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✽ Connecting with You ✽ Original music & lyrics: Watch it on NicoNicoDouga: Vocal: Da-little nero nqrse ぱなまん EVO+ Mes ちょまいよ 鎖那 ココル Acoustic & Electric Guitar:海賊王 Bass:drm Mix:むつえもん Illustration:Rella Movie:omu

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「歌おう」[Sing] Vocaloid ver.→ 【ニコニコラボ】Connecting【Vocalist】[Niconicollabo] Vocalist:halyosy・りぶ・そらる・ろん・KK・れをる・しゃけみー・弟の姉 [halyosy, Rib, Soraru, Lon, KK, Reol, Shakemii, OtoutoNoAne] Music, Lyrics & Arrangement:halyosy Guitar:[TEST] Bass:mao Sanshin:530 Illust:△○□× Movie:べて English Lyrics Editing & Translation:Mes Instrumental Data: 2014.12.10 Release『Upload feat.Vocalist(sm24955610)』収録曲 HP: LIVE DAMでカラオケ配信決定! [Karaoke in the delivery] Connecting / halyosy feat.Vocalists(リクエストNo.5947-10) 期間限定でミュージッククリップでも歌えます!12/22~順次対応(地域により異なります)

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Original 作詞曲編:halyosy Gt:[TEST] mylist/2779693 Ba:mao mylist/14134845 三線:530 mylist/19148727 ______________________________________________________ Lyrics! Bilibili: NND: Organizer/Mix: あるる/Aruvn @itsaruvn Video: saint ♔ @saintluki Illustration: Jasmine (Viatasi) Lyrics: Kaname, Michael, JoyDreamer Vocals Noki Kaname JoyDreamer Takara Edward Tre Aruvn Here Zeru ______________________________________________________ I hope you enjoyed this cover! Thank you so much! It is a very special song~ Please share it with others!

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Published on 20 July 2018 It took one month to finish it. So were we go guys for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang special music video (anime version) .The original song is not owned by us. We have provided the link to the recourse below our description. And Hope u guys enjoy . Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE for more up-coming videos. Leave a comment Teehee~ Characters included- Freya, Clint, Alucard, Hayabusa, Lesley, Layla, Estes and Gusion Let us know your suggestion for the next video 🤗 #MLBB #mobilelegends #mobilelegendsbangbang #mgl Follow us at- ☆Instagram- ☆Facebook- Music- Connecting _A song for you

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Connecting ✽ A Song for You [Korea SubTitle] ★※ 자막만 추가하여 업로드 하는 동영상에는 수익창출 기능을 사용하지 않습니다. ※★ ※ Comment ※ 자막 문제로 재랜더링만 3번째, 프로젝트 갈아엎기만 2번째네요. ※ 각 출처 ※ 영상제작 - Simple Korea 일러스트레이터 - Rella 가사 - SiroButa [buta18] Connecting ✽ A Song for You - onlymes YouTube : 니코동 : Original music & lyrics

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