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@Madonna - Queen Of Pop 2016 Hung up - Celebration - Girl Gone Wild - Bitch I'm Madonna MDNA - Crazy For You - Vogue - Grace Jone - Rihanna - Queen Of Pop Benny Benassi - Spaceship ft. Kelis,, Jean-Baptiste Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On

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Remix by Robin Skouteris no copyright infrigement intended Download all the remix albums and mixes!

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Happy 57th Birthday Madonna! Attention! The audio is lower pitched due to copyright, but YouTube even there deleted an audio in period of 3:27 till 3:40. So, if you are disappointed of audio quality, as me, you can download the original version from my website or watch a video from Vimeo (links are at the end of description section). Ok, some words about this mix. Finally, I decided to make a Madonna megamix. This idea was in my plans for a long time, but I implemented it only now and I'm so happy. 4 weeks were wasted to create a 13 minute megamix of 35 songs which includes 3 songs from the last studio-album "Rebel Heart". Be truly, i could add more songs, but i did not want that the result was "too smashed". Madonna gave the biggest influence on pop music among the females. Her new era is different from another. Her music videos tells us who she is. That's why I can call her not only the "Queen of Pop", but the "Queen of Diversity". Britney Spears said: "Madonna was the first female pop star to take control of every aspect of her career and to take responsibility for creating her image, no matter how much flak she might get. She's proved that she can do so many different things — music and movies and being a parent, too. Her music has become iconic. She's a diva and does what she wants, but she's a loving person". And we can't disagree with her. Madonna has inspired so many artists and we can't imagine the "modern" pop music without her influence. And it's strange and funny at the same time to see article titles like "Selena Gomes (Demi Lovato / Ariana Grande or even Lady Gaga) is the "NEW Queen of Pop". Excuse me, but they didn't even do a 1% of what Madonna did. So, enjoy guys and don't forget to share your opinion about it. T r a c k l i s t : 01. Holiday 02. Everybody 03. Turn Up the Radio 04. Ray of Light 05. Into the Groove 06. Like a Virgin 07. Material Girl 08. Papa Don't Preach 09. Frozen 10. Secret 11. La Isla Bonita 12. Justify My Love 13. Girl Gone Wild 14. Erotica 15. Human Nature 16. Like a Prayer 17. Open Your Heart 18. Express Yourself 19. Fever 20. Vogue 21. 4 Minutes 22. What It Feels Like for a Girl 23. Deeper and Deeper 24. Music 25. Living For Love 26. Iconic 27. Die Another Day 28. Give It 2 Me 29. Hollywood 30. Celebration 31. Get Together 32. Love Profusion 33. Hung Up 34. Give Me All Your Luvin' 35. Bitch I'm Madonna Watch on Vimeo - Download -

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Features some of her greatest hits, including Like A Virgin, Vogue, Ray of Light, Frozen, Music, Hung Up, Living for Love, and more. (c) 1983, 2017 Warner Bros, Interscope Records Tracklist: Open Your Heart Into The Groove 4 Minutes Erotica American Life Frozen Bedtime Story Rain Like A Prayer Like A Virgin Rescue Me Vogue Express Yourself Don't Tell Me Borderline Turn on the Radio Holiday Ray of Light American Pie Living For Love Holy Water Papa Don't Preach Die Another Day Music Iconic Sorry Celebration Lucky Star Hollywood Give It 2 Me Girl Gone Wild Material Girl Beautiful Stranger Hung Up Ghosttown Gimme All Your Luvin' Bitch I'm Madonna Human Nature

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