Drum N Bass Studio Mix Chinese Burns Hd....!

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Published Date : 2012-09-15T12:48:41.000Z

Deep dark drum & bass mix live at GTeeStudioz....... Audio version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMKPDFeuX7k Full Tracklist Track No Artist Track Label 1 DJ TeeBee Warfear Subtitles 2 Bachelors of Science Beast Code Recordings 3 BoSaris She's on Fire - Calibre Remix Borush 4 Lenzman How Did I Let You Go Metalheadz 5 High Contrast Make It Tonight Hospital 6 Critical Impact Chinese Burns Clearskyz 7 Ray Keith Monster Dread Recordings 8 DJ TeeBee Chapter#1 Subtitles 9 Mortem Revolta Demand Records 10 Octane & DLR Red Mist VIP Dispatch Recordings 11 Chris.SU Solaris VIP Subtitles 12 Chroma Ricochet Commerical Suicide 13 Calibre Makes Me Wonder Signature Records 14 Collie Buddz Come Around - Lutin Remix Boss Recordings 15 Craggz & Parrallel Forces Kraken Product Recordings 16 Unknown Artist Why Don't We Fall In Love Not On Label 17 Spectrasoul Lost Disciple Shogun Audio 18 Artificial Intelligence Bloodlines Widescreen Recordings 19 Commix Libra Subtitles 20 Total Science Going in Circles - Break Remix CIA 21 DR Meaker Music in the Night V Recordings 22 Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrick One Scratch Program

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Live Mix at GteeStudioz by GTee...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABghf_bkKM4 Full Tracklist Track No Artist Track Label 1 DJ TeeBee Warfear Subtitles 2 Bachelors of Science Beast Code Recordings 3 BoSaris She's on Fire - Calibre Remix Borush 4 Lenzman How Did I Let You Go Metalheadz 5 High Contrast Make It Tonight Hospital 6 Critical Impact Chinese Burns Clearskyz 7 Ray Keith Monster Dread Recordings 8 DJ TeeBee Chapter#1 Subtitles 9 Mortem Revolta Demand Records 10 Octane & DLR Red Mist VIP Dispatch Recordings 11 Chris.SU Solaris VIP Subtitles 12 Chroma Ricochet Commerical Suicide 13 Calibre Makes Me Wonder Signature Records 14 Collie Buddz Come Around - Lutin Remix Boss Recordings 15 Craggz & Parrallel Forces Kraken Product Recordings 16 Unknown Artist Why Don't We Fall In Love Not On Label 17 Spectrasoul Lost Disciple Shogun Audio 18 Artificial Intelligence Bloodlines Widescreen Recordings 19 Commix Libra Subtitles 20 Total Science Going in Circles - Break Remix CIA 21 DR Meaker Music in the Night V Recordings 22 Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrick One Scratch Program

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Published Date : 2012-09-22T21:47:12.000Z

Deep drum & bass grooves recorded live at GTeeStudioz Full Tracklist Track No Artist Track Label 1 DJ Fresh Hypercaine Breakbeat Kaos 2 Critical Impact Chinese Burns Clearskyz 3 Ray Keith Monster Dread 4 Artificial Intelligence Feat. D Bridge Three's A Crowd V Recordings 5 Hive & Gridlock Standing Room Only Violence Recordings 6 Unknown Vs Sunshine Anderson Heard It All Before Not On Label 7 Mr L Piper 3 Mr L Records 8 Adam F Metropolis Metalheadz 9 Marcus Intalex Out of Touch Revolver 10 Rockwell Full Circle Shogun Audio 11 Break Last Chance Symmetry 12 Wickaman, Hoodlum & Maverick One Scratch Program 13 Chase & Status Feat. Jenna G In Love Bingo 14 Break Is This What You Want Symmetry 15 Unknown Blair Bitch Not On Label 16 Dr Meaker Fighter V Recordings 17 Ray Keith Galaxian Warrior Dread 18 Total Science Feat. Riya Redlines - Break Remix Critical 19 E-Z Rollers Believe - Marky & XRS Remix Moving Shadow 20 Logistics Transporter Hospital 21 Dave Owen Still Waters Influence 22 Break Feat Silent Witness & Survival Conference Call Symmetry 23 Blame Stay Forever Charge Recordings 24 Calyx & TeeBee Elevate This Sound Ram Records

