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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 16 for December 25, 2017 1. Brock Osweiler fumbles the ball after getting sacked and he thinks he still has the respect to rally the troops in a rousing sideline speech that no one is listening to. 2. Andy Reid has got everyone beat when it comes to wearing Christmas outfits. 3. At the Birmingham Bowl, an official calls a completed touchdown catch incomplete. Then the net guy can't get the net up for the extra point. Then in the Frisco bowl the kicker tried to trip the runner down, but fails so bad, he can't even get penalized for it. 4. Falcons running back Devonta Freeman slows down yet, the sound guy still falls over as if he was hit at full speed. C'MON MAN!!

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01. The fan at the Cleveland game can't even spell Cleveland correctly. But on top of that, the Chargers actually lost to the Browns. 02. The Jets have appeared on C'mon Man so often, that the refs are laughing at them. 03. The Paatriots were going to run out the clock in the half, but the Jets called timeout. So instead, New England decided to throw the ball downfield and run up the score some more. 04. After the ball falls off the tee when Old Dominion kicks off, Nick Ferrari-Smith is tasked with holding the ball...and it STILL falls off the tee. 05. Packers quarterback fakes out the Vikings defender on the way to the endzone, then held by the Green Bay fan in the stands. 06. Pittburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's press conference gets interrupted twice because the phone was ringing. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 15 for December 18, 2017 1. Bengals tight end Tyler Kroft vehemently calls for the ball and when it comes his way, he flat out drops it. 2. After the corner kick, the the defender clears the ball right into his teammate's face and the ball bounces into the goal. 3. Official Gene Steratore uses a folded piece of paper to determine whether it was a first down. 4. Blake Bortles needs to work on his high-five efficiency, and Blaine Gabbert hits D.J. Foster in the back of the helmet before he even had a chance to turn around. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 14 for December 11, 2017 1. As the Eagles scored on the last play of the game LeGarrette Blount jumped into the stands and an Eagles fan stole his skull cap. 2. Harding scores a touchdown and Vincent Hobbs runs into the barrier which is a little too close to the field of play. 3. It snowed a lot in Buffalo. C'mon man? 4. Charles Woodson has high standard when it comes to kicking field goals in the snow. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 12 for November 27, 2017 1. Sure, Browns coach Hue Jackson and Bengals backup quarterback AJ McCarron weren't talking at all about the botched trade. 2. Rutgers' Ryan Anderson, Ball State's Morgan Hagee, and Western Kentucky's Jake Collins are all punters who had a bad weekend. 3. Florida State linebacker Matthew Thomas intercepts the ball and had nothing preventing him scoring a touchdown except his own stupidity. 4. After the punt, the Redskin's Pete Robertson runs the ball into the endzone which gives the Giants a touchback. 5. After Auburn defeats Alabama, the fans storm the field and some fans get stuck in the hedge surrounding the field. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 01 for September 11, 2017 1. After making a bunch of mistakes that gave the game away to the Rams, Colts coach Chuck Pagano gives all the credit to the 49ers. 2. Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson blows out his left knee, and while he's on the ground in pain, quarterback Blake Bortles walks up to him and pats him on the knee. 3. Jets corner back Juston Burris was having a great interception return so naturally, being a New York Jet, he was tackled by his own man. 4. In Hawaii, the UCLA lineman Chigozie Nnoruka has no other options to get to the ball, so he throws the UH center's hand towel in an attempt to hit the ball with it. 5. LA Tech had a fumble they eventually recovered, leading to 3 & Goal from the 93 yard line. C'MON MAN!!

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C'mon Man from Monday Night Football.. Funny clips of weekend bloopers..

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 05, October 10, 2016 01. Tom Brady does the white guy version of the dab/first down signal, meanwhile Martellus Bennett scores a touchdown and has the worst celebration spike. 02. Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylo lines up behind the guard, and the shot gun snap gets by him for a huge loss on the play. 03. Chargers punter Drew Kaser has the worst possible game you can imagine. 04. Sometimes celebrating in the NFL can be a bad thing. 05. Dez Bryant and Marcell Dareus are both inactive and wearing questionable outfits on the sideline. C'MON MAN!!

