Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Commercial....!

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Omega horloges zijn verkrijgbaar bij Juweelco, bekijk de website op

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The Speedmaster Signature Collection is a chronological journey of historic moments in US manned spaceflight recorded in time by the astronauts who made history exploring from the Earth to the Moon and beyond. The collection is dedicated to the crew of Gemini IV and the men that flew the subsequent Gemini and Apollo missions. In chronological order, it tells the story of the significant events that paved the way to landing a man on the Moon and the missions that followed. This collection has been assembled for my own personal use and its sole purpose is to honor the men that participated in the manned spaceflight program and their achievements. The collection is not endorsed by Omega, The Swatch Group, NASA, or the astronauts participating and there are no commercial or financial interests associated with the collection. In no way do I benefit either financially or otherwise from this collection. Animation Credit - Neil Smith

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Published Date : 2018-10-01T14:27:03.000Z Relive OMEGA’s true-life role in the first manned mission to the moon, as Universal Pictures’ First Man is released in cinemas. Worn on the wrists of history’s greatest astronauts, our watches have an unrivalled legacy in space.


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