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Published Date : 2015-01-03T02:14:09.000Z

As a Genesis fan of 35yrs I decided to put together a compilation of some of their best work. This medley will suit the original/older Genesis fans as it consists of tracks from Trespass(1970) to ATTWT(1978). So take a little trip back and listen to my nostalgic tribute, hope you like it. For Genesis aficionados: Q. Can anyone tell me which complete line of lyric is sung in 2 separate songs. I need the line and both songs pls. Respect to the first correct answer! (ps the answer is in this upload)

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Published Date : 2015-01-14T17:29:50.000Z

The Walking Dead: Genesis (2015) © The Walking Dead – AMC This is my new short film, co-produced with Zoé Jamet. ► Description: We are great fans of « The Walking Dead » and passionate film-lovers, that’s why we wanted to make a fan movie based on the original series, as a tribute. We made this only by passion, no financial benefit will be made out of it, all we want is to share our work and get feedback on it, so that we can make our future projects even better. The shooting took place in October 2014, in Le Creusot, France. This is our second “Walking Dead Fan-movie”, you can see the first one here: This movie contains a few references to other films, this is both a way for me to honor those films, and to support my scenario. ► Additional Info : Synopsis: An epidemic is spreading and progressively turning the world population into walking corpses. In this apocalyptic world, two men are trying to survive and reach a nearby town and its military camp… Title: The Walking Dead: Genesis (Fan Movie) Release date: January 14th, 2015 Time: 15’10 Directed by: Baptiste Perraudin Produced by : Baptiste Perraudin, Zoé Jamet, Jennifer Mery With: Vincent Chiodo, Baptiste Perraudin, Zoé Jamet, Denis Perraudin, Jeannette Perraudin, Valentin Février, Jonathan Campos, Jennifer Mery, Yoann Ducreux, Florian Milione, Théo Moret, Emeline Drain, Romain Bagnard, Tanguy Bagnard Genre: Horror, Tragedy Producers: S-B Entertainment & DTA Productions I’d like to address my sincere thanks to every person who got involved in this project (actors, volunteers). Including our music writer Emmanuel Cavallo who composed the music score for free. But also Rémi Lamarche and Tristan Aubert, who offered to help and give a proper audio post-production to the film. Last but not least, thanks to Jennifer Mery, Jean-Pierre Mery, Vernom Newton et Mary E Pulliam Edgar who helped promote the movie. Special thanks: Emmanuel Cavallo ( Zoe Jamet : ( Denis Perraudin ( Vincent Chiodo ( Nicolas Chiodo ( GussDX ( El Loco Café ( The Walking Dead Fan Base ( The Walking Dead Epidemic ( The Walking Dead France ( The Walking Dead Addiction ( The Walking Dead - FR ( 7Shop ( Fullscreen ( As a precaution, a “-12” pictogram in the bottom right corner reminds our viewers that certain scenes in the movie may be shocking to young demographics. NB: We have obviously no intention to compete with the original series, our only goal is to make what we love and draw our inspiration from the greatest. ----------------------------------- Facebook pages: - S-B Entertainment: - DTA Production: Twitter: - Baptiste Perraudin: - Zoé Jamet: - Vincent Chiodo: For more information, you can address your questions here:

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Published Date : 2016-08-20T21:00:00.000Z

I was browsing around the Mega Man fangame community when I stumbled across this. I've seen plenty of Classic-style fangames, but this is the first and only fangame I've seen in ZX-style. Like Mega Man Unlimited bridged the gap between the Classic series and the X series, this game aims to bridge the gap between Mega Man Zero 4 and Mega Man ZX. 20 years after the events of Zero 4, Ciel (one of the main characters from the Zero series and the player character in this game) had become the leader of the Guardians and aided in the development of cybernetic implants for humans (known in the ZX series as Biometals), allowing them to to roam in once inhabitable areas to start repopulating as well as growing immunity to infectious diseases and increasing their lifespans for longer durations of time. With the help of the Guardians, liberating dangerous areas are possible and help connect the world together a little at a time. These days of paradise and peace seem to be everlasting... or so the world thought. The game is only in its Alpha stage now, but I must say it looks promising. As someone who has actually never played any of the Zero series or the ZX series, I kind of want to check them out now. A few things were addd between this demo and the previous one (I'll link to the previous demo video in a card), including a different environment setting, those dreaded disappearing blocks, and a boss-rush-style room with 5 different bosses, 4 of which represent the different Biometals that Ciel can use. Keep up with the development of this game on the creator's YouTube channel: ======================= Subscribe for more content! Join the Curse Union for Gamers! Facebook: Twitter: Miiverse: My Mario Maker Levels: Steam: Game Anyone Video Walkthroughs:

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Team Einherjar has released another updated Alpha demo for their fangame in progress, Mega Man ZX Genesis, so of course I have to play it! This update gives us another new area in a cave to explore, and also adds a new boss, the iconic Yellow Devil, with a new attack never seen before in any of its official incarnations! Keep up with the development of this game on the creator's YouTube channel: ======================= Subscribe for more content! Join the Curse Union for Gamers! Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Miiverse: My Mario Maker Levels: Steam: Discord: Game Anyone Video Walkthroughs:

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Published Date : 2015-03-24T13:07:48.000Z


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Hey guys, in this video, we're playing Sonic Neo Genesis! This is basically a 2D Classic Sonic fan game from SAGE 2016! If you like this video, please leave a like and comment, and share this video, as it really does help a lot. Thanks for all your support! #TeamPremy Follow me on twitter: Like my facebook page: - Sonic Neo Genesis Website:


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