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1. Chicago Bear Marcus Cooper either idolizes Leon Lett, or has no idea who he is, because he simply doesn't know you NEVER stop until you've scored the touchdown. 2. Not once, but TWICE, the Kentucky defense left a Florida receiver completely uncovered at the line of scrimmage. To add insult to injury, the second time it happened, Kentucky ran the 10th man off the field. 3. The Louisville squirrel crosses the goal line and the crowd goes wild! 4. Von Miller trolls Tyrod Taylor with the fake offer to help him up and he gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct. 5. The Minnesota Golden Gophers mascot knocks over the kids in the pee-wee football game. C'MON MAN!!

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IF YOU HAVEN"T ALREADY DONE SO, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! THANKS (I do not own any of the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment and educational purposes only) "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Video By: Nacnac ProductionZ (Michael Nacnac) This video features the best and most hilarious moments of the 2017-2018 football season...C'MON MAN!!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 08 for October 30, 2017 1. Chargers returner muffs the ball at the 10-yrd line and after recovering the ball, decided to run into the endzone and gives up a safety. 2. Iowa State's Evrett Edwards tries to run off the field before getting called for 12 men on the field, drops to the ground to play injured. 3. San Diego State's Rashaad Penny is dragged down by Hawaii linebacker Jahlani Tavai, tearing his jersey in the process. 4. At the world series, Yasiel Puig hits a home run, and a woman caught it in the stands. A fellow Houston fan stole the ball and threw it back to the field. 5. A flop for the ages at the Sidemen FC vs Youtube Allstars charity soccer match. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 02 - September 26, 2016 01. Odell Beckham Jr. has to get in his emotions for Josh Norman reigned in. 02. Florida punt returner Antonio Callaway calls for a fair catch at the 7-yard line, but goes backwards to make the catch at the 1-inch line. 03. Ryan Fitzpatrick throws SIX interceptions in one game. 04. An Auburn photographer tries to catch the kick-off and gets hit in the face. 05. A fan has to make an adjustment right on camera. C'Mon Man!

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C'mon Man from Monday Night Football.. Funny clips of weekend bloopers..

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C'mon Man from Monday Night Football.. Funny clips of weekend bloopers..

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 14, December 12, 2016 01. Atlanta Falcon Vic Beasley gets the strip sack fumble against the Rams, but he needs to work on his lay up skills on the celebration. 02. The Colts specials teams unit is not as good as their punter Pat McAfee. 03. The Bills have a lot of those rubber pellets in their field turf. 04. The bucs and the Rams have some issues with the kick off returns. 05. Things in Cleveland are not going so well. 06. Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson's lack of socks does not escape Charles Woodson. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 13, December 05, 2016 01. When The Rams get a bad call Jeff Fisher challenges the play, but can't find his challenge flag. 02. Dolphins defender Neville Hewitt celebrates a tackle. I guess you have to celebrate the little things when you're down 24-6. 03. The 49ers get all kinds of penalties for celebrating a touchdown that never existed. 04. The Del Oro High School football team does the Mannequinn Challenge in the middle of the game. 05. Add Matt Patricia to the list of NFL personalities with doppelgangers in the stands.

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01. Pittsburgh linebacker Lawrence Timmons pukes on the field in Miami. 02. A Rice lineman runs into his own kicker while setting up for a game winning field goal, and Oklahoma receiver Dede Westbrook gets crushed by his own lineman, Orlando Brown, after scoring a touch down. 03. The referee signals that the clock keep running, and ends up hitting Urban Meyer in the face, and the Wisconsin water girl is caught yawning as overtime starts. 04. Bills receiver Justin Hunter catches a TD and jumps into the crown to celebrate, except he lands in a pack of 49er fans who don't feel as excited over the score. 05. A very Presidential "C'mon Man." C'MON MAN!!