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Live mix of drum & bass from the early 2000s - recorded live at GTeeStudioz Full Tracklist Track No Artist Track Label 1 Si Smith Love Thang Nu Urban Music 2 Basic Unit Classroom Deepest Cut 3 Carlito One Time Defunked 4 M.I.S.T How You Make Me Feel (Photek Remix) 31 Records 5 Minscape Future Path (Skynet Remix) Habit Recordings 6 2dB Oscillator Worldwide Audio Recordings 7 Skeptic Tear (A Sides Remix) Eastside Records 8 Calibre Run Around Defunked 9 John B Forever Beta Recordings 10 Zero Tolerance Serpico Skunkrock Productions 11 Logistics Music BrandNu Recordings 12 Kosheen Demonstrate (Decoder & Substance Mix) Moksha Recordings 13 Jon [S] & Wize Roller Rink Music First Records 14 Cause 4 Concern Peep Show Virus Recordings 15 Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith Target Practice Technique Recordings 16 Zoe H Take Me Anywhere (Club Dub Mix) Narcotix Inc 17 D Kay Black Magic Brigand Music 18 Mathematics Jersey Deep Defunked 19 Big Bud Blue 4 U Soundtrax 20 Anorganik Endlessly Feat Sena Atlas Recordings

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Hospital Shop: http://hospi.tl/17fjm iTunes: http://hospi.tl/39fjm Google Play: http://hospi.tl/57fjm For the second chapter of our ‘Fast Music’ series we take a journey through the sounds of jungle. From the 19-year Hospital Records and Med School back catalogue we draw from the core, proving just how deep the roots go in drum & bass of past and present. With influences of breakbeat, dub and reggae, jungle is at the foundation of some of Hospital’s most prominent dance-floor prowlers. In over 46 tracks, Nu:Tone keeps the energy high, moving through the vocal chop-ups of Logistics and Danny Byrd, the deep basslines of S.P.Y and Total Science and right through to the broken beats of A-Sides and Krakota. Not to mention the likes of Calibre, Commix, Icicle, D*Minds and Detail also inspired by the drum & bass origin, bringing the junglist hype right to the forefront. This time round the carnival horns are calling, the elastic bass-lines drawing and there's a full return of the reverb. Get ready for the rumble of “Fast Jungle Music”. Tracklist: S.P.Y. & Total Science ft. Marky – Try Out Total Science – Let It Go Critical Impact – Chinese Burns Nu:Logic – St Pauls Danny Breaks – Volume 1 (Logistics Rmx) Nu:Tone – Say That You'll Calibre vs High Contrast – Mr Majestic Harvest – Tape Pack Logistics – Ammunition Calibre ft. Chimpo – Start Again (VIP Mix) Breakage – Old Skool Ting Nu:Tone ft. Logistics – Dreams Of You Nu:Logic – New Technique London Grammar – Strong (Fracture Rmx) Nu:Tone – Oneroa Time & Krome – The Licence (Break Rmx) Moresounds ft. Fracture – Dead & Bury Logistics – Krusty Bass Rinser (Commix VIP) LTJ Bukem – Return To Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y. Rmx) Utah Jazz – Runaway (Nu:Tone Rmx) Jazzsteppa ft. Foreign Beggars – Raising The Bar (Stray Rmx) Serum – Snake Fist Anile - Seventh Sound Serum – Snake Fist Chroma – Intermission Kemet Crew – The Box Reopens Lynx – Whistle Stop Nu:Tone – Missing Link Breakage – Untitled Jungle Follow Hospital Records: http://hospitalrecords.com https://www.facebook.com/Hospitalrecords http://twitter.com/hospitalrecords http://instagram.com/hospitalrecords http://play.spotify.com/user/hospitalrecords http://www.google.com/+HospitalRecords https://soundcloud.com/hospitalrecords http://www.mixcloud.com/hospitalrecords/

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the first mix i ever published.. dark half step drum and bass. some amen here and there download here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1028034/mix/mix%20001.mp3?dl=1 01. Fade - Druid 02. Reza - David Can Still Beat Goliath 03. June Miller - Isis (Alternate Version) 04. Fade - Midnight Express 05. Mr Foul - Rude Boy Town 06. Mr Foul - Land Of Look Behind 07. War - Rafale 08. Pessimistic - Syncopation 09. Stranjah - End Of Days

