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Published Date : 2017-06-20T10:49:26.000Z

The remastered 2017 version of Hans Zimmer's Davy Jones locket theme. From the official "Dead men tell no tales" soundtrack. Credit to Geoff Zanelli for this cover and Hans Zimmer for the original version.

Channel Title : Bruno S.

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Published Date : 2017-11-22T01:39:58.000Z

R.I.P. Greg Lake R.I.P. Keith Emerson http://www.emersonlakepalmer.com http://www.keithemerson.com http://www.greglake.com http://www.carlpalmer.com http://www.emersonlakeandpalmerworldwide.com Audio Remastered by BrunoSamppa, 2017 Recorded in 26 August 1977 - Orchestral Tour / Works Tour Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada Keith Emerson – keyboards Greg Lake – vocals, bass, guitar Carl Palmer – drums, percussion Produced by Keith Emerson 70-piece orchestra - Godfrey Salmon – conductor

Channel Title : Cuggbrotze

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Published Date : 2017-03-16T20:17:53.000Z

Remastered version of the "Space Pirates - Ghostbusters - Remix" which was played on BBC Radio 1, "The Chris Moyles Show" on February, 7th in 2008. Unfortunately the radio moderators talked while the song was being played. There are several videos on YouTube, where it can be heard. So I tried to get rid of the voices. Except of the end of this song the removal went very well, i think. But it's impossible to eliminate the voices at the end...at least for me. So i left it unprocessed.

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Published Date : 2017-07-31T22:15:34.000Z

This is the re-edited version of our Mini-photo-documentary on the pirate life of Kevin Anderson. *PLEASE share, comment, and even tell us about your favorite Kevin moments, memories, or pictures!! "Thank you for your overwhelming response and love for our Tribute to the Fallen Pirate - Kevin Anderson." Sincerely, Eric Wyble, Stacie Watts, and the Cat Island Pirates

Channel Title : Klaus Badelt - Topic

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Published Date : 2017-01-26T02:00:40.000Z

Provided to YouTube Music by: Universal Music Group North America He's a Pirate (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of the Black Pearl"/Score) · Klaus Badelt Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ℗ 2003 Walt Disney Records Released on: 2003-01-01 Author, Composer: Hans Zimmer Author, Composer: Klaus Badelt Music Publisher: Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP) Auto-generated by YouTube.

Channel Title : VinzA

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Published Date : 2017-11-04T22:04:42.000Z

Version 2017 remasterisée de ma bande-annonce détournée du film 300

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For updates and infos about upcoming Projects, follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lohweo

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Смотр на демку New Horizons Download: http://piratesahoy.net/threads/announcing-new-horizons-remastered-bringing-our-best-work-to-unity.28589/

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Published Date : 2018-01-30T06:50:35.000Z

Please read the description if you want to learn a few fun facts about this remastered song! For one thing, yes the Accordion instrument is a variation from the many ones I've used in the past but it's come along way and sounds a whole lot better now :) I can only thank a good old friend of mine for providing it to me years ago and I love it so much that I thought I'd share the samples here for others to use https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aLDaU_gQhZzlmkO7NEmqKP37XkdqKaEj?usp=sharing and that small part that plays at 03:04 is my favorite because I really vision Glover, even myself sailing some rough seas~🌊☀️ speaking of the beach, the Marimba was inspired from another song I made last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcoQoLYsz7I I consider this my best remastered video game song of 2017. Breegull Beach is just amazing and perfect than anything I've ever achieved!! :D as for the rest of the instruments in this remastered version of Pirates Realm Level 1 are just rehashed samples from previous Glover 64 remasters I finished over the years that you might recognize and of course those blasted Seagulls are back lol enjoy guys. By the way for any new subscribers that are looking, Pirates Realm Level 2 was completed in the summer of 2016 by me and is here to listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MUBFzMdfuk that's 2 down and 2 more to go yay! 😄

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Published Date : 2017-06-25T06:02:28.000Z

Here's a unique Christmas Time story, and it's about a 10-year old kid who's fantasy about pirates living in a cave seems to come real. It's a favorite of many regular Escape fans, broadcast in December of 1950 and stars a guy by the name of John Dehner. There's not many radio dramas that Dehner didn't do . . . And TV Westerns . . . I think Dehner appeared in every TV western! He was a busy guy, so here's a bit of off the wall yet useless trivia: The last movie John Dehner appeared in was "Airplane II The Sequel" in which he played an impotent (you read it right) executive. The audio for this story has been completely restored to near perfection. December 21, 1950 - Escape episodes are all public domain.Yup. They are. - 2017 Charlie Stuckey - Here's a totally useless thing: https://www.TunesToTube.com

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EPIC GIVEAWAY! Download 3 of my songs for free by going to this link: https://theepicbadger.lpages.co/freeepicsongs/ Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theepicbadger/ Bandcamp: theepicbadger.bandcamp.com Song composed, mixed, mastered by 'The Epic BadGer'. (There's no one else to blame) Subscription is optional, but highly appreciated! :) Welcome to my Epic Metal Music channel! Here you can find my original compositions, which are mostly centered around power metal / progressive metal. I compose inspirational, emotional, sad, uplifting, powerful, electronic, cinematic kinds of tunes - however my mood dictates. I hope to see you around! Don't be shy to leave a comment below! :) ------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to use my music for non-commercial/non profit projects. Please don't forget to put my name in the credits. If you use my music on youtube, you'll likely to get a mail that there's been a copyright claim against it. No worries - I won't get your video taken down. progressive metal

