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Channel Title : Robert Miles

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(C) 1996 Deconstruction/BMG. Under exclusive licence from 'DBX Records' Italy. Written, Arranged & Produced by Roberto Concina aka Robert Miles. Read more about this track here:

Channel Title : Takuya Okada

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↓We have a latest film,TOKYO COSMO. トライデントコンピュータ専門学校グループ制作。 Trident Computer College of Information Technorogy CGアーティスト 岡田拓也 宮内貴広 井筒臣喜 近藤天万里 Email

Channel Title : Vlad and Nikita

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Kids have fun playing cop and racer. Mom and kids play ice cream shop. Children pretend to play in a sushi cafe. Fun game stories with Vlad, Nikita and mama on the play center for children Please Subscribe! More videos Vlad and Nikita Website - Vlad and Nikita on Facebook - VLAD Instagram - NIKITA Instagram - Subscribe to CHANNEL -

Channel Title : Bob The Train - Nursery Rhymes & Cartoons for Kids

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Hello toddlers, Bob The Train is here to make your learning time easy and fun with these playful toys. Click on the link to explore the toys now! - Hey kids, watch this fun live nursery rhymes cartoons on Bob The Train. This live compilation has all of your favorite nursery rhymes such as Five little Babies, The Wheels on the bus and many more. Download our App: Bob the Train (Android & iOS) : JellyFish Adventures (Android & iOS) : KIDS FIRST - Kids Videos & Nursery Rhymes | Free App Download: VISIT OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE : WATCH KIDS TV VIDEOS ON OUR WEBSITE : ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ============================================

Channel Title : Blippi Toys

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Blippi learns at the children's museum while he is creative. Play at the play place with Blippi while you learn to count and learn colors and how to be creative. Paint in the creative room with Blippi at the children's museum and play in the water room and get wet! Blippi toys makes fun educational videos for toddlers. Be sure to subscribe to Blippi at Full Blippi Toys educational videos for toddlers playlist Watch another Blippitoys childrens museum and play place video:

Channel Title : Blippi Toys

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Blippi explores the fire station and fire trucks for children. In this Blippi video there is the Blippi Fire Truck Song for Kids. Blippi makes educational videos for toddlers and in this fun fire truck video for toddlers your child will learn all about fire fighters, fire trucks, ambulances, and more! The Blippi video of fire trucks for children and ambulances for children is a fun way for children to learn with Blippi. Be sure to subscribe to Blippi toys at Full Blippi Toys playlist: Thanks to Bellevue Fire Station for making this Blippi video possible! If your child likes fire trucks, ambulances, construction trucks for kids, tractors for children, and things like that... Be sure to check out more Blippi videos and Blippi songs!

Channel Title : Hazel Rabbit & Friends - Kids' Songs

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Welcome to Hazel Rabbit & Friends! Kids' songs, educational videos for children, toddlers and babies ; Nursery rhymes & everything about children's music - The Hazel Rabbit YouTube channel is what you need! *The Wheels on the Bus *Old MacDonald Had a Farm *Twinkle Twinkle Little Star *Wheels on The Bus *Five Little Monkeys *Alphabet Song *And many more music videos for kids to discover here on Hazel Rabbit ! Feel free to give us a like if you enjoy our new nursery rhymes :) Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Google+ : YouTube :