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Live mix from GTeeStudioz featuring tracks from TC, Jonny L, Peshay,BCee, Zero T, Riya, Calibre, Need for Mirrors and many more...full tracklist below No. Artist Track 1 TC No One 2 Level 2 Fast Lane 3 Total Science & S.P.Y Ft Kevin King Past Lives (Lenzman Remix) 4 Jonny L Dreaming (DJ Sensai Remix) 5 Peshay How We Used To Live - Dub Phizix & Skeptical Ft Strategy Marka 6 Need For Mirrors Vimana 7 Calibre Ringtone 8 8 Bits & Q Project Low End Theory 9 Dr Meaker Music In The Night 10 BCEE & Bladerunner Ft Shaz Sparks Black Hole 11 Decimal Bass Playback 12 BCEE Guilty 13 Lynx & Kemo Dive Deep In 14 Critycal Dub Reflect 15 Octane & DLR Red Mist VIP 16 Riya Ft Zero T Stolen Moments 17 Amoss Last Minute 18 Sub Zero Ft Grimm Broken Me 19 Switch Your Love 20 Critical Impact Chinese Burns 21 Need For Mirrors Ft Edward Oberon Limits of Control 22 Overlook Existence 23 Zero T Busytime (Break Remix)

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Published Date : 2010-10-11T17:09:36.000Z

Using some Jungle and drum and bass music themes based on Chinese pop culture for a themed oriental mix. I have done Jazz, raggae, vocal, atmospheric, dark, techstep mixes and now for something different. TRACK LSITING- DJ CLIPZ - KUNG FU HOPA & BONES - DRAGON FIST TECHNICAL ITCH - THE DREAMER

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Published Date : 2013-05-04T12:44:18.000Z

Drum and Bass

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Part 2 of the drum and bass chinese style mix. The Dragon - The Streets A-Sides - The 4th Dragon

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Published Date : 2012-09-16T08:55:33.000Z

A mix of moving shadow classics with one exception from back 2 basics Most tracks bought from the legendary Buzz Records in High Wycombe..... Full Tracklist Track No Artist Track Label 1 Foul Play Feat. Denise Gordon Music is the Key Moving Shadow 2 DJ pulse Let You In Moving Shadow 3 JMJ & Richie Free La Funk Moving Shadow 4 Dead Calm Urban Style Moving Shadow 5 Deep Blue & Blame Transitions Moving Shadow 6 E-Z Rollers Believe - Foul Play Remix Moving Shadow 7 Cloud Nine Teach Me To Fly Moving Shadow 8 Foul Play Being With You - E-Z Rollers Remix Moving Shadow 9 Mastermind Summer Fresh Moving Shadow 10 Hyper on Experience Lords of the Null Lines - Foul Play Remix Moving Shadow 11 Deep Blue The Helicopter Tune Moving Shadow 12 Dom & Roland The Planets Moving Shadow 13 Natural Mystic Slow Waves - Universal Remix Moving Shadow 14 DJ Harmony So Real - Harmony Remix Moving Shadow 15 DJ Harmony Let Me In - Harmony Remix Moving Shadow 16 Dom & Optical Quadrant Moving Shadow 17 DJ pulse Voyager Moving Shadow 18 Northern Connexion For Fabio Back 2 Basics

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Published Date : 2014-07-11T14:03:37.000Z

Mixed & Compiled by Ash Mark Tracklisting: 1 .Nclear - Arabian Vibe 2. Midival Punditz - Monsoon Wedding 3. Vandera - India Joya (DnB mix) 4. Aphrodite - Calcutta 5. Solace - Saptak (Samaya Remix) 6. DJ Cheb i Sabbah - Raja Vedalu 7. Talvin Singh - Butterfly (Bass Flo Remix) 8. Karsh Kale - Longing 9. Talvin Singh - Seven Notes

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Stretching the spectrum of drum & bass this mix covers most styles....apologies if the timing is a bit out but I recorded it on flipvideo and then put the audio over the top, harder than it looks.....anyway enjoy....Peace Love & Unity

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Week one of eight! Dark kick ass drum n bass. no b/s faders.... live video recorded set. D N B drum and bass jungle dj video mix. thanks to Freeburning records and N20 records. check out: http://www.lajunglist.com/freeburning/index2.html Weekly Sessions of Video and High Quality audio. Goto http://www.myspace.com/gringorojolokicalavera for the archives. Dark Drum and Bass . Tech Step . DJ mix. breaks. breakcore. live dj mix. live video dj mix. Calavera / Loki producer ,The DJ, editor: Michael Singer

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http://www.mediafire.com/?knwmwaej2n275ea ENJOY!

