Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Commercial

Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Commercial....!

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JFK: We choose to go to the Moon. The Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the Moon. TV spot for the Apollo 11 40th anniversary model. Features Kennedys 1962 speech at Rice.

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Official UK Retailers In One Place. Widest Range Online!

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Omega horloges zijn verkrijgbaar bij Juweelco, bekijk de website op

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Just wanted to make an AWESOME commercial for one of the greatest watches ever made - the Omega Speedmaster. This watch was the official watch of the Apollo 11 mission where astronauts first stepped on the Moon. Film Footage from NASA and OMEGA Song from FesliyanStudios - Epic Build Up Music

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switch watch pro

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Published Date : 2015-10-09T13:10:54.000Z Famously known as a “successful failure”, the Apollo 13 mission will be remembered for averting disaster with bravery and ingenuity. Relive the story and see how OMEGA played its own critical part in bringing the astronauts home.

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Published Date : 2017-01-23T09:48:35.000Z How did the Speedmaster get qualified for NASA's manned missions? NASA engineer Jim Ragan describes the extreme testing in 1964 and the surprising results.

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Published Date : 2015-03-18T11:02:55.000Z The OMEGA Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award has been created to mark the 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 – NASA’s “successful failure”. This limited edition timepiece is distinguished by the silver Snoopy medallion set on the enamelled caseback. Decorating the dial is the inscription “What could you do in 14 seconds?” - a nod to the 14-second mid-course correction that Apollo 13 astronauts timed with their OMEGA Speedmaster Professionals.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Limited Edition commercial

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Published Date : 2013-03-22T02:00:48.000Z Il presente video e coperto da copyright dalla casa produttrice ed è´di sua esclusiva proprietà

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Published Date : 2017-01-23T09:45:58.000Z The OMEGA Speedmaster was the first watch ever worn on the moon. Today, the same design and spirit is in every Moonwatch we make.

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Published Date : 2014-09-22T12:46:28.000Z The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first people to see the dark side of the moon with their own eyes. The black ceramic Co-Axial Speedmaster salutes their pioneering spirit and pays homage to the Speedmaster Professional chronographs worn by every Apollo astronaut.

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The Speedmaster Signature Collection is a chronological journey of historic moments in US manned spaceflight recorded in time by the astronauts who made history exploring from the Earth to the Moon and beyond. The collection is dedicated to the crew of Gemini IV and the men that flew the subsequent Gemini and Apollo missions. In chronological order, it tells the story of the significant events that paved the way to landing a man on the Moon and the missions that followed. This collection has been assembled for my own personal use and its sole purpose is to honor the men that participated in the manned spaceflight program and their achievements. The collection is not endorsed by Omega, The Swatch Group, NASA, or the astronauts participating and there are no commercial or financial interests associated with the collection. In no way do I benefit either financially or otherwise from this collection. Animation Credit - Neil Smith

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Apollo Astronaut's : Buzz Aldrin (Gemini 12, Apollo 11) Gene Cernan (Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17) Thomas Stafford (Gemini 6A, Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo Soyuz Test Project) Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17) Speak of their experiences on their historic spaceflight missions under took in the 1960s - early 70s, when they orbited the Earth, & eventually The Moon with seven successful landings which produced technology we still use today. The Men In this video wore the Omega Speedmaster on their missions

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Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Unboxing Deutsch. Limited Edition. Unboxing Video

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Published Date : 2014-07-22T14:38:47.000Z The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is one of OMEGA's most iconic timepieces. Having been a part of all six lunar missions, the legendary Speedmaster is an impressive representation of the brand's adventurous pioneering spirit.

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publicité pour les montres Omega dans Demain ne meurt jamais

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Published Date : 2017-01-23T09:49:23.000Z "We all went outside and looked up at the moon." Relive the 1969 lunar landing through George Clooney's eyes. A moment that launched the OMEGA Speedmaster into history.

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Official UK Retailers In One Place. Widest Range Online!

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Some commercials qualify as works of art. This is gorgeous and the music is goosebump producing.