Channel Title : Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

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Hi Kids! Watch this ABC Phonics Nursery Rhymes Collection by Little Treehouse! We hope you enjoy watching this animation as much as we did making it for you! This kids songs collection is great for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and lots more. Happy Learning! 🌈 Parents! Download our latest kids songs compilations here: 🌈 Subscribe for free now to get notified about new videos - 🌈 If you enjoyed this collection, you may also like these compilations: ☀️ We’re going to the Zoo! ☀️ Five Little Speckled Frogs: ☀️ The Numbers Songg: ☀️ The Shapes song: ☀️ Down by the Bay: ☀️ Happy Birthday Song: ☀️ Star Light Star Bright: ☀️ Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me! ☀️ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: ☀️ Diddle Diddle Dumpling: ☀️ One Potato Two Potatoes ☀️ Jack be Nimble: ☀️ This Little piggy: ☀️ Three Little Kittens: ☀️ Little Bo Peep: ☀️ Five Little Ducks: ☀️ Ten in the Bed: ☀️ Ten Green Bottles: ☀️ Hey Diddle Diddle: ☀️ Ding Dong Bell : ☀️ The Farmer in the Dell: Little Treehouse™ is a channel of 3D animated nursery rhymes created for young children, ages 1 to 4. We hope you enjoy this cartoon nursery rhymes collection! ************************************************************** Nursery rhymes / baby songs / kids songs accelerate phonemic awareness improving children's word comprehension, reading and writing skills. Rhymes for children with actions teach children basic skills; boosts memory, listening skills and ability to follow directions. This song is great for brain breaks, indoor recess and literacy awareness. Toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten aged children will laugh with joy as they participate in this super simple, easy to learn, nursery rhyme song that makes learning fun and exciting. Also great for esl and efl. Little Treehouse is a one stop shop for preschoolers to engage in a fun 3D animated learning experience with our little treehouse inhabitants, whom we adoringly call Treebies. The main focus of this channel is to help teach your little ones about the basics: 1. Rhymes for Children (Logic, music) 2. Shapes 3. Colours 4. Numbers 5. Letters 6. Fables and original stories 7. Lullabies .... and much much more! New content is uploaded weekly. We hope you like our content but are always happy to hear from you on how we can improve and what you'd like to see in the pipeline! You can contact us through the various social media channels listed below. If you enjoy our content, don't forget to support us and subscribe :) Find Little Treehouse on: Web: Web: G+ : SUBSCRIBE: © USP Studios Private Limited

Channel Title : Animals Rhymes

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Animals Train Video For Kids Wild Animals Cartoons For Children Domestic Animals For Babies

Channel Title : Junior Squad - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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Hey Kids! Welcome to the wonderful world of Junior Squad. In this video above you kids will find a lot of your most favourite nursery rhymes and kids songs. So don't wait any longer kids! Simply play the video above and have fun with your friends from Junior Squad. © 2017 USP Studios Private Limited ====================================================== Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ======================================================

Channel Title : Blippi Toys

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Blippi brings you inside the Glazer Children's Museum to learn colors and more! This play place is fun for children and Blippi makes it educational. For more educational videos for toddlers watch more Blippi at Be sure to subscribe to Blippi Your child will not only learn colors with Blippi in this video they will also learn numbers and learn shapes!

Channel Title : ABCkidTV Misa

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Kids have fun playing Indoor playground at play center

Channel Title : All Babies Channel - 3D Nursery Rhymes For Babies

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Bath Song 🔴LIVE - Christmas Morning Routine and more Nursery Rhymes For Children by All Babies Channel Click here to watch our 3D rhymes: Click here for more Kids Songs: For more Nursery Rhymes SUBSCRIBE: About Our Channel: AllBabiesChannel is a cheerful destination with colorful animation for all the happy babies of the world! Specially designed for kids as they explore the World of the Classic English songs, Phonics Songs, Lullabies and more! Join us and meet, Elphie the Elephant, Tim the Monkey, Leo the Lion and Pego the Pig from All Babies Channel!

Channel Title : Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories

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Watch amazing Animated Fairy Tales playlist including Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, , Sleeping Beauty, Snow White Rapunzel, The Gingerbread Man and many more - About: The Gingerbread Man (also known as The Gingerbread Boy or The Gingerbread Runner) is a fairy tale about a gingerbread man's escape from various pursuers and his eventual demise between the jaws of a fox. *wikipedia* The Story: Once upon a time, an old woman and her husband lived alone in a little old house. The couple had no children, and being lonely, the woman decided to make a boy of gingerbread. She carefully mixed the batter, rolled out the dough, and cut out out a very nice gingerbread man. She added sugar icing for his hair, mouth, and clothes, and she used candy chips for buttons and eyes. What a fine looking gingerbread man he was! The old woman put him in the oven to bake. After he was fully done, she slowly opened the oven door. Up jumped the gingerbread man, and he ran out the door saying,"Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me! I'm the Gingerbread Man!" The old woman and the old man ran after him, but they could not catch him. #gingerbreadman #thegingerbreadman #gingerbreadmanfullmovie #gingerbreadmanfairytales Subscribe our channel For More Videos: Like Us on Facebook: Connect with us on G+: Tweet us your favourite videos on: Visit our official website: Connect on iTunes: Pintrest:

Channel Title : Super Kids Games

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Super Kids Games Live – Colors for Children to Learn with Street Vehicles Color Cars for Kids – #ColorsforChildren to Learn with | Learn Colors, Street Vehicles, Hot Wheels Tracks, Vehicle Parking Videos, Learn Vehicle Sounds #LearnColors and Street Vehicles Names and Sounds, Learning Video For Toddlers #youtubelive #youtubekids #kidslearningcolors Thanks for watching Please Like! & Subscribe For more Updates and Videos Subscribe to us : Follow Us In Other Social Sites: Official Site: Blogger: Pinterest: Instagram: Twitter: Fb: G+: Songs & Sound Effects from:-

Channel Title : Farmees - Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs

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Farmees is a nursery rhymes channel for kindergarten children.These kids songs are great for learning alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors and lot more. We are a one stop shop for your children to learn nursery rhymes. Subscribe to our channel and be the first to watch our latest fun kids learning animations! 🌈 Hello toddlers, Bob The Train is here to make your learning time easy and fun with these playful toys. Click on the link to explore the toys now! - 🌈 Subscribe for free now to get notified about new videos - Farmees Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs - If you enjoyed this collection, you may also like these compilations: ⭐️Ten In The Bed - ⭐️Wheels On The Bus - ⭐️Rig A Jig Jig - ⭐️If You Are Happy : ⭐️The Wheels On The Bus - ⭐️Old MacDonald Had A Farm - ⭐️Humpty Dumpty - ⭐️Five Little Ducks - ⭐️Wheels On The Bus - ⭐️Animal Sound Song - ⭐️Jingle Bells Jingle Bells - ⭐️Wheels On The Bus Songs - ⭐️Five Little Monkeys - ⭐️Purple Wheels On The Bus - Nursery rhymes and kid’s songs accelerate phonetic awareness improving children's word comprehension, reading and writing skills. These rhymes for children help teach basic skills and improves their ability to comprehend and follow directions. We hope you’re having a fun time with all your friends here at Farmees. If you enjoyed watching this video then check out our channel for many more interesting and fun learning videos for kids. If you’re still reading this far, we know you enjoy our animations but are always happy to hear from you on how we can improve and what you'd like to see in the pipeline! If you enjoy our content, don't forget to support us and subscribe here: Find Farmees on: Facebook: Web: G+ : Play Store: App Store: Bob the Train (Android & iOS) : JellyFish Adventures (Android & iOS) : © 2017 USP Studios Private Limited ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ============================================

Channel Title : Super Kids Toys

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Super Kids Toys Live : Colors for Kids to Learn with Street Vehicles 3D Toy Racing Cars Bullet Train Super Kids Toys Live : Learning Shapes & Colors for Children with Street Vehicles Toys racing Cars - Sound Effects from:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Here : And Follow Us In Other Social Sites.. Official Site: Face Book: G+ : Blog: Tumblr: Twitter: pinterest: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Kidslivevideo #Racingcars #Colorsforchildren

Channel Title : Lo Lo Kids

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Fun Outdoor Playground for kids | Entertainment for Children Play Center

Channel Title : Maha Cartoon Tv

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Watch Short and motivational Panchatantra Story named "The stubborn Jaguar". In this Cartoon you'll see a stubborn Jaguar who didn't listen to it's parents. Watch till the end to see what lesson it got in return of it. Hindi kahaniya cartoon is very famous in children's which give very good moral, these animated panchatantra stories (Kahani) are very popular among the children because it is very simple, meaningful interesting, inspirational with funny characters' which are latest and best in the class, these stories contains amazing, cute small and big popular animals. Panchatantra stories are very simple, rochak, old and entertaining which you can watch for free on YouTube Maha Cartoon TV Channel, It’s very easy, best and real examples to teach your children thru cartooning in Hindi and Urdu Language. You can say its bedtime nursery stories with morality (जिद्दी जैगुआर). Subscribe Maha Cartoon TV, the leading Kids Entertainment channel of India and do like, share, and comment below! Watch the full series of, "पंचतंत्र की कहानियाँ" Follow us on social:- YouTube ► LinkedIn ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Pinterest ► Instagram ► G+ ► Tumblr ► Watch More...... मूषक गुनगुन सुपर निजास कुंग फू ड्रैगन प्लेंटीमोन बाली बाल चाणक्य सीको से सीखो पप्पू फनी जोक्स #TheStubbornJaguar #HindiCartoon #MahaCartoonTV