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old skool tune enjoyyyyy!!!!!

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Got my 15 mins limit removed from youtube! So thought i'd smash out a quick mix! Tracklist: Third Digit - Hirshee High Technology - DaVIP & Encode Last Night - The Prototypes Remix - Ian Carey feat Snoop Dogg Finders Keepers - Andy C Nero - Act Like You Know Crucify Me Pt.1 (DnB DJ Edit) - ShockOne feat Phetsta Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) - The Prodigy Louder (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) - DJ Fresh feat Sian Evans Move Down - (Panik and M Rode Remix) Tony Anthem & Axl Ender & erbNdub and HD My Skool - Original Sin The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix) Super Mega Death Ray (Drumstep Mix) - Figure

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Published Date : 2012-10-14T12:41:34.000Z

Tracklist: 00:00 x Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix) 02:34 x Kove - Open Ground 04:46 x Netsky - Memory Lane (Original Mix) 07:25 x Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik - One Scratch 11:22 x Culture Shock - I Remember 12:49 x dBridge feat. Vegas - True Romance 15:22 x Friction - Someone (Ft. McLean) 16:50 x High Contrast - Everything's Different (Calibre Remix) 19:24 x Netsky - Tomorrow's Another Day (VIP) 22:41 x S.P.Y - By Your Side 24:12 x TC - Do You Rock? 26:54 x Rockwell feat Kito & Sam Frank - Childhood Memories 30:10 x Jubei ft. Flowdan - Say Nothin (Rockwell Remix)

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Pure Drum'n'Bass collection Drum'n'Bass Arena 2004 CD1 Fabio & Grooverider

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Published Date : 2017-09-13T21:42:31.000Z

Promo mix I did for a local DnB residency. Contains an hour of reggae soaked DnB and Jungle vibes! Respect to all original artists and producers. https://soundcloud.com/adzc https://soundcloud.com/tempordio Thanks and enjoy! Tracklist: Fak Scratch & Mooncat - Ready or Not Ed Solo & JFB - BBQ Kursiva & Karlixx - Kings of Kings Sir Wilson - Wann Yuh Mine - [Mooncat Remix] Jamie Bostron - Man of Living DJ Vadim - Fussin’ & Fightin’ [feat. Demolition Man] [Stickybuds Remix] Punky Donch - Under Arrest [Mystic Pulse Remix] Gardna - See the Vibe [feat. Tiffani Juno] [Ed Solo Remix] Ed Solo & Deekline - No No No [Serial Killaz Remix] Ed Solo & Deekline - Bad Boys [Kursiva & Benny Page Remix] FLeCK - Super Sharp Special Da Fuchaman - Burning [J-Man Remix] Lionfire - Kung Fu [feat. Jinx] DJ Cautious - Double Trouble Chopstick Dubplate - Deya Now [feat. Demolition Man] Jacky Murda - Girls Dem Dada [feat. Mr Williamz] Steppa Style - Instagram [FeyDer Remix] Buster - Rasta

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From the new album "Awaken, My Love!" available now: http://smarturl.it/awakenmylove http://childishgambino.com http://facebook.com/donaldglover http://instagram.com/childishgambino http://twitter.com/donaldglover Music video by Childish Gambino performing Redbone. (C) 2016 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC http://vevo.ly/rcrd4f Best of Childish Gambino: https://goo.gl/iYGsVs Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/HkY2Sh

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New sound of the Asian Underground coming straight out of the motherland. Sound of the Indian Drum and Bass, this is Indo-Neuro ;) Turn up the volume on this one http://www.facebook.com/eaststepper http://soundcloud.com/d1vineillusion http://www.myspace.com/d1vineillusion p.s. - This is a wide stereo mix, please do not listen to this track on any kind of mono system as there can be phase cancellation in the tune. Listen on stereo systems.

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Published Date : 2008-06-24T21:38:33.000Z

Harry Shotta spittin some DNB bars over a selection off hot new Erb N Dub tracks created in his new studio 'The Dub Zone'.