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This logo and all others were made by my talented sister Make sure to like and subscribe to the channel so you won't miss any new releases thanks for stepping by. Check https://attallas.bandcamp.com/ to support and follow me. Check the artist facebook & like the page at https://www.facebook.com/attallas/. Song: She's A Pirate Album: NA Year: 2017 Copyright © Attallas music For contacting me: attallas.music@gmail.com

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Published Date : 2017-09-07T09:46:29.000Z

Hope you guys enjoyed actually you may found many video ragarding this but this one is different :D soundtracks used 1 assassin's creed black flag main theme 2 sudden surprise 3 fail sound effect 4 evil laugh 5 street fighter 5 kens theme

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F-777 (Jesse Valentine) is a 21 year old electronic musician who has reached millions of listens globally. He spends his time making freelance soundtracks for games and solo songs that vary from Orchestral all the way to Electro. . : Buy the full album here : . https://jessevalentinemusic.bandcamp.com/album/pirate-dance-machine

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PSX 2017 Teaser of Skull Pirates & War Theatre. Subscribe for all the latest trailers and gameplay: http://goo.gl/8LO96F Follow us on Twitter: http://goo.gl/aBy2yP Like us on Facebook: http://goo.gl/ahkcSu Follow us on Google+: http://goo.gl/2gcLzA Become a patron: https://goo.gl/TnnC4I

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🐫 https://twitter.com/Camelworks 🐫 https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks 🐫 https://www.twitch.tv/camelworks 🐫 https://www.instagram.com/camelworks_official/ 🐫 https://www.facebook.com/camelworks/ 🐫 https://www.youtube.com/camelworks Credit: Matt Daniels - Executive Producer & Editor Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls Detective Series! Be sure to leave any idea for future TES detective videos in the comments! They can be from any game in The Elder Scrolls universe. ♛ Elder Scrolls Lore - https://goo.gl/LCy25A 🏰 Elder Scrolls Detective - https://goo.gl/ah5OBI ☢ Fallout Detective - https://goo.gl/gsswA4 🎥 TES Detective Videos: 50 SHADES OF SKYRIM, Naris' Red Room - https://goo.gl/YdxVPA Arondil, Skyrim's Necrophiliac Ghost Fondler - https://goo.gl/95AhHn Bugs In Jars SOLVED - https://goo.gl/Pa9aVt Dwemer Lesbians CONFIRMED In Lore?! - https://goo.gl/iJ6Xhe Did THE SUNKEN ONE Destroy Kvatch? - https://goo.gl/SHvAAd Emperor Killed Himself? - https://goo.gl/dJYJ5V Is Fultheim A Secret Blade? - https://goo.gl/X1UR01 Is Sybille Stentor The TRUE Ruler Of Skyrim? - https://goo.gl/L5oPhE Moon Sugar For The Children! Uncle Sweetshare - https://goo.gl/sDFVQs Revealing Rorikstead's Sacrificial Soil SECRETS - https://goo.gl/ddq9DR Secret Gauntlet Of The Pirate King - https://goo.gl/vKuAw3 Sheogorath's HIDDEN Door & Realm In Skyrim - https://goo.gl/JygNjQ The Most DANGEROUS Tree In Skyrim - https://goo.gl/RHV1dx They're Doing WHAT With The Dogs?! - https://goo.gl/okmNyv Thomas Of Skyrim!?... Who?... Exactly! - https://goo.gl/LB1Mlm Was Skyrim's ONLY Gay Couple Destroyed By The Dwemer? - https://goo.gl/He7ytW Weaponized SPIDERS Of Skyrim - https://goo.gl/iZLeZH Who Are THE DEEP ONES & What Do They Want? - https://goo.gl/rnMqND

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make sure to like and sub thank you :)

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Good song mate, I do not own this song and that kind of shit

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Experience. Again. Windows XP is back. Concept by Kamer Kaan Avdan. Subscribe for more concepts! #Phase2 #Episode3 #2018Edition

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Step 1: Play Sid Meier's Pirates! Step 2: Get to the boobs part for the thumbnail Step 3: Profit OG version came out in '87 all 2-bit n shit. This version came out later and then remastered/put on steam not too long ago. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/famous_jake Twitter: https://twitter.com/_famousjake_ Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxq2BBexnW0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsnP8FDdVOo

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Welcome to the Airship Pirate Chronicles, a radio series of time travel, Victorian science fiction, post apocalyptic futures, and high adventure. You can buy the novels at http://www.abneypark.com/market. ...or subscribe to our Patron, and download for free the day they are released! http://www.patreon.com/abneypark

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Music video by The Pretenders performing Brass In Pocket. © 1980 Sire Rrcords, a Warner Music Group Company

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales The music from the trailer (composed by Geoff Zanelli) really sounds like the 'Haunted Dress' theme (composed by Trevor Morris) in Dead Man's Chest. What do you think? Leave it in the comments! Dead Men Tell No Tales 2017 Dead Man's Chest 2006 Walt Disney Pictures Jerry Bruckheimer “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” drops anchor in U.S. theaters on May 26, 2017.