Channel Title : TooniToon TV

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जैसे को तैसा | Tit for Tat story in Hindi | Hindi Fairy Tales | Kahani | Story in Hindi | Fairy Tales in Hindi | Story in Hindi | Fairy Tales | Story | Hindi Fairy Tales | ToonitoonTV. Category : Baccho ki kahani | Fairy tales in Hindi | Hindi fairy Tales | Yeh hai hindi kahani baccho ki. Moral Stories in Hindi For Children

Channel Title : Toys Pudding

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Learn Colors for Children Body Paint Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes Learning Kids Video Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE : More Playlist from Toys Pudding: Learn Colors for children - Colours for kids to Learn Learn Colors Kinetic Sand For Kids - Colours for children DIY How to make Kinetic Sand - Learn color for kids Learn Colors with Learn colors with JOHNY JOHNY Yes Papa Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids Kinetic sand for Kids - Toys Pudding Music from Youtube Audio Library: - Like , Comments video and Subscribe channel. - Facebook : - Google Plus : - Twitter :

Channel Title : Children of Distance

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Évzáró Nagykoncert BUDAPEST // A38 // DEC 22. JEGYEK: Spotify: Koncertszervezés: Varga Mónika | 0670-772-0773 | Rendezte: Nyári Roland Operatőr: Hőna Dávid (HD Pictures Studio) Utómunka: Somogyi Péter (PN Studio) Smink: Dorogi Ildikó Szereplők: Balavaider Bettina (, Somogyi Péter Szöveg: Ács Róbert, Nyári Roland, Somogyi Péter Zeneszerző: Somogyi Péter Felvétel: Somogyi Péter (PN Studio) Hangszerelés: Somogyi Péter Gitár: Bogár Krisztián Zongora: Jurriaan van Hoffen Keverés/Master: Somogyi Péter (PN Studio) Köszönjük az Anchor-nak a karkötőket, a támogatást és a helyszínt a Duna Residence-nek! Anchor: Duna Residence: Children Instagram: Dalszöveg: Children of Distance - A legszebb csalódásom Refrén: Elsuhannak az évek a fák alatt Tovatűnnek a percek, csak pár maradt. Elmúlt de egy pillanatát se bánom, Te vagy a legszebb csalódásom Horus: Amikor senki nem látott, te észrevettél, Ismered minden hibám de mégis belémszerettél. ...Nem ítélkeztél felettem, csak elfogadtál, és nem kértél többet annál, mint amit velem megkaptál. Nem vagyok jó, mégis elhitted minden szavam, tőlem még soha nem kérted, hogy másnak mutassam magam. Újrakezdtem százszor, mégsem láttam így a célt Egy nyelvet beszélünk mind... de nem mindenki ért. Nekem már nem kell többé semmi más és neked se, bárhol is kössek ki, nincs más aki így szeretne. köszönök mindent és ha véget ér az álom, mindig emlékezz, hogy te voltál a legszebb csalódásom. Refrén: Elsuhannak az évek a fák alatt Tovatűnnek a percek, csak pár maradt. Elmúlt de egy pillanatát se bánom, Te vagy a legszebb csalódásom Carp-e: Meddig tart még mondd, amig az ölelésed nem ereszt? Meddig leszek még boldog, hogy átélhettem veled ezt? Meddig kelek úgy fel, hogy nem aggódom mi lesz velem? Meddig fogsz bízni bennem, és tudni, hogy hihetsz nekem? Túl sok kérdés kavarog, talán épp elég ha megélem, Megteszem majd érted azt, amit megtettél te értem, Mi így szerettük meg egymást, és mindent ami vele jár, De nem áll meg a pillanat, hiába kapaszkodom bele már, Ha nem tart örökké, bárhogy fogadtuk meg egymásnak, Ha nem leszek elég bátor, mikor végül meglátlak, Az ölelésed elringat, magával ránt a mélybe, Csak zuhannék tovább, míg a szád a számhoz érne. Refrén: Elsuhannak az évek a fák alatt Tovatűnnek a percek, csak pár maradt. Elmúlt de egy pillanatát se bánom, Te vagy a legszebb csalódásom Shady: A napsugár az ablakon át cirógatja arcom, Behunyt szemmel arra gondolok, mikor átölelsz ha alszom. Ha lemerült a szívem mindig te voltál a töltő és hogy megköszönjem neked ezt, kevés egy emberöltő. Nincs mégegy olyan ember aki így megért és támogat, MI együtt hajszoltuk, a folyton távolodó álmokat. Ha elértük egy kis részét, úgy örültünk mint egy gyerek, Ezt újraélném százszor is bár tudom jól, hogy nem lehet. Arcomba temetett kézzel leplezem, hogy szenvedek Ha kinyitom a szemem reggel, tudom, hogy több kell neked. Megértettem, elfogadtam, jól van ez így, Hiába nincs is annál szebb, ha együtt dobban a szív. Refrén: Elsuhannak az évek a fák alatt Tovatűnnek a percek, csak pár maradt. Elmúlt de egy pillanatát se bánom, Te vagy a legszebb csalódásom