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Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Snoopy Award Limited Edition. Este modelo conmemora, de hecho, el final feliz de la misión que se convirtió en pesadilla y que incluso tuvo su correlato en gran producción de Hollywood.

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最美麗的logo,one of the classic in moonwatch history

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Published Date : 2014-04-30T14:59:58.000Z Combining an incredible legacy, Co-Axial performance and breathtaking design, OMEGA's Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" has been one of the most talked about chronographs released in recent years. Here's a close-up look at the innovative technologies and incredible materials that are used in the creation of this all-black Speedmaster "for a new generation".

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OMEGA Speedmaster commercial

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2nd Omega watch commercial. Quantum of Solace in theatres NOV 2008.

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OMEGA History Brush up on your watch history with the stories behind the brands and models you love. Transcript: Omega: Recording great moments in time, around the world and beyond. The company began in an unassuming workshop established by Louis Brandt in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland in 1848. In the thirty years after it was founded, Brandt maintained a modest business, selling his watches to customers around the world. He passed away in 1879, and his sons resolved to take over the company. In 1885, the brothers launched their first mass-produced caliber, the Labrador, and in 1892, they created the first minute-repeating timepiece. Just two years later, they introduced the 19-line Omega caliber, which established their reputation in the watch industry and would eventually give the company its name. In 1905, Omega began serving as the official timekeeper at sporting events across Switzerland, and in 1932, Omega solidified one of its most important timekeeping partnerships—the company became the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California. The partnership has continued to this day, and Omega has served as the official timekeeper for over twenty Olympic Games. Just over a decade later in 1948, Omega released the first edition of one of its most iconic watches: the Seamaster. The first Seamaster debuted in conjunction with the company’s 100th Anniversary. To this day, the model is one of the most popular watches in the Omega family. In 1962, Omega made history when astronaut Wally Schirra wore a Speedmaster on his Mercury Sigma 7 mission, making it the first Omega in space. This preceded a significant endorsement from NASA just three years later, which made the Speedmaster the official chronograph for American space missions. In 1969, the Omega Speedmaster made its first trip to the moon on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin, and in 1970, the Speedmaster helped the astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission return home safely. To this day, Omega and space programs around the globe still work in tandem to develop some of the most effective tools for the trade. In the 1990’s, Omega gained widespread popularity as the official watch of James Bond after an OMEGA Seamaster appeared on the wrist of Pierce Brosnan. Whether it’s sports, space, or pop culture, Omega has easily maintained its reputation as one of the most well-known watch brands in the world.

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Omega watches commercial. I do not own any of these materials. All materials - property of its respective owners.

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A fenti videó a Baselworld 2015 kiállításon készült!

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歐米茄為紀念美國NASA「Successful Failure」45周年,推出第二代Speedmaster Snoopy Award紀念版腕表,限量1,970枚,採用風格清新的白色表盤。Snoopy趴睡在9:00位置的小秒針盤內,回想著「Failure is not an option」,與0至14秒間的「What could you do in 14 seconds?」,同樣出自1995年電影《Apollo 13》的經典對白。底蓋的藍寶石水晶玻璃下有一枚925純銀Snoopy徽章。趴睡的Snoopy綴有夜光物料,在黑暗中發光特別搶眼迷人。 For more information, please visit Filmed and edited by Gavin Ho Music from

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Featured product:

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Two versions of an Omega watch commerical filmed outside Palmdale, California on November 23, 1995. The second version ended up being the version aired. The commercial aired world-wide (except the United States) in the late 1990's.

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Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Timelapse

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OMEGA Watches Commercial #2

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Possibly the best watches around, right?

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June 1995 commercial for the film "Apollo 13" starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris and Kathleen Quinlan

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Last week, we launched a campaign which highlights the collaboration that takes place between Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System to bring exceptional care to local communities in your region. On Monday, June 20, we'll be launching a couple TV commercials and before they're in-market wanted to share a preview of them with you.

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publicité pour les montres Omega dans The world is not enough

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When a watch entered in the legend and the human history as well.

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Published Date : 2017-07-21T08:01:05.000Z George Clooney was just a boy when his hero Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Nearly 50 years later, the two legends of space and screen finally met. This is the story.


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