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Legendary Musician Vasant Rai... Feel OF Village Raga Music Her Composition Use Instruments Track - Flute, Sitar, Sarod, Piano, Tanpura Amazing Composition by Legend Vasant Rai

Channel Title : Derek & Brandon Fiechter

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Buy our music here : iTunes : Bandcamp : Amazon mp3 : Listen to our music on Spotify: Spotify (Derek) : Spotify (Brandon) : *** Ancient India music about a busy marketplace in an Indian village where merchants are selling silks, rugs, spices, and all other kinds of things. This music is called Merchant's Village. We hope you enjoy listening to it! *** These great pictures are done by Edwin Lord Weeks. Artwork for the Inns and Villages CD is by David Revoy: ~ Music by Brandon & Derek Fiechter ~

Channel Title : ListenForLife1

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Listen for Life ( ) presents: Village music from Matiya, India. Music is everywhere. In villages around the world, music often accompanies many of the activities of everyday life. In this village in India, a group of singers join with a player of an electric keyboard (which substitutes for the normal harmonium) and a player of a dholek (drum) to sing sacred songs at a local festival. This festival last for nine days in the Spring and celebrates the nine forms of the goddess Durga. Also at the same time as the festival is a water buffalo market - another gathering opportunity for the village. Please SUBSCRIBE to our Listen for Life channel here on YouTube, so we can bring you more gems from the world of music.

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Pt Ronu Majumdar here plays a beautiful piece of Folk Tune while portraying Indian Village over the flute. The festive euphoria of any rural festival gets an aural treatment here. Album : Bansuri - The Indian Flute Visit me at : Like me at : Also, subscribe to my channel to receive various upload notifications ! The song here is meant for promotional purpose and I encourage to buy original music at: Amazon: Flipkart:!TuRK9NN iTunes India: iTunes US: iTunes UK:

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Folk Secrets music project rediscovers amazing folk bands. Vayali Bamboo Band with all instruments made of bamboo comes from a small village in Kerala, India. Download music details below... Vayali is a registered non-profit. It consists of a group of young people, engaged in preserving their folk roots. Please share their music far and wide and if possible invite the band for shows and performances. Know more about them by visiting their web-site: Sign up to our mailing list to get an update on the Folk Secrets Music Project when we release the next music video. We will also mail you a download link to the Vayali Bamboo Song.

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Tracklist and other info : Buy our music here : Derek Fiechter’s iTunes : Derek’s Bandcamp : Derek Fiechter’s Amazon mp3 : Brandon Fiechter’s iTunes : Brandon’s Bandcamp : Brandon Fiechter’s Amazon mp3 : Listen to our music on Spotify: Derek’s Spotify : Brandon’s Spotify : *** Tracklist : Medieval/Irish Music: 0:00 – Cobblestone Village 4:20 – Timber Town 7:55 – Market Town Fantasy Music: 11:33 – Elf Village 16:16 – Night Elf Village 19:21 – Fairy Dust Town Earth/Dark Music: 22:30 – Dwarf Mining Town 26:34 – Earthstone Town 29:14 – Goblin Town 32:51 – Haunted Village 36:37 – Halloween Town World Music: 39:43 – Fishing Village 43:41 – Bamboo Village 46:57 – Ancient Village 50:24 – Tribal Village 53:54 – Merchant's Village 57:21 – Sandstone Town 1:00:55 – African Village 1:04:11 – Tumbleweed Town These beautiful pictures are from Joost Cornelisz Droogsloot (1st pic), Roserika (2nd pic), Werner22brigitte (3rd pic), and Isruma (last pic). 1. 2. 3. 4. ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

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rare singing competition.....Indian Idol(***)

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The Music That Plays Then Rain Is Showing Spirit Around

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Indian Village Ambiance is enhanced with this Music. The Combination of Village with Flute is enough to link the mood.

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Please watch: "CHICKEN KHAO SUEY - Burmese Chicken Noodles in a Coconut Curried Sauce" --~-- Indian traditional music for small festival. Indian folk music. The music done by paraiyar ethnic people. The parai is their music instrument. They are doing this kind of music traditionally. The same Hindu festival come again this year. I will try to film it with HD camera.