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Barbie Dreams (Official Video) Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here: https://nickiminaj.lnk.to/queenYD Connect with Nicki: https://www.instagram.com/nickiminaj https://twitter.com/NICKIMINAJ https://www.facebook.com/nickiminaj/ https://www.mypinkfriday.com/ Video Director: Hype Williams Video Producers: Hype Williams & Keith Brown Video Editor: Eric Hughes for HW Worldwide Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records http://vevo.ly/aB1cvS

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Published Date : 2009-10-25T22:33:25.000Z


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DJ Hype - Kiss Drum And Bass Sat 13-09-2012 Talion (57min Mix) [HQ] Picture Download at: http://www.kissfmuk.com/djhype/wp-content/themes/totalkiss_bluebrut/timthumb/timthumb.php?src=http://www.kissfmuk.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/20/files/2012/04/Hype-Smile_630x354.jpg&w=630&h=354 Tracklist: Drumsound And Simon Bassline Smith-Daylight-Technique Annix-Late Maneuver-Playaz Dub Brookes Brothers-Mistakes-Breakbeat Kaos Dj Hype In The Mix Magistrate-Lose Control-Playaz Dub Marcus Intalex-Cabal-Soul;R Break-Who We Are-Symmetry Dj Devize-Shock Time-Playaz Break-Love So True-Symmetry Pleasure-Jack Russell-Dub Ulterior Motive And Fd-Drum Circle-Subtitles Need For Mirrors-Snubnose-Playaz Sub Focus Ft.Alpines-Tidal Waves-Ram Rinse 2-Dub Only-Dub Prototypes-Habitation-Shogun Danny Byrd Ft. General Levy-Blaze The Fire [Sub Zero Rmx]-Hospital Optv N Cza-Hindsight-Dub Plan B-Deepest Shame [Andy C Rmx] Hazard-Psychedelic-Playaz Hazard-Badman-Playaz Dub Critical Impact-Chinese Burns Vip-Clearskyz Dub Zero T -Red Hand-Cia T.C.-Do You Rock-Don't Play Records Legion & Logam-Blackout-Playaz Dub Have Fun!

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The good old Chinese DnB. Produced in 2011 by Violith

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Published Date : 2011-03-26T23:29:34.000Z

promo studio mix from dj hype from March 2011. Catch his monthly playaz night @ fabric every last friday of each month.

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Published Date : 2010-05-17T16:20:59.000Z

musik mix

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Chinese Man - Skank in Air Drum & Bass Remix - Live @ Art Sonic 2010 Vidéo en HD 720p http://www.bassexpression.com

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Published Date : 2012-08-01T20:45:36.000Z

tracklist : Bladerunner- Love Is Gone Dj Nut Nut-Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) Ray Keith - Who The Hell Am I (Serum Remix) By Brockie & Ed Solo - Dangerous (Jayline Rmx) Path-Stickbubbly Burma - Modified Motion Remix Majistrate - Rise The Prototypes - Pandora Loadstar - Bomber Zen - Ultrasound Matrix & Futurebound Feat. Luke Bingham - All I Need Optiv & Btk - Zero Hour Siren -Snorkel (S.P.Y Remix) Cabbie - Da Boot Netsky - Tomorrow's Another Day Vip Hazard - Mr. Happy Cabbie - Itz On Squarewave - Think Twice Critical Impact -Chinese Burns Decimal Bass & Version - Again Rennie La Vice - Dank Hamilton - Deep In My Heart Subfocus - Rock It Jaydan - Drilla Killa Vip Heist - Verdict Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Vip)

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Published Date : 2013-03-23T19:17:28.000Z

Qviz Skrimer Kowalsky dnb dance

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Published Date : 2011-10-11T20:20:12.000Z


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Published Date : 2016-09-09T23:56:25.000Z