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best nfl bloopers of the 2016-2017 season nfl ►Go to for NBA Live Mobile and Madden Mobile coins! They offer instant delivery and my code "JAYDON" will get you 20% off. Business inquiries - C'mon Man!: Introduced on October 27, 2008. During the show, they will each describe a play or series of plays that made them scratch their heads and say "C'Mon Man!". They range from plays on the field to actions by fans and other people present at the game. This includes plays from games in the NFL, college football, and the Canadian Football League. Derivative of Ed Lover's popular webseries C'mon Son! "C'mon Man!", which is similar to the weekly "Not Top Plays" segment on SportsCenter, is sponsored by GEICO. The best of C'mon Man for the 2016-2017 season. video idea by njs

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 13 for December 04, 2017 1. Florida Atlantic's quarterback John Franklin III drops the ball short of the goal line on what should have been a touchdown run. 2. This Jets fan dangled his son over the wall so running back Bilal Powell can give him the ball after the touchdown. 3. Detroit can't even properly implode the Silver Dome. 4. The Redskins had 13 players on the field on defense! 5. In the Redskins vs Cowboys game, official Barry Anderson ends up falling into the scrum for the ball. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 05 for October 09, 2017 1. Patriots center David Andrews loses his helmet mid-play and freezes, looking toward the sideline, and gets in the way. 2. Bengals safety Shawn Williams went in for the blitz, but he was the one getting hit. 3. Miami of Ohio was at the one yard line trying to take the lead, when the snap went off the hip off the blocker and was returned for a touch down. 4. Western Michigan tight end Donnie Ernsberger’s scores an overtime touchdown and his sister storms the field to celebrate with him. 5. Andy Reid isn't a comedian. Chris Berman is barely on ESPN anymore! C'MON MAN!!

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1. New York's Janoris Jenkins whiffs on two tackles against he previously winless 49ers. 2. Florida's C.J. Henderson intercepts the South Carolina pass and returns it to the 1-yard line, where he fumbles the ball right back to S.C. Then later, two Florida receivers run into each other stopping the catch one yard from the endzone. 3. Some extremely poor clock management from the Packers and the Browns. 4. Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler throws the ball away and hits a bystander who is clearly not paying attention right in the head. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 14, December 14, 2015 01. At the Darien vs. Southington high school football game, the ref tackles and forces the fumble on the wide open Darien halfback on the screen pass. 02. One Carolina fan is extremely angry that a kid got the touchdown ball and not her. 03. Johnny Manziel celebrates after getting sacked in the back oft he endzone. 04. I don't think Titans lineman Jurrell Casey's assignment on that play was to cover Brandon Marshall. Then Perrish Cox stands at the goal line and lets Jets running back Bilal Powell run right by him. 05. How do you prevent excessive celebrations when the coaches take part in it?? C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 12 for November 28, 2016 01. Tom Brady ends up lead blocker on the play and expects his mere presence to stop incoming defenders. 02. Joe Flacco seriously needs to work on his slides. 03. Arizona quarterback Brandon Dawkins conveniently runs into Miss Arizona Chelsea Myers on the sideline and takes his time getting up. 04. Brandon Dawkins then proceeds to runs for a touchdown, except he steps out at the one yard line. 05. Valentino Blake spreads his C'Mon Man-itis to Marquess Wilson who kicks the dropped ball right into the ass of a security guard. C'MON MAN!!

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01. Broncos defender T.J. Ward slams Patriots receiver Julian Edelman to the ground and taunts him even though his team is behind by 13 points. 02. Sometimes even the ref needs to get fired up. 03. Johnny Hekker, punter for the Rams, comes up a little short on the fake punt. 04. The Jets need to work on their offensive lineman's blocking assignments. 05. Jared Goff and the Rams receivers can't seem to get in sync. 06. Bengals running back Jeremy Hill scores a touchdown and fails miserably at his taunting celebration.