Channel Title : Chandan Prakash

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[HD] A typical autumn morning in an Indian village in Bihar, Ghosaith (Village Ghosaith, Bihar). Video depicts mostly rice fields and other activities around that time. Village lies in the flood plain of mighty river Ganges. ALso watch: Deoria Tal Video : Gaumukh : Munsyari and Khalia Top : Hemkund Sahib :

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The shimmering sands and contoured desolation of the Thar desert have cradled the age-old folk tradition of the Langas and Manganiars, the two communities of professional folk musicians from Rajasthan. From songs about daily chores to monsoons to songs of occasions, Rajasthani folk music has picked our tastes for many years. Here too the love song Lavarji and Nimbuda are a thrill. This collection has a combination of all these and gives a good gamut of Rajasthani folk tradition. Track: Gorband Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Lavarji Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Maniharo Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Instrumental Music Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Hichaki Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Mehndi Malir Ri Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Instrumental Music Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Radha Rani Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Nimbuda Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Track: Instrumental Music Music Label: 1992 Living Media India Ltd. Enjoy and stay connected! Subscribe Music Today channel for unlimited entertainment

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This is a brand new Indian Sitar style track from Kabbalistic Village. I had lots of fun making it though I wish I had a real sitar and knew how to play it. Inspired by the music of Ravi Shankar and India. Produced by Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel - Israel September 2016 in Logic X Facebook - Soundcloud - Website - AudioJungle - Spotify -

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SEE MY GOA BLOG : -stay forever , at , chapora river , goa , india , simple village life , indian music

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Listen for Life ( ) presents: Indian village 3 - bhajan and dancing. In this video, a group of young men are engaged in a dancing competition during bhajan (chanting), which in this case is an entertainment for the whole community. Instruments played are an electric harmonium, metal rattles, and the dholek (drum) carried by the musician who moves with the dancers. Please SUBSCRIBE to our Listen for Life channel here on YouTube, so we can bring you more gems from the world of music.

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Indian village songs Indian village

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south Indian world ..........(peravurani)

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Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the music, give it a thumbs up and please subscribe for new videos!

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Listen for Life ( ) presents: Indian village bhajan (chanting). A teacher from the village of Matiya where this chanting, or bhajan, takes place has said that music is the food of Indian culture. Music nourishes culture and extends its life. There are many groups in villages that sing on a variety of occasions and for a variety of reasons, but often the singing is connected to religious ritual. In this video, a group of men is performing bhajan, although the singing group could be made up of males or females or both. One person in the group chants a verse from the sacred book in the center (the verses of which everyone already knows), and then the others all join in the chant. Instruments played are harmonium, tablas (drums), and manjira (cymbals). The bhajan can go on for hours. Please SUBSCRIBE to our Listen for Life channel here on YouTube, so we can bring you more gems from the world of music.

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Village Marriage Dance

Channel Title : Y Parikh

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The girls in a remote village of India performed 3 songs from the movie "Sound of Music". They could hardly read or speak English. Dr. Yogin Parikh, a surgeon from USA now a teacher here in Nagaria, India showed them the actual videos of the songs from the movie. These girls wrote down the lyrics, found out the meaning of the words and by themselves decided on the dance moves. They even sewed some of the dresses themselves. All these they did in 2 weeks. Dr. Parikh's role was to encourage them and to believe in themselves. They showed remarkable creativity and resilience and self confidence and the result is self evident when the video is watched. Dr Parikh gives his speech in Gujarati, an Indian language for the sake of the audience.