Channel Title : Vlad and Nikita

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Vlad and Nikita Pretend Play with Playhouse for kids Nikita has his own children play house. Vlad liked the Playhouse, but Nikita does not want to play together. Vlad and mama are building a new playhouse for kid. Please Subscribe! More videos Vlad and Nikita Website - Vlad and Nikita on Facebook - VLAD Instagram - NIKITA Instagram - Subscribe to CHANNEL -

Channel Title : BBGro

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Published Date : 2018-08-28T07:13:21.000Z

Tisha just washed his children's sports car, but suddenly it began to rain. The car skidded and it got stuck in the ground. Tisha is calling Danya for help. Danya on the children's quadBike helps Tisha. We must again wash the car ... Fun video about cars for children. Канал моего брата: Instagram ДАНИ: Instagram ТИШИ: Instagram МАМЫ:

Channel Title : Cleo & Cuquin - English

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• Subscribe: • WEB: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: QUEEN OF THE OCEAN - LYRICS I´m the queen of all the oceans Here I am for you to see I lost my hanky without notion Who will bring it back to me Little hanky, Little hanky I don´t know where you can be Tucked up nicely in my pocket That´s the place where you should be 1,2,3, He who finds it will be my King I´m the queen of all the oceans Here I am for you to see I lost my hanky without notion Who will bring it back to me Little hanky, Little hanky I don´t know where you can be Tucked up nicely in my pocket That´s the place where you should be 1,2,3, He who finds it will be my King Based on the classic Familia Telerín cartoon, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon's top-rated preschool channel, will start to air Cleo & Cuquin weekdays at 2:30pm, 2:40pm and 2:50pm (ET/PT) from Monday 22nd January 2018! Cleo and Cuquín is a fun-filled series about the adventures of Cleo, Cuquín and their siblings. Together they will face minor daily conflicts that they will resolve through play, by playing at being something: gardener, journalist, ship’s captain... and at the end of each adventure Cleo will be really happy because she will have discovered something very important: what she wants to be when she grows up. Or at least for that day! If you enjoyed Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, Dora The will love Cleo & Cuquin! Welcome to Cleo&Cuquin English official channel, were you'll find the best children's songs and educational content for the whole family to enjoy, babies and kids included! 'Familia Telerin' is a brand that has left a deep mark in the collective memory in Spain, México and Latin America. The fondly remembered "Vamos a la cama" (Let's go to bed) started to be broadcasted on Televisa (Canal 2) on a daily basis in the '70s and went on for over a decade. Today, the famous cartoon strip that sent two generations of kids to bed comes back renewed and designed in 3D to be broadcasted on Televisa's Canal 2 and Canal 5. These were the main reasons that encouraged Anima Kitchent to get on board with this new adventure hand in hand with the Moro family - creators of the "Vamos a la cama" cartoon strip. Cleo, Cuquin, Pelusin, Maripi, Colitas and Tete sing popular songs for kids in children's educational videos good for having fun and learning. Subscribe! ***************************** Original Song: Musical Adaptation: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías Lyrics Adaptation: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías ***************************** #cleoandcuquin #cleoandcuquinenglish