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 06 for October 23, 2017 1. Chargers receiver Travis Benjamin runs down the field but slips when he hits the turf on the sideline. And so does team mates Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler. 2. Running Back for UCLA Bolu Olorunfunmi, runs downfield and tries to jump over a defender, but instead jumps onto his shoulders. Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey tries to jump over a defender, but instead knees him in the face. 3. Washington State's coach Mike Leach wasn't impressed with how his team was playing, so he had them do up-downs on the sideline. 4. Dolphin's Xavien Howard and Reshad Jones both put a little heat on their butt slaps. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 1, for November 21, 2016 01. Blake Bortles finds new and creative ways to throw an interception. 02. FOX sound guy Bernie Beaudry runs right into the Minnesota Vikings making their way out of the tunnel. 03. When the center is at fault, it's really everyone else's fault. 04. 12 extra points missed in a single day. 05. Tennessee Titan Valentino Blake needs to be more aware of what teams he's on at any given moment of the game. 06. The Sants were down clearly more than a yard short of the first down, but they felt measuring was necessary. CMON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN for Week 12, November 25, 2013 1. While Chargers QB Philip Rivers complains to the refs on the Chiefs sideline, Coach Andy Reid moves in and boxes Rivers out of position. 2. A Bears fan takes part in a race on the street and pays the price. 3. Florida Gators Jonotthan Harrison gets a great block on WR Quinton Dunbar. Too bad they're on the same team. 4. Hamilton Tiger-Cat Rico Murray displays his brilliant pre-game celebration. 5. Coach Ditka gets caught playing a card game on his cell phone, live on Sunday NFL Countdown. C'MON MAN!!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 13, December 07, 2015 01. Alabama quarterback Jacob Coker celebrates near the stands gets his hat stolen by an Alabama fan. 02. Texas corner back Jermaine Roberts is all bark and no bite during the midfield scuffle. 03. Antonio Brown returns a punt for a touchdown and celebrates by going nuts first into the goal post padding. 04. The Vikings Cordarrelle Patterson returns a punt for a touchdown and celebrates like he's won the game, but in reality they were previously down 35-0. 05. There were NINE missed extra points this week, which is one more than all of last season. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 11, November 17, 2014 01. Giants players Steven Brown and Adrian Robinson have differing opinions of which direction the Giants are going. 02. Cam Newton has 50/50 vision. Is that why the Panthers are 3-7-1? 03. Once again, two Florida Gators are caught blocking each other. 03.1. Check out Homie, wearing no shirt at the cold Notre Dame football game. 04. Cincinnati tight end Jermaine Gresham catches a pass and tries to give it to a Bengals fan. But it's stolen by a Saints fan! 05. Seattle special teams player Ricardo Lockette plays hard and gets ejected for it. Okay, he did throw a punch. C'MON MAN!! Bonus C'Mon Man! Best of the Worst: Pittsburgh Coach Joey Ports get chest bump with the big boys anymore. Double Bonus C'Mon Man! Best of the Worst: Antonio Brown tries to hurdle the punter, but instead kicks him in the face.

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 03, September 23, 2014 01. Mark Wahlberg needs to show some respect and give Robert Kraft a high five! 02. The Steeler's Joey Porter seems to have lost his edge since he became a coach. 03. The Lion's Stephen Tulloch really wants to save on his insurance because of the upcoming medical bills for his knee surgery. 04. The Cal internet shop 25% off sale goes up a bit too early. 05. Cam Newton, you just got compared to Ru Paul. C'MON MAN! Bonus: C'Mon Man! Best of the Worst: Geno Smith celebrates a touchdown run by losing the handle on the ball mid spike.

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Best of C'MON MAN for the 2016-2017 season. This is the last one of the year. Part 1: s:// nfl football denver broncos oakland raiders dallas cowboys new england patriots highlights replay atlanta falcons green bay packers superbowl live replay funny bloopers plays cmon man part 1 part 2 top plays

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1. Kansas should let the offensive line know their job is to prevent people from getting to the quarterback. 2. As Alex Smith runs out of bounds, the Eagles' Dexter McDougle was taking a pee break on the sideline. 3. Chiefs corner back Terrance Mitchell and he pops it up in the air, giving an easy catch to Eagles tight end Zach Ertz. 4. Jets receiver Robby Anderson plows into the chain gang on the sideline, then Dak Prescott throws the ball into Scott Linehan on his sideline. 5. At Kansas City, the camera man running full speed clears out the cheerleader in the middle of her dance routine. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 15, December 15, 2014 01. Cincinnati's Jeremy Hill scores a touchdown in Cleveland and gets rejected when trying to jump into the crowd. 02. Bruce Mapp of Coastal Carolina needs to learn the actual distance of ten yards. 03. At the annual Vikings "Mascot Challenge," Blue, the Indianapolis Colt, shows he's really a bully. 04. Arizona Coach Bruce Arians misplaces his red challenge flag. 05. Chris Berman hits a golf shot from the water. C'MON MAN!! Bonus C'Mon Man! Best of the Worst: Jimmy Graham dunks the ball after a touchdown and manhandles the goal post in the process.

