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Channel Title : DavidParodyPlays

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Published Date : 2018-07-19T21:00:01.000Z

Currently in Vancouver for the weekend! What videos should I film while im here Become a Parodian - Ryan - ______________________________ Snapchat davidparody Twitter Instagram Contact Email ______________________________

Channel Title : Blast Zone Kid

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Published Date : 2017-02-10T03:49:46.000Z

Beyblade Burst vs. Beyblades MFB ! Blast Zone Kid's First Video ! Hi guys! This is the Blast Zone's first video! Why are Beyblades (original) better than Beyblade Burst? Find out in this video This video was shot on February 9th, 2017 and uploaded that night. It was the first video posted for Blast Zone Kid.

Channel Title : History of Rock Music - Most powerful rock songs

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Published Date : 2018-03-06T15:24:42.000Z

Dirst blast beats (most powerful drum techique) later popularised by grindcore bands like Napalm Death etc From "Dirty Rotten EP". Many variations of this release exist. The first version was released in 1983 and the cover depicted the drummer's head photographed from the back while playing live. Recorded in 1982 Chronological playlist with all songs from channel. Like and share!

Channel Title : Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

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Published Date : 2011-01-10T17:54:39.000Z

First blast of the New Year took place on Friday, January 7th. It removed 1250 tons of granite from the 320' bench.

Channel Title : Fermilab

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Published Date : 2009-07-22T21:40:52.000Z

Blasting began at the future site of the NOvA detector facility near Ash River, Minnesota, on Monday, July 20.

Channel Title : ImmaAsh2

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Published Date : 2011-10-29T21:39:51.000Z


Channel Title : Starling Blader and Gamer

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Published Date : 2018-07-21T01:19:20.000Z


Channel Title : Jake Billing

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Published Date : 2017-02-06T19:38:12.000Z

This is the first running video with the 18/50 gearing and my custom painted neon blue bodyshell which can be found below. I am also running two new batteries and four brand new wheels in this video. Enjoy the show! Traxxas X-MAXX Custom Paint Job Neon Blue: I will be running 18/50t from now on at 40+MPH. I've owned this Traxxas X-MAXX for over a year now and with several runs a week I have learned a great deal about it. if you maintain it and look after it the RC will last a long time and if you do what I chose to do - well they last - but you have to buy parts now and again. Prior to this video, I had been running the 22t/50t setup. In the past I ran the X-MAXX stock, but felt it needed a better top speed. This allowed the truck to run up to 50mph without any issues. I'm asked a lot if the setup overheats and I don't think it does. Check my videos for the gearing tutorial. On with the show... The RC adventure videos began back in the summer of 2014 with the introduction of Nitro RC buggies. I was approached in a park by a father of three, he asked whether I'd considered recording the RC vehicles for YouTube, and that's where it all started. I found that in a matter of weeks the RC theme really took off! It surprised me because at the time I didn't realise how many people enjoyed the hobby. The channel is now growing every day thanks to you guys and your interest to watch my content. Thank you. Traxxas X-MAXX playlist here: All Radio Control videos playlist is here: Thanks for watching, please like, subscribe, and share these videos and I'll see you next time. Jake Billing on Youtube Facebook Page Here:

Channel Title : The Covenanter

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Published Date : 2016-10-25T21:15:55.000Z

The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women by John Knox The egalitarian notion that men and women are equal is accepted as axiomatically true by most people today. As a result, feminism has made increasing advances in modern churches. But, does Christianity provide a basis for dismissing the natural order between the sexes? “The First Blast of the Trumpet” is Knox’s first attack on the rising class of female sovereigns. In the course of explaining why women should not be heads of state, Knox lays down several principles from the Bible. First, he asserts that there is no justice in giving women the right to rule; and second, giving women authority over men is repugnant to the Word of God and this is confirmed by nature. To this, he adds several answers to objections that have been or might be raised against his assertion. So far from having crowns upon their heads, women ought to have their heads covered as a sign of their submission to the authority of men. He concludes that the authority of women is without foundation in nature or the Word of God. To this is added Knox’s “Appellation” wherein he makes and defends his right to appeal from an unjust sentence of the church to a civil magistrate in order to avoid being tyrannously used. Therein Knox proves from Scripture that magistrates have both the authority and right to intervene in matters when injustice is being prosecuted under color of law. As Knox points out, magistrates have a duty to promote the glory of God in their respective commonwealths. It is notable that he charges lesser magistrates to do their duty when higher magistrates fail. To this is added Knox’s “Letter to the Commonalty” wherein he admonishes that reformation must be pursued by all, even without the aid of church or magistrates. Subscribe to the pamphlet program for $10 a month here: This pamphlet is also available for purchase as an individual pamphlet.