Channel Title : Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

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ABC Song and Alphabet Song Ultimate kids songs and baby songs Collection with 13 entertaining "English abcd songs" and 26 a to z fun Alphabet episodes, phonics, and games for children, kids, kindergarten, and toddlers. Learn English Alphabet in 50 minutes. Check out our other educational videos and songs that are directed toward little minds! Lyrics : ABC kid TV Hi Everyone, Let's learn the alphabet with so many fun ABC songs and so many fun ABC games and stories with so many friends from all over the world. Let's go! Follow me! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now we learned all the letters. Let's sing all the abc songs one more time. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now I know my ABC's Next time won't you sing with me? Get our latest songs for children by subscribing to our channel, and let us know what your favorite kids songs are! Now we learned all the letters. Let's sing all the abc songs one more time. Hi everyone! Please enjoy our new video which is a 50 minute collection of ABC songs and videos that explores the alphabet in exciting and diverse ways! There are 13 different ABC songs for children that are entertaining, educational and engaging. All of our songs invite your child to sing, dance and learn as they explore the alphabet with fun characters, dancing letters and animals! There are also 26 fun ABC stories and games that explore each letter individually! Please share our new video with your friends! List of the Songs in the video A: “Surprise Symphony” Joseph Hayden B: “Variations (Twinkle Twinkle)” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart C: “Turkish March” Ludwig van Beethoven D: “Toy Symphony” Leopold Mozart E: “Air on G String” Johann Sebastian Bach F: “Op39. No8.” P.I. Tchaikovsky G: “Emperor Waltz” Johann Strauss, Jr. H: “Dance of Hours” Amilcare Ponchielli I: “Gavotte” Francois Gossec J: “Sailing” Macks J: “Pop goes the weasel” Traditional K: Mexican folk song L: “Symphony No. 5” Ludwig van Beethoven L: “Light Cavalry” Franz von Suppe M: “Turkish March” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart N: “From the New World” Antonin Dvorak O: “Lullaby” Johannes Brahms P: “The Happy Farmer” Robert Schumann Q: “Trumpet Tune & Air” Henry Purcell R: “Waltz for Piano Op.18” Fryderyk Chopin S: “Spring from the Four Seasons” Antonio Vivaldi T: “The Entertainer” Scott Joplin U: “Pizzicato-Polka” Johann Strauss, Jr. V: “Can Can” Jacques Offenbach W: “on the Beautiful Blue Danube” Johann Strauss, Jr. Y: “Minuet, BWV Anh.114” Johann Sebastian Bach Z: “Nut-cracker” P.I. Tchaikovsky SUBSCRIBE: WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:

Channel Title : LooLoo Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs

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You're watching "Three Little Kittens", a super fun compilation with the best animated nursery rhymes for kids! 🔽 You can buy this video here: Subscribe to our channel because new videos are uploaded every week! 👍 Follow us on Facebook for new updates! 🐦 Tweet to us! We are always happy to hear from you! Please share your feedback on our nursery rhymes in the comments or through our social media! 🎵 Go to your favorite song by selecting a title below! 🎵 0:00 Three Little Kittens 2:21 Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary 3:55 Let's Play Together 4:54 Polly Put the Kettle On 6:43 Old MacDonald Had a Farm 8:02 Five Little Monkeys 10:15 The Farmer in the Dell 12:13 Baa, Baa, Black Sheep 13:23 A-Tisket, A-Tasket 15:05 Animal Sounds 16:49 Two Little Dickie Birds 18:37 Mary Had a Little Lamb 20:46 Five Little Speckled Frogs 23:01 Skip to My Lou 24:33 Rig-a-Jig-Jig 26:08 One Little Finger 28:32 Jack and Jill 31:03 Once I Caught a Fish Alive 33:02 Cock-a-Doodle-Doo 34:27 A Ram Sam Sam 37:05 One, Two, Buckle My Shoe 38:03 Number Song 39:59 Hot Cross Buns 41:15 Round the Mulberry Bush 42:50 Incy Wincy Spider 44:29 One Potato, Two Potatoes 46:11 Little Bo-Peep 47:49 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat 49:20 Sleeping Bunnies 51:11 Five Little Ducks 53:02 Wake Up, Pinky Pig! 54:18 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 55:45 Drawing Song 57:08 London Bridge Is Falling Down 58:50 This Little Piggy Three Little Kittens Lyrics Three little kittens, They lost their mittens, And they began to cry, "Oh, mother dear, We sadly fear Our mittens we have lost." "What?! Lost your mittens, You naughty kittens! Then you shall have no pie." "Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow. We shall have no pie!" Three little kittens, They found their mittens, And they began to cry, "Oh, mother dear, See here, see here, Our mittens we have found." "What?! Found your mittens, You darling kittens! Then you shall have some pie." "Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow. We shall have some pie" Three little kittens, Put on their mittens, And soon ate up the pie; "Oh, mother dear, We greatly fear Our mittens we have soiled." "What?! Soiled your mittens, You naughty kittens!" They began to sigh, "Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow." Our mittens we have soiled." Three little kittens, They washed their mittens, And hung them out to dry; "Oh mother dear, Look here, look here, Our mittens we have washed." "