Tracklist: Philth & Collette - Back In Time Mark System - Optix Konfront.Audio & Ryck - Born Again Electrosoul System - Shadow (Feat. Deeizm) Cursa, Subliminal & Alxr - Camin John Newman Feat. Charlie Wilson - Tiring Game (Spectrasoul Remix) FD - Change Please Dubphizix - Scum Gerwin Ft. LaMeduza - Life Cycle (Break Remix) Dawn Wall - Lose Face Subview - Invisible Break - Pushing Me On Fierce & Zero T 0 Sunshine Total Science - Shelter Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston - Were all We Need (SpectraSoul Remix) Digital - Figjam Legion & Logam featuring Micah Freeman - Holding On Abstract Elements - Uranus Karma - Back & Forth Arp XP & Maurs - Almost There Villem & Fields - Azura Riya feat.Zero T - Stolen Moments Kyross - Ceremony Ruffhouse - Strangers Jam Thieves - Apache Optiv & BTK - Scientist (Ft. MC Fokus) Dub Motion - Buss It Up Picota & Kumbh - Head Shot BassBrothers - A Little Mad Fourward - Stead State VIP Xtrah & Break - Always New (Feat. DRS) Legion & Logam - Red Letter Incognito - Autopiloit Delilah - Go (S.P.Y Remix) Survey - Collapse Naiive Ft. Emmy Cath - Reaching Out Terraform & Precise - Dub Murder Dub Elements - Shots Fired (feat. MC Dino) Dieselboy & Kaos - Barrier Break (Hello Danger Bootleg) Break - Let It Happen VIP Critical Impact - Chinese Burns DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) Maduk & Nymfo - Come On Leigon & Logam - Blackout VIP Neve - Flip The Switches (Future Roots Remix) Jay Rome - Tasty The Invaderz - Addicited (Feat. Deleelah) Danny Darko Ft Jova Radevska - Butterfly (Invold Remix)

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Published Date : 2012-05-28T02:23:13.000Z

Turns out, the Chinese invented drum and bass... The music is part of an ident for Aquarius Media Productions presenting the Jackie Chan movie Spiritual Kung Fu and elsewhere Lo Wei Motion Picture Co., presenting Dragon Fist. This is the earliest self-sufficient drum n bass I've ever heard. I really want to hear the rest of it, and/or more like it. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMx7jfwmhA0

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Published Date : 2010-03-13T17:05:57.000Z

Pendulum Slam Style DnB Music...I and I Will Survive has Produced Electronica, Drum and Bass, and house music since 2003. Similar Artists include Pendulum, Flying Lotus, aphex twin, and others. See you soon. Chinese Drum and Bass. Me love you long time.

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Published Date : 2013-11-24T19:40:26.000Z

Tracklist: 01. Phat Playaz & Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - Looking Inside 02. Phat Playaz - Back And 4th 03. Phat Playaz - Separation 04. Phat Playaz - Welcome 05. Phat Playaz - Good Day Me Lady 06. Phat Playaz - Lips 07. Phat Playaz & Blade - The Blade Project 08. Phat Playaz - 10 09. Phat Playaz & Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - Signs 10. Phat Playaz - Global Warming 11. Phat Playaz - Holocast 12. Phat Playaz - I'm Asthmatic 13. Phat Playaz & Jrumhand - Tools 14. Phat Playaz - On Your Mind DL: http://dnbshare.com/download/ArtIn_Soundtraveler_-_Deep_Inside_With_Phat_Playaz.mp3.html Disclaimer The mixes featured here are produced and distributed in the spirit of promoting interest in music, and not for exploitation for profit or personal gain. I do not charge for mixes and will never do so. I believe that presenting music in 'mixed' form rather than distributing individual tracks and LP's constitutes a valid 'transformation' from the original material, and, as such does not fall directly under the banner of 'illegal distribution'. If you are an artist featured here and not happy about this, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Check out my Facebook Page for constant updates & Ramblings! :D http://www.facebook.com/MadStylezz Free Download: http://www.facebook.com/MadStylezz/app_220150904689418 Good day bro's and brah's :) Here's a chill dnb mix I made and man is this music amazing or what? :D. I realized that music helps you go away to another state, not being high, but to a state of total relaxation. We should all be able to go away to that state at one point or another, and I made a mix for just such an occasion (: I hope you guys enjoy the mix! Now go take a nap and relax :D "Music's purpose is not be listened to, but to be felt" -Jay Tracklist: Lapse - Do You Know Bachelors Of Science - The Ice Dance (Lenzman Remix) Lenzman ft Riya - How Did I Let You Go Command Strange & Miss Drop - Lover Komatic & Technicolor ft Jayma - Stay (Original Mix) Madmen & Poets - Scandinavian Sunday Subclash - Alain Beroni (7th Sign Remix)

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Get Brantley Gilbert's song "Bottoms Up" here: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/bgbu Amazon: http://smarturl.it/bgbua “Bottoms Up” can be found on Brantley’s latest album JUST AS I AM PLATINUM EDITION: http://smarturl.it/JustAsIAmP Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing Bottoms Up. (C) 2013 The Valory Music Co., LLC #BrantleyGilbert #BottomsUp #Vevo #Country #VevoOfficial #OfficialMusicVideo

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drum n bass weekend !!