Channel Title : Tanmay Sahu

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Indian traditional music Tappattam -Tamilnadu Eluthalar murporku Sangam, Program Thappattam is a musical art form of Tamil Nadu, India where the folk music and songs are worldwide celebrated தமிழனின் தப்பாட்டம் மாணவர்களின் தெறிக்கும் நடனத்துடன் Thaarai Thappattai (தாரை தப்பட்டை) thappattai thambola band music Aattakkari Maman Ponnu Video Song Tharai thappattai Folk Music village favoruiate tharai thappattai music Thappu Melam Thappattam Thaarai Thappattai Official Full Songs Fast music Tharai thappattai karakattam Tamil Nadu Super Rhythemic Music Video of Tamil folt Parayattam (Thappattam) death music Adi kuthula kuthura Tharai Thappattai videos Street drums SPYDER Tamil Trailer | Mahesh Babu | A R Murugadoss | SJ Suriya | Rakul Preet | Harris Jayaraj Swing Zara Video Song Promo - Jai Lava Kusa Video Songs - NTR, Tamannaah | Devi Sri Prasad Tera Swag (Full Song) | Jey Bee Rapper| Turban Hits | Latest Punjabi Song Mersal teaser from September 21 Atlee birthday bday treat happattam with College students Dance-தமிழனின் தப்பாட்டம் கல்லூரி மாணவர்களின் தெறிக்கும் நடனத்துடன் Folk dance with thappattam Folk dance of Tamil nadu Sema kuththu dance by college students sema kuththu dance for Tamil thappattam thappattam with kuththu dance Tamil folk dance for thappattam village people dancing for Thappattam Thappattam with dance in Vinayagar chadhurthi oorvalam in Theni district My other videos: How to solve automatically c drive full problem How to delete virus manually without using antivirus software or cd How to install whatsapp on PC windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 windows 7 restart problem fix, windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown windows restart problem fix,windows 10, 8, 7, Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. Computer Turns on But No Display on Monitor problem fix / Black screen display problem / RAM problem How to split table in word How to repair a corrupted memmory card, SD card, or USB / pendrive Thevar attam Inida 's traditional dancing / Deverattam Village world Latest future Inventions and Technologies upcoming How to delete mobile / cellphone android virus easily How to highlight particular words or text in excel Best Private University In Tamilnadu, Noorul Islam University Acredited by NAAC with A Grade. Computer restart problem fix, How to fix Windows 7 & 8 restart problem How to draw a chart in MS word 2010 How to move all files in subfolders to parent folder Vijay TV Erode Mahesh stand up comedy Special Program Part 1 How to create FTP server Bike Stunt 2016 Motor Cycle Stunt Part -I Google Pixel Fast Charging new smart phone Introduces by Google Singarimelam Ladies Kerala special SIngari Melam Krishnancoil Chithirai Thiruvizha 2017 The international Tamil university, Maryland, USA, convocation 2014 part-I Repair and Fix windows 7 & windows 8 errors without CD How to Repeat specific rows or column on every printed page in excel Make your computer faster within 5 minutes Adobe photoshop color splash effect Tutorial,layer Mask Tutorial Amazing Bike Stunt Motor Cycle Stunt Part 2 How to delete Youtube Search History & Watch history 2016 Vijay TV Erode Mahesh stand up comedy Special Program Part II -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to check your SMPS is working or not!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Channel Title : Tamil Record Dance - Original Songs & Music

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Indian village local kovil festival functions record dance programs celebrate local village peoples. lot of village songs dancing some beautiful girls in the festival.Latest Tamil Village Recording Dance Videos on kovil Festival Dancing Tamil Girls For Item Songs In Midnight.

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INDIAN VILLAGE WOMEN SINGING SONG IN FIELD bundalkhandi lokgeet by indian women, uttar pradesh, lalitpur

Channel Title : indiabestclip

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Listen for Life ( ) presents: Indian village 4 -- bamboo singing. The "raut" are a societal group of cowherders, and their special style of singing is very old. It's called "bans geet" or "bamboo singing," because it is accompanied by musicians who use the "shehnai" or double-reed bamboo flute. In fact, the raut people just call the instrument the "bamboo." And the singing itself is a prayer to ancestors for good fortune. This is another of the videos shot in the remote village of Matiya, India. Please SUBSCRIBE to our Listen for Life channel here on YouTube, so we can bring you more gems from the world of music.

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Recorded by professional sound recordist .

Channel Title : Sound Effects

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This Music is composed in a way to get the Ambiance of An Indian Village and a nearby Temple. The Combination of Village with Sound of Shank fills the complete mood. Hope you all will like it.

Channel Title : Comedy Collection

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The Indian Village Girls Play the Dance in Street Drams Music

Channel Title : Damn it Chloe!

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Probably my favorite soundtrack of the game, tied with the Spanish town. I like it when you're talking with the Village Chief and he screams in your face and your character leans back in alarm hahahaha good times.

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Published Date : 2016-07-24T00:51:18.000Z


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She is showing there talent

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Deepak Bhagwan (6 years old) sang this Christian geet at an impromptu moment - in remote Indian village!

Channel Title : Krishan Verma

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Published Date : 2011-11-13T11:18:51.000Z


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A short version of a wonderful music practice evening in India :)

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village funny lady and her husband in village drama

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Mudra Music presents you with excitement Isea-N, a solo project of a promising young Russian artist Ivan Isyanov created in 2014. The Isea-N works in ethnotronic, psytribal and new age music genres. Years of co-creation in the art-rock band inspired Ivan to reveal his own artistic personality and share his music ideas in the debut electronic solo album 'World'. In every track the author tried to put sacred meaning and simple harmonic thoughts about the relationship between man and nature, love and life. credits released February 17, 2016

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Kapil sharma show

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This video is about NY State Fair Indian Village


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