பு || What is the link between Korea princess and tamil history ☛Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Tamil - https://goo.gl/GcWkIw ☛ Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Telugu : https://goo.gl/f2OZUJ ☛ Visit our Official website: http://filmyfocus.com/

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கொரியாவில் கடவுளாக மதிக்கப்படும் தமிழ் பெண்! | Tamil Queen Who Ruled Korea! | Tamil Parambaryam! Subscribe at : http://bit.ly/2i7D0BQ For More Videos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_chxmT8NOrr-xH643DpTM3137_sF7JJe Tamil Parambaryam channel is specialized for fascinating videos about Tamil Culture, Tradition, Food, Games, Unknown Facts, Hidden History and all that is related to Tamil. Like Us: https://www.facebook.com/Tamil-Parambaryam-1942317869342327/ Follow Us: https://twitter.com/parambaryam See Us: https://tamilparambariyam.blogspot.in/

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The ancient Tamils were sea faring people who have traveled across seas to all the ancient civilizations in the far east and west. Here is the link between ancient Tamil kingdom of Pandiyas and Karak or Kaya kingdom of South Korea. This talk was delivered through Skype on the memorial day of Malaysian journalist Adi.Kumanan from Korea.

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Nithin is From Tamilnadu and Lee is From Korea. Both Kids are sharing the similaries in their Languages at our Muthamil Vizha 2016 function,


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