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Calvin Harris - Slide ft. Frank Ocean, Migos Taken from the new album 'Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1'. Out Now: http://smarturl.it/FWBV1?IQid=YT Subscribe to Calvin's channel: http://smarturl.it/CHVevo?IQid=YT -------------- Follow Calvin online: http://calvinharris.com Snapchat: http://smarturl.it/CHSnapchat?IQid=YT Instagram: http://smarturl.it/CHInstagram?IQid=YT Facebook: http://smarturl.it/CHFacebook?IQid=YT Twitter: http://smarturl.it/CHTwitter?IQid=YT Spotify: http://smarturl.it/CHSptfy?IQid=YT #CalvinHarris #Slide #Vevo #Dance #FrankOcean #Migos

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This if the video of Balaclava and Butterflies Full Tracklist No. Artist Track 1 Flame Canned Sunset 2 Intelligent Manners Ball & Chain 3 Hybrid Minds This Morning 4 Tokyo Prose Saving Grace 5 Villem & Mcleod Keeper of the Sun 6 Paperclip Whom I Belong 7 Hybrid Minds Unconditional 8 Intelligent Manners Close my Eyes 9 Hobzee & Zyon Base Viral 10 Foxrox Can't Live Without 11 Vicious Circle & Nocturnal Last Chance Saloon 12 LSB Overthinking (Enei Remix) 13 Genotype Lessons in Depth 14 Corner Crooks Epilogue 15 Spectrasoul Memento 16 Hybrid Minds New Orleans 17 Pete Rann The Key 18 N-Dread Just a Moment 19 Lenzman Empty Promise 20 Soul Intent Come With Me 21 Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem Celestine 22 NotioN You're Always Around 23 Artificial Intelligence What U Had

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A great old track by a Japanese dnb producer :)

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This mix contains various artists, the tracks are listed throughout the video, and in the description below. Enjoy! Listen in 1080p High Quality! For mixes: http://www.soundcloud.com/embus-e1 For productions: http://www.soundcloud.com/Embusemusic Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EmbusE Check us out on Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/Embus-E Subscribe to our YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/EmbusEmusic Tune in to Drumandbass.filth.fm every friday for our hour set! 'Like' our promotion page: http://www.facebook.com/savannahdubstep 'Like' our other page: http://www.facebook.com/SavannahPartyStarters Check out our website: http://www.SavannahDubstep.com Check out our website: http://www.SavannahPartyStarters.com 1. Icicle feat. Robert Owens- Redemption (Alix Perez Remix) 2. Icicle- Alien Groove 3. BTK- Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix) 4. Need for Mirrors- Greazy (feat. Stapleton) 5. Total Science- No Justice (Jubei Remix) 6. Icicle- Still U 7. S.P.Y.- Favela VIP 8. Icicle & Nymfo- Running Scared 9. Spectrasoul- Mimic 10. Bcee & S.P.Y.- Is Anybody Out There? 11. Bcee & S.P.Y.- Diagnosis Murder (Metrik Remix) 12. Nu:Tone- Bleeper (feat. Logistics) 13. Blu Mar Ten- Headturner 14. Kabuki- Watch Your Step (feat. Jeru the Damaja) 15. DJ Nut Nut- Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) [ft.Top Cat]

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This performance is available on iTunes, recorded with the Tribute Band 'Dire Straits UK': https://goo.gl/qg7rnk You can check out the full Band Cover right here: YouTube https://youtu.be/wSSnPL6F6sU For this drum cover I played to a drumless track of the original studio version but I like the energetic Alchemy Live version a lot better. So this is my tribute to Terry Williams, the great Dire Straits drummer throughout the 80s, I'm a fan! However, I did not cover his Live drum part note for note but I played 'in the style of' Terry Williams. More about me: Website: http://girls-got-groove.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/girlsgotgroove Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinadrums/ You can stream my first Album 'Chi Might' for free via my website or on my YouTube channel (Chi Might Playlist). Watch the album trailer: https://youtu.be/F7hcd0-QZ50 Download: iTunes https://itun.es/us/KY9hdb Order a copy: eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/291915056591 Amazon worldwide (search for 'Sina Chi Might') You only want my drum covers? Support me on Patreon, get access to my exclusive drum tutorials and help me to create more and better videos: https://www.patreon.com/sina_drums


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