Channel Title : Blast Zone Kid

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Published Date : 2018-02-10T00:05:49.000Z

It's my 1 Year Anniversary Vid! Thank YOU all for watching my vids and supporting me this year! Check out my first vid from Feb 9, 2017! Get your own Blast Zone Kid T-Shirt at: If you send me a pic of you wearing it I'll feature you in a vid!! BZK T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY EXCLUSIVE!! WIN your favorite BZK T-Shirt from my TeeSpring store! I'm giving away Tees to 3 lucky subscribers in February! GIVEAWAY RULES: 1. You must be a Blast Zone Kid Subscriber. 2. You must mention "BZKTeeForMe” on at least 1 comment on any Blast Zone Kid video posted from Feb 9th - Feb 27th, 2018. Giveaway Ends Wednesday Feb 28th at 11:59pm.  Prize finalists will be announced in a video posted in a video the Week of March 5th.    The finalist(s) who comments first on the finalist announcement video wins the prize. If we give away 3 prizes, it will be the first 3 finalists to comment on the finalist announcement video. Finalists have 48 hours to respond to finalist announcement. If you are under 18 you must have parent consent to enter.   Only 1 winner per physical address allowed. Giveaway is good in US and Canada only! Any emails to me about the giveaway will result in disqualification from giveaway. Spam accounts and those looking for giveaways will be invalid by generator. Prize is non-transferable. This is for my subscribers and constant viewers. YouTube is not a sponsor of this giveaway and by entering it you release YouTube from any and all liability. I will not release your personal data to any third party. Entries that don't comply with YouTube’s community guidelines will be disqualified. Click here to see YouTube’s community guidelines: Thank you and Good luck! - BZK Get your own Blast Zone Kid T-Shirt at: If you send me a pic of you wearing it I'll feature you in a vid!! Cut Trance - Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Unless stated, there are no paid product endorsements in this video. There may be affiliate links in the description. Check my "about" page for more info.

Channel Title : Jan Benkwitz

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Published Date : 2006-06-06T20:18:49.000Z

Blastphemer on Facebook - Find me on Facebook:!/pages/Blastphemer/127748243940500?ref=ts Its definitely not fakie stuff or speed up. Its real blasting! keep insane!

Channel Title : Jmugg Vasquez

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Published Date : 2012-06-19T04:55:59.000Z

Another Hot banger off the Jerry Jones Money Mixtape.!!! Be on the look out for that Son of a Bitch Mixtape Dropping June 2012 .

Channel Title : mbreinin

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Published Date : 2012-10-07T01:16:03.000Z

First blast in the new 408 powered Fox. I think I was getting some valve float, because it basically shut down at around 6500 rpm. Pulled like a beast though. Not hitting the limiter, that had an 8,000 rpm pill it. Going to set the shift light for 6,000 grand and keep it below 6500 for now. May try a hotter plug as it has plugs geared for nitrous in it right now....

Channel Title : Markiplier

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Published Date : 2018-01-28T16:00:03.000Z

CHECK IT OUT!! Lixian made his very first game and I would love if you guys would take the time to check it out! Play Shield Blast ►

Channel Title : ddove60

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Published Date : 2017-09-22T02:27:26.000Z

Ranger Hill First Blast Aerial Video - September 7, 2017.

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2010-08-28T13:25:12.000Z

On this episode of The First Blast, watch our resident pain expert Dr Agha Sajjad as he talks about the different methods of pain alleviation and leading a pain-free and healthy life

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2010-08-28T14:26:28.000Z

On this episode of The First Blast, watch our guests Amin Saleem and Fatima Zehara as they speak about the importance of career counseling as a discipline and the critical role it plays in helping young professional make the right career choices in the long run.

Channel Title : AdminLWIN

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Published Date : 2011-10-18T10:34:16.000Z

This video captures the first blast of the iconic Chenani - Nashri tunnel, which took place on the 2nd of Sept' 2011 in Jammu & a few snippets of news channels covering the project.

