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Synopsis: Vijay Kumar is an honest Delhi-based Journalist later expose the wrongdoings of two corrupt politicians to help his Keralite girlfriend, Maria Fernandez, is beaten to such an extent that he becomes partly paralyzed is imprisoned. The two politicians, Kendriya Mantri Shankar Babu, and Desbandhu Sharma, ensure everything that Vijay Kumar does not get pardoned. Tortured Vijay Kumar complete his sentence and his girlfriend Maria helps him to start his own publication 'New Delhi Diary'. He uses information and material sent to him exclusively by his ace reporter, Vishwanath. Then the people who had harmed him start dying violent deaths one by one arousing suspicion amongst his staff, as well as his sister, Uma and her boy friend Suresh, who decide to investigate Vijay's background and who the mysterious Vishwanath really is. Starring :Jeetendra, Sumalatha, Mamotty,Raza Murad, Sumalatha,Jagganath Varma, B.Thiagarajan, Devan, Urvashi, Vijayaraghavan, mohan Jose, Siddque, Prathapachandran Directed by : Joshiy, Produced by: M.Sudhakar Reddy, Dr.M.Thirupathi Reddy,Rajeev Kumar Music by: Shyam Genre: Crime,Action,Thriller

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Ratings: 6.2/10 · IMDb Release date: 24 August 2012 Director: Prashant Nair Stars: Victor Banerjee, Vidya Bhushan, Lillete Dubey, Kulbhusan Kharbhanda Music director: Mathias Duplessy Screenplay: Prashant Nair Story: When the money of an idealistic British traveler disappears in a nouveau-riche Delhi household, the staff are given twenty-four hours to replace it or face the consequences. Delhi In A Day is a darkly comedic portrayal of upper-class Delhi society, examining how the haves and the have-nots coexist in the context of the contemporary nouveau-riche Delhi home. facebook: Instagram:

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Boney Kapoor & Zee Studios Presents, Nerkonda Paarvai Starring: Ajith Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Andrea Tariang, Arjun Chidambaram, Adhik Ravichandran, Ashwin Rao, Sujith Shankar, Rangaraj Pandey, Delhi Ganesh, Jeya Prakash, D. Ramachandran, Dinesh P Nair, Kodhanda Raman, Kalpana Sri, Kumara Gurubharan & Mai.Pa. Narayanan Guest Appearance: Vidya Balan & Kalki Koechlin Director: H. Vinoth Produced by Boney Kapoor DOP: Nirav Shah Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja Art Director: K. Kadhir Editor: Gokul Chandran Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan Choreographers: Kalyan & Brindha Costume Designer: R. Poornima Costumer: Perumal Selvam SFX: Hariharan, Synccinemas Audiographer: Rajakrishnan M.R Pro: Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’one Production Team: Jayraj P Pichaiya , Sp. Chockalingam, S. Ganeshan, R.Anbazhagan, E. Suersh Nambiraj Music on Zee Music Company Connect with us -

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New Delhi is a 1987 Malayalam conspiracy thriller film written by Dennis Joseph and directed by Joshiy and produced by Joy Thomas. It stars Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Sumalatha, Urvashi, B. Thyagarajan, Siddique, Vijayaraghavan, Mohan Jose, Devan, and Jagannatha Varma. The film was a BOX OFFICE HIT. Photography :Jayanan Vincent Directed by Joshiy Produced by : Joy Thomas | Jubilee Productions Written : Dennis Joseph Starring : Mammootty | Suresh Gopi | Sumalatha | Thyagarajan | Urvashi | Devan | Vijayaraghavan |Ganeshan others