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C'MON MAN! from ESPN's Monday Night Countdown for August 19, 2013 First off, Special Thanks to James Garcia for suggesting I add these to this channel. Check out his page here: 1. Colts backup QB Chandler Harnish throws a ball right into Pam Oliver's face. 2. Aaron Ross of the Giants can't catch a pass. That's why he plays defense. 3. QB David Carr throws the ball into the official's head. 4. A fan at the Little League World Series sacrifices his face to get a home run ball. 5. Utah State lineman Eric Schultz celebrates WR Bruce Natson's touchdown by throwing him to the ground. 6. Bengals QB Josh Johnson is headed for a touchdown...until he's tackled by his teammate, TE Richard Quinn. C'MON MAN!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 11, November 18, 2013 1. Cardinals Running Back Andre Ellington gets a haircut, courtesy of Jaguars DE Jason Babin. 2. Ladies and gentlemen, Seahawks DT Brandon Mebane is a professional athlete. 3. LeSean McCoy is a hypocrite. And he owes that fan a redskins flag. 4. The Florida State defensive backs play hangman on the sideline. 5. It's hard to kick in the wind. C'MON MAN!

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ESPN's C'MON MAN! for Week 03 - September 23, 2013 1. Cincinnati Bengals lineman Vontaze Burfict hits Packer Ryan Taylor below the belt. 2. San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers kicks the ball in desperation. 3. New York Jets DE Sheldon Richardson calls the play over a little too early. 4. Adam Schefter's giggling is the stuff of nightmares. C'MON MAN!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 09 for November 07, 2016 01. Jamie Collins was traded from the Patriots to the Browns. So in the downgrade in organizations also comes a downgrade in hairstyles. 02. Steelers kicker Chris Boswell shows the line between a great onside kick and a terrible onside kick is razor thin. 03. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce gets into an argument with the official and loses. 04. Illinois scores a touchdown, but the ref making the call somehow thinks it's a turnover in the end zone and signals a touchback. 05. Marshawn Lynch goes for a joyride in the medical cart on the field. C'MON MAN!!

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ESPN's C'MON MAN! for Week 02 - September 16, 2013 01. Chicago LB Lance Briggs gets taken out by Minnesota QB Christian Ponder. 02. The Browns Quarterback Brandon Weeden can't catch a break. 03. Southern Mississippi player Ed Wilkins, gets his helmet stuck to the jersey of Arkansas Running Back Alex Collins. 04. Skyview High block the Colombia River game winning field goal attempt, but forgets to cover the ball. 05. The Buffalo Bills official twitter account can't count. C'MON MAN!!!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 08, October 28, 2013 1. Cris Carter tucks in his jersey. 2. The Jacksonville flag team in London, can't spell. 3. Peyon Manning fumbles, but he shouldn't go after the loose ball. 4. Cam Newton gets scared from a little cannon. 5. Giants longsnapper Zak DeOssie, over shoots his punter.

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Very funny part of the Monday Night Live football show, called C'mon man.

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 02 - 09-21-15 01. Marshawn Lynch's Mother has some words to say to the offensive play caller for the Seahwawks. 02. Julio Jones and Travis Kelce have some pre-game fashion issues. 03. The Miami-Ohio quarterback falls in the pre-game run on the field and gets trample by the team. 04. The stadium workers get Vikings hats with Minnesota misspelled. Oops. 05. Saints defender Delvin Breaux loses the ball in the lights while Bucs receiver Louis Murphy has the ball in his hands. C'MON MAN!! ESPN SORRY BRO! Week 02 - 09-21-15 01. Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston leaves receiver Louis Murphy out to dry. 02. San Francisco receiver Anquan Boldin drops the easy pass from Colin Kaepernick. 03. Cowboys recevier Cole Beasley gets his head stepped on by Eagles Linebacker Jordan Hicks. 04. Joe Flacco has a receiver wide open for a score and he under throws a duck for an incompletion. 05. The Ravens Timmy Jernigan hits Raiders quarterback Derek Carr LONG after he throws the ball. SORRY BRO!

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ESPN C'MON MAN! Best of 2017 Football Season


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