Channel Title : Disney Parks

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Published Date : 2015-04-02T22:06:54.000Z

Alyssa fulfills her fantasy of becoming an astronaut and gets an out-of-this-world experience when she checks out Mission: SPACE at Epcot. SUBSCRIBE: About Walt Disney World: At Walt Disney World, you've got a whole fantastic world to celebrate in! With four spectacular theme parks and two water parks plus the most amazing shopping, dining and recreation magic imaginable, it's no wonder all of life's special moments are made even more enjoyable when you celebrate at Walt Disney World. Connect with Walt Disney World Online: Visit the Walt Disney World WEBSITE: Like Walt Disney World on FACEBOOK: Follow Walt Disney World on TWITTER: Follow Walt Disney World on INSTAGRAM: Follow Walt Disney World on PINTEREST: Connect with Disney Parks Online: Visit the Disney Parks WEBSITE: Like Disney Parks on FACEBOOK: Follow Disney Parks on TWITTER: Follow Disney Parks on TUMBLR: Follow Disney Parks on VINE: First Blast Off | Epcot | Walt Disney World

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2009-11-01T16:11:14.000Z

The First Blast is DawnNews's flagship feature show. It focuses on topics which affect your daily life and provides an empowering, enlightening forum for women. The First Blast's philosophy is to celebrate and embrace life - positive thinking is its daily mantra!

Channel Title : ShadowRockZX

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Published Date : 2018-07-18T12:47:41.000Z

We got the first live gameplay of BlastMan's stage in Mega Man 11 - straight from Capcom TV! Source: --- Send a tip (if you wish): --- Follow ShadowRockZX on... ...Facebook: ...Twitter: ...Join our Discord server!:

Channel Title : MotoLife

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Published Date : 2014-02-01T13:23:42.000Z

Put a brand new set of tyres, Conti-Sports Attack II, on the Buell this morning and had to get it out for a play. Once I take it to some twisty roads it will be a blast and the new tyres make a huge difference over the rubbish that was on it when I brought the bike. Been over a year since I've done any real riding on it. Still Believe that the Buell Firebolt XB12R is the greatest sounding motorcycle ever built.

Channel Title : Nick Mac

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Published Date : 2016-06-03T23:03:31.000Z

First Blast on the Dead River 2016 went out with a great swim! The idea was to get a bit more of a surf off of Fry-A-Lator before eating it, but can't plan everything. Safety team was there quick and provided some comic relief of their own. Enjoy! Guide: Sean Dubois Paddlers: Ian Hersom, Adam Reinecke, Wayne Borden & Nick MacLauchlan (Shout out to Ryan Waterhouse, Bill Hixon, Sam Mathieu and the rest of the safety crew!)

Channel Title : Chris Saurenmann

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Published Date : 2018-06-06T21:59:51.000Z

6/6/18 @ 2pm, First blast at the Burnco Bridgeport Quarry

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2010-08-19T13:20:47.000Z

On this episode, join us as we pay tribute to a few exceptionally talented Pakistanis who have served as a source of pride and inspiration to many.

Channel Title : mustaqbalpakistan

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Published Date : 2010-04-16T11:34:23.000Z

Dawn News interview with Nadeem Qureshi on 'The First Blast' Part 1

Channel Title : CityNews Toronto

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Published Date : 2016-11-21T16:19:38.000Z

Winter came in with a bang overnight as the GTA got its first taste of snow.

Channel Title : Rick Graham

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Published Date : 2016-08-08T20:20:09.000Z

Filmed by James Exon. Thanks my man! Hope you enjoy the video! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe. ➢➢➢ Download my HD guitar lessons here: ➢➢➢ Facebook: ➢➢➢ Instagram: ➢➢➢ Twitter: ➢➢➢ Business Enquiries only:

Channel Title : FreezurBurnt

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Published Date : 2013-03-09T01:42:23.000Z

1st to attack the meadow of FRESH POWDER!!!

Channel Title : NCC AB

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Published Date : 2017-02-23T11:21:59.000Z See the first blast for the Eysturoy and Sandoy Tunnels project in the Faroes. The Faroese tunnel project has a total value of NOK 2.5 billion and will comprise two subsea tunnels of 11.2 and 10.5 kilometers.

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2009-11-01T09:18:02.000Z

The First Blast is DawnNews's flagship feature show. It focuses on topics which affect your daily life and provides an empowering, enlightening forum for women. The First Blast's philosophy is to celebrate and embrace life - positive thinking is its daily mantra!

