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Learn how to create epic videos like this: I’ve had the privilege over the past 3 years of traveling the world, working along side Devin Graham and TeamSupertramp. Though I will continue to work with TeamSupertramp from time to time, I am venturing off to explore my potential as a film maker/cinematographer and will begin creating original content for this youtube channel. Thought it is scary leaving behind the security of what I helped build in TeamSupertramp, I know this is the right decision for my personal growth as a film maker and as a human being. I appreciate Devin for getting me this far and everyone who has supported me in my work. if you’d like to support me in my new endeavors, please subscribe to my youtube channel. That having been said, I am officially for hire! Please email me at for business inquiries. This video is a compilation of some of my greatest moments as a cinematographer, and at times director, shooting for DevinSupertramp. All the shots in this reel were either shot by my hand or shot of me. Aerials flown by Cinechopper and Dakota Walbeck. This footage was taken in over 15 different countries over the past 3 years: Australia, New Zealand, UAE (Dubai), Aruba, Iceland, France, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Panama, Canada, Guatemala, Nepal, Turkey, and the USA. I’ve had the experience of doing branding and marketing campaigns with DevinSupertramp as a Second Cinematographer, Head Editor, and at times Director for the following brands: Ford, Mountain Dew, Ubisoft, Champion, Citibank, Turkish Airlines, Panasonic, Bear Naked Granola, Timex and more… Music is called "Heart and Soul" by the amazing Built by Titan Buy the song here: For a list of all the gear I use: CAMERAS USED TO CAPTURE THIS FOOTAGE: RED Dragon in 6K Canon 1DC in 4K Canon 5d Mark 3 in 1080p Gopro Hero 4 Black LENSES USED: Canon 14mm L Series Canon 16-35mm II L Series Canon 24-105mm L Series Canon 70-200mm L Series ALL MOVING SHOTS STABILIZED USING: The Glidecam HD 2000 GoPro Selfie Stick Provided by GoScope: EDITING SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Premiere Pro CC EDITED BY ME ON MY MACBOOK PRO 15 INCH FILTERS USED: B+W 82MM POLARIZER Leave comments below for further questions. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @parkerwalbeck to see what I’m currently working on :) Email me at for business inquiries.

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Steve's How-to & Reviews My PATREON TIP JAR - __ My Main YouTube Channel - Steve's How-to & Reviews Steve's World Concerts - Retro Gaming Channel - My Commodore 64 blog - __ TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Instagram: __ #airfryer #foodreviews, #steverd99

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Hybrid Software - Packz

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Port Royal - Tech Demo Real Time Ray Tracing (RTX) 2019 SUBSCRIBE → subscribe for the latest PS4, Xbox One and PC, Gameplay, Trailers, Walkthrough and Games News.

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noorstudio Character creation demo real 2017 3d artist: ismail pourostad music: Amadeus Mozart instagram:@noorstudio.vfx


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