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Catfish Cooley is the best youtuber. I can even do a decent impression of him talking. That catfish growl is tough, but sometimes I nail it. If you saw this Catfish Cooley, then I hope you liked it. I love your videos bro.

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Pirates?!...Ninjas?!!?!..What...is..going...on....Hope you guys enjoy this epic battle of Pirate Ninja Pirates. Thanks for watching! Twitter: http://twitter.com/wheels35 Music by Ninety9Lives Jim Yosef - Rogue Video Link: http://99l.tv/Rogue Channel: http://99l.tv/Subscribe Album Download Link: http://99l.tv/SuperEffective

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The Remastered version of the Argonian Slave Build so that you can enjoy it in Skyrim Special Edition glory! TIMESTAMPS: Race, Standing Stone and Stats: 0:50 Backstory, Roleplaying and Factions: 1:44 Skills, Spells, Perks and Playstyle: 8:20 Gear and Companions: 12:30 Twitter: Scott: https://twitter.com/NewberryCrunch Michael: https://twitter.com/OldBerryChew Drew: https://twitter.com/DrewBerryMunch Snapchat: Scott: newberrycrunch Michael: oldberrychew Instagram: http://instagram.com/fudgemuppets/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FudgeMuppet

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If you want to see More SMASH the LIKE and the SUBSCRIBE for more Awesome Stuff Like This :) :)

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"Following Dawn" can be seen as the theme for a big, cinematic adventure settled on the open sea or on an unexplored island. The calm beginning sets the mood of laying near the beach, planning the upcoming trip to an island, while the track then takes up speed and energy and leads into an epic theme for the powerful adventurer. Please enjoy the piece and, as always, feel free to let me know what you think!

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The brand new album 'Score' with the London Symphony Orchestra is OUT NOW! iTunes - http://smarturl.it/Score2CELLOS Amazon mp3 - http://smarturl.it/Score2CELLOS-ad Google Play - http://smarturl.it/Score2CELLOS-gp Get SCORE on CD or limited-edition Vinyl - http://store.2cellos.com 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing Now We Are Free from Gladiator by Hans Zimmer with London Symphony Orchestra. http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial Director and director of photography: Aleksandar Kerekes Keky Cast: Ivan Papic, Dajana Golubovic Pejovic Gladiators: www.spectaculaantiqua.com Costume design: Bojana Ugresic Make up/sfx make up: Mina Abramovic Hair style: Uros Pajovic, Kristina Brkic Organisers: Milana Vuckovic, Ivan Djurovic Aerial footages: Danijel Rakonjac Production Assistants: Slavisa Zeljko,Snezana Nikcevic, Nemanja Nenjo Dragovic Camera and light technicians: Stevan Vejin, Dragoljub Eric Editing/color grading/sfx compositing: Aleksandar Kerekes Keky Intro (audio editing and mix): Aleksandar Kerekes Keky, Filip Vidovic, Neven Marinac Intro (female vocal): Lela Kaplowitz Filmed on RED WEAPON camera and Canon mk3 DSLR

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A remastered version of the Cannon Defense soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

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Welcome to the Airship Pirate Chronicles, a radio series of time travel, Victorian science fiction, post apocalyptic futures, and high adventure. You can buy the novels at http://www.abneypark.com/market. ...or subscribe to our Patron, and download for free the day they are released! http://www.patreon.com/abneypark

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Final mission in prototype 2 game , watch and enjoy

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Welcome to the Airship Pirate Chronicles, a radio series of time travel, Victorian science fiction, post apocalyptic futures, and high adventure. You can buy the novels at www.abneypark.com/market. or subscribe to our Patron, and download for free the day they are released! www.patreon.com/abneypark

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F-777 (Jesse Valentine) is a 21 year old electronic musician who has reached millions of listens globally. He spends his time making freelance soundtracks for games and solo songs that vary from Orchestral all the way to Electro. . : Buy the full album here : . https://jessevalentinemusic.bandcamp.com/album/pirate-dance-machine

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We played crash and they ended the game 2nd round because of a lagged out. They restarted the game and got the rules wrongand they put 6 rounded instead of 4. second map they had a platyer using juggernaut in both rounds.these guys had a piss poor attitude and ruined vibe for all the players SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00

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Best of Gwen Stefani: https://goo.gl/wPHsiL Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/qN6sve Music video by Gwen Stefani performing Rich Girl. (C) 2004 Interscope Records

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Just in time! :p I've been busy working on some big projects and luckily was able to get this up today, haha. Originally Composed by: David Wise I take requests! Leave a comment down below of what you'd like to hear next and I'll get to work. ALSO I do originally compositions! Have a game/animation/film you need some tracks for? Send me an email at: troyanthonytx@gmail.com and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!


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