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2009-11-01T13:45:40.000Z

The First Blast is DawnNews's flagship feature show. It focuses on topics which affect your daily life and provides an empowering, enlightening forum for women. The First Blast's philosophy is to celebrate and embrace life - positive thinking is its daily mantra!

Channel Title : Fahad Khan

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Published Date : 2014-11-10T19:16:30.000Z

Interview of Fahad Khan, Sales Leader at SIEMENS Limited at Dawn News TV, Pakistan. The interview was focused on insight from corporate sector about selection and retention of ideal candidate. This interview was recorded in 2008.

Channel Title : TheDbooth81

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Published Date : 2017-06-05T08:20:38.000Z


Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2009-11-01T08:42:06.000Z

The First Blast is DawnNews's flagship feature show. It focuses on topics which affect your daily life and provides an empowering, enlightening forum for women. The First Blast's philosophy is to celebrate and embrace life - positive thinking is its daily mantra!

Channel Title : Saša C.

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Published Date : 2017-08-28T18:29:19.000Z

First blast on Fanatic Skate 100l.

Channel Title : DawnNews

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Published Date : 2010-08-19T13:33:18.000Z

On this episode, join us as we pay tribute to a few exceptionally talented Pakistanis who have served as a source of pride and inspiration to many.

Channel Title : Richwell Club

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Published Date : 2014-08-01T00:46:12.000Z

If you’re powered by the need to break loose and play on the edge, you’re halfway there. Now, all you need is the right blasters in your hands. Are you up for the Boom Co Blaster Challenge? Have the FIRST BLAST on August 9 - 10 at the SM North Edsa The Block. Catch some awesome gifts and prizes in this bold, daring and adrenaline-fueled fun event. Awesomeness starts here! YOU IN? HAVE A BLAST! Check this out and get cool premium items:

Channel Title : TIMES NOW

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Published Date : 2013-03-21T06:45:56.000Z

12th March 1993, a day that still haunts Mumbai. Around 1.30 PM, the first blast on the Dalal Street, shaking the buildings in and around the Bombay Stock Exchange, in a matter of minutes 84 people lay dead. Over the next two hours, Mumbai was shaken with 12 serial bomb blasts. Download the Times Now India's Election HQ app and get all the election info at one go. Click here: Social Media Links :- Facebook - G+ - Twitter - Also visit our website - ​​​ To Stay Updated Download the Times Now App :- Android Google Play : Apple App Store :

Channel Title : RISA EU

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Published Date : 2016-08-29T12:43:06.000Z

A slow motion video shot with a GoPro camera of the external blast of the RECONASS pilot test. The camera was installed inside the ground floor of the test building. RECONASS EU funded Project successfully realized the pilot test, a materialization of 3 years' work of 10 partners from 7 European countries. The pilot took place near Transglet and it was organised by FOI. The vision of the RECONASS Project is to safeguard critical or conventional buildings in the extreme events of an earthquake or an explosion. To learn more you may visit: or "The video has been produced in the framework of RECONASS, EU funded FP7 project – unauthorized use or reproduction of the material for market purposes is strictly prohibited"

Channel Title : Fight Against Thalassemia

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Published Date : 2010-01-23T22:22:01.000Z

Mr. Nafees talked about his two children who were thalassemia major but couldn't survive. our website : our page : our group :

Channel Title : WMAR-2 News

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Published Date : 2017-01-05T23:00:21.000Z

Maryland roads are being treated ahead of wintry weather. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: ◂ ABC2 News offers comprehensive local news, Maryland's most accurate weather forecast and sports coverage for Baltimore and all of Maryland. Breaking news and severe weather coverage are delivered with live streaming video. ABC2, WMAR-TV, is Maryland's Source for Online Video, News, and Weather. For more download the ABC2 mobile app:

Channel Title : Helias Catholic High School

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Published Date : 2016-08-24T17:34:25.000Z

On Aug. 24, 2016, at 11:30 a.m., the first blast for the construction of the new Helias Catholic Athletic Complex was detonated. Crusader spirit here we come!

Channel Title : Saad Sheikh

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Published Date : 2009-12-01T13:29:53.000Z

Essa jan Allawala's appearance in Dawn News First Blast

Channel Title : Numair Ahmed Khan

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Published Date : 2008-07-17T07:57:59.000Z

Confidently Done!


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