Doraemon And Dragon Ball....!

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Goku VS Doraemon, who is stronger? Can Doraemon's future gadget defeat Super Saiyan? Poll: ====================== Produced by Doujin Cricle ICETEA: CREDIT Graphic & Story Ken Animation: Inu Vector: Arzchymilitov ====================== CREDIT Dhinas - Battle Kitty Battle Cry ======================

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En esta aventura cabeza de gato y 4 ojos serán armonizados con la hermosa melodía de Dragon Ball. Sígueme en mis redes sociales para que no te pierdas nada: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK PRINCIPAL: FACEBOOK RESPALDO: TWITTER: CONTACTO/PUBLICIDAD ✉️


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หลายคนอาจจะงง ว่าทำไมโดเรม่อนมันโหดจัง -...- อยากให้ไปดู โดเรม่อนเถื่อนมว๊ากๆ ดูนะครับอาจจะดูเวอร์ไปหน่อย จะได้ดูสูสีๆ หน่อยครับมาเจอกับเบจิต้าทั้งที ^^ ลิงค์โดเรม่อนเถื่อนมว๊ากๆ : เพจครับไว้คุยเล่น ^^ :


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On a beautiful day, Doraemon drove a motorbike with the speed exceeding the limit on the Miami Bridge. While Batman was chatting with Superman and Wonder woman, Doraemon drove a motorbike across the street in front of them, the three of them were annoyed at Doraemon's act of breaking the law, Batman didn't sit still and watch him threw shuriken into Doraemon's tire, causing Doraemon to tumble. Doraemon was angry even though he didn't know what happened, but when he saw the bat-shaped shuriken, he immediately remembered that he was wearing a bat-like figure from the street just now, Doraemon used his magic wire. I came out and dazzled Batman, Batman was dragged towards Doraemon and from here Doraemon and Batman continued to fight. FOLLOW Mountain Drunk ! Mountain Drunk Facebook Fanpage: Mountain Drunk Teespring store: Batman vs Doraemon performed by Mountain Drunk. Please don't reup load this video. -Next video : Doraemon vs Nobita : Batman vs Iron Man : Goku vs Doraemon : Iron man vs Doraemon : Superman vs Wukong


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