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Please Subscribe My Channel Plot Delhi Safari[5] is the story of a journey undertaken by a leopard cub, his mother, a monkey, a bear and a parrot when the forest they live in is on the verge of destruction. Builders have encroached upon their forest and the animals decide to go to Delhi and protest in front of the parliament and ask the parliament some very simple yet pertinent questions they were thinking of– why has man become the most dangerous animal? Doesn't man understand that if the forests and the animals don't co-exist with humans, the balance of the ecosystem will be endangered? The film starts with Yuvraj (or 'Yuvi', for short) (Swini Khara in the Original Hindi Version) saying that he lost his father, Sultan (Sunil Shetty) in the morning, but doesn't want to lose his home at any cost. The film carries a flashback of the morning with Yuvi and Sultan playing in the forest and Sultan teaching self defence to Yuvi while his mother, Begum (Urmila Matondkar) enters. The two mock her for her too much caring attitude towards son that gets Begum angry and she goes. Soon, Begum forgives Sultan and Yuvraj (following a song - her one weakness). However, while coming back, a whole pack of bulldozers come from nowhere and proceed to demolish the surrounding jungle. Begum manages to escape, but Yuvi and Sultan are trapped. The two try to protest bulldozers but land at a site in the forest where they see all the trees missing. In a bid to save Yuvi, Sultan catches Yuvi in his mouth and tosses him to Begum. However, he himself is killed by a human wielding a shotgun, making the whole forest a large enemy of the humans. A talk happens with attendants of all the animals in the area. Many believe that leaving their homes is the only way to survive; however, Bajrangi, a monkey (Govinda), says that he would beat out the wits of those men with his so called "vanarsena” - Marela (Sanjai Mishra) and Bharela (Saurabh Shukla), but Bagga the bear (Boman Irani) advices him to talk to humans and Bajrangi asks whether there is anyone who knows the language of humans. A white bird, seemingly a pigeon, Hawa Hawaai (Deepak Dobriyal) pipes up, saying he knows someone who knows both animal and human languages. Yuvi meets the white bird the next day, and asks who is the one he said about. The white bird says the animal he spoke of is Alex (Akshaye Khanna), a parrot who lives with a director, Vikram Khosla. Bajrangi, his "army" of two monkeys, Hawa Hawaai, Bagga and Yuvi go and kidnap the parrot and convince him to go to Delhi with them to talk to the parliament and save their land. Initially refusing, Alex agrees to go to Delhi. Begum, Bagga, Bajrangi and his army board a train to Delhi from Mumbai. After some time Yuvi joins them and Alex refuses to continue until Bajrangi drops his weapons,which he reluctantly does after Bagga hangs him upside down. They then reach Gujarat with guidance of road from Raju, a bat.In Gujarat they meet flamingos and a couple who give them shelter in their homes. One of the flamingos strictly advices them not to cross the banyan tree to avoid the wolf Kaalia (Prem Chopra) and his gang. But Bajrangi goes there and ties Alex using a rope for Kaalia to kill him so that no one can doubt him. Yuvi spots Bajrangi and confronts him but they are spotted by Kaalia. Begum arrives in time to save them. After this incident Alex pretends to have lost his voice. The animals consult a doctor Jadibuti Baba a turtle who advices some ayurvedic medicines of sandalwood, rose, guava to recover Alex's voice, claiming that he has hypertension, stress and high blood pressure. Bajrangi wholeheartedly does the hard work, sometimes himself getting injured. One day he gets to know that Alex was just pretending and chases him leading himself to inadvertently hit a beehive. All the animals run with bees chasing them. A thrilling experience of trains follows after which Bajrangi tells Alex how guilty he feels of thinking to kill him. Alex also realizes how selfish he was and decides to help animals to help them to justice. Begum tells that no one is going to Delhi after listening to a tiger's story of how he only survived death at a human's hands by being a coward and forsaking his old ways; thankfully, following a pep talk and seeing Sultan's spirit and Yuvi who inspires them, Begum changes her mind and with renewed hope, proceeds to Delhi. They finally reach Delhi and tell their message through Alex to the Prime Minister of the country that they want peace between humans and animals and how this young little cub Yuvi inspired all of them to go to Delhi despite all the incidents. In the last scene, it is shown the jungle is saved courtesy of a shared land act (with the area being called the "Sanjay Gandhi National Park-Borivali") and all are happy and settled.The film ends with all animals settled in the Jungle with Yuvi seeing his father's spirit and Begum together happy and Yuvi smiling.


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