Doraemon Tamil Episode The Evil Spirits Card....!

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Nobita ufortunately consumes a dubmbling and gets resuced after a great sorrow.

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India Bole to Bindass in association with Creative Bhadas production , presents new web series. We make all kind of series, don't worry we make it for family. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can watch with no age restrictions. For the last few years there has been a growing interest in ‘Zozo’, the supposed demonic entity that is often times depicted on paranormal reality television shows as having been conjured up using the Ouija or spirit board. Little has been written about Zozo throughout the decades yet the reports range from the 1800s to recent days. People from across the world are claiming to have come in contact with someone, or something calling itself Zozo. What or who is it? We have stared with horror which is based on true story but we have all kind of genre, which will come soon.. Please do like, share, comment and Subscribe our Haunted web series Zozo and Follow us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Zozo is a short movie shot on handheld Cannon Camera and selfie video on a iphone6s mobile. Duration: 7 min 40 Sec Format: Digital Produced by: FOUR Ltd Official episode name: Zozo DOP & Directed by: Kaushal Chaubey Cast: Aishwarrya khanna, Rajvir Chauhan, Kaushal Chaubey and Mahir Hada Production Design: Karan Chadha Art Director: Shashi Singhania Concept and story: Aishwarrya Khanna Dialogue and Written by: Kaushal Chaubey Make up and Hair by: Ishita Singh Stylist: Rocky Frenandis Editor: Kaushal Chaubey Post Production: FOUR film studio Location: Mumbai Business inquires: +919773602951 (Partner) Zozo in India, Zozo, Demonic Zozo, demon zozo, haunted stories, horror stories, horror episodes, haunted episodes, ouija board, ouija board gone wrong, Indian ouija board, haunted, Karnataka, Four Friends, Candle, Horror sounds, Iphone 6s, Selfie, selfie camera, cannon, hand held shoot, Aishwarrya Khanna, Rajvir Chauhan, Kaushal Chaubey, Mahir hada, I am Zozo official film, relalistic horror, based on true story, based on true stories, Top 10 Haunted stories in world, Top 10 haunted stories in India, Zozo in India, Zozo, zozo, zozo, zozo, Contacting Zozo, Zozo gets in contact, Zozo possesion, zozo video, zozo ouija board, zozo demon, zozo demon documentary, zozo ouija, zozo demon caught on tape, zozo attack, zozo caught, zozo demon stories, zozo documentary, zozo devil, zozo encounter, zozo full movie, zozo ghost, zozo ghost adventures, zozo ghost video, zozo gone wrong, zozo ghost adventures full episodes, zozo ghost hunters, zozo house, zozo haunted house, zozo house live, zozo house ghost adventures, zozo haunted house live, zozo in ouija board, zozo in real life #ZOZO #No1Trending #HorrorVideos #ScaryMovie #HauntedStories

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