Healthy Drink Recipe In Tamil Quick And Easy Yummy Drink....!

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YouTube Carrot kheer, recipe in Tamil, Carrot payasam, பாயாசம், கேரட் பாயாசம்,, இப்பவே செய்து பாருங்க | Healthy Drink | Recipe in Tamil |Quick and Easy yummy drink

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Healthy Drink for all.

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Healthy Drink recipe in Tamil. TRY IT AND TASTE IT.

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In this video we will see how to make milkshake recipe in tamil. We are going to make 5 different milkshakes : Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, Banana Milkshake, Mango Milkshake and Apple Milkshake. The basic recipe is the same and you can modify it according to the fruits being used. Friends please do make these milkshakes at home and beat the heat of summer. Also please stay hydrated and drink fresh juices and mor. For detailed milkshake recipe please visit

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Home made Fruit & Dates Milkshake in Tamil | Healthy Drinks | Diet Recipes | 3 Summer Milkshakes: Welcome to Karthikha Channel. This video shows how to make - prepare Tasty and Healthy fruit and Dates Milkshake without ice cream / healthy drink / healthy Milkshake / Summer drink This recipe will be loved by your kids, friends and family. it is a easy and healthier dessert when it is made in smoothie consistency......Friends leave your valuable comments in the comment section below. Useful Links: Home made healthy dates milkshake: Birthday Purchase Shopping Haul Video : Sharwin School Interview Video: Simple & Beautiful Birthday Decoration at home for Kids Video: Don’t forget to like and share this video. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel, It's FREE!!! For Business Queries : Stay Connected with me on FACEBOOK : FB Page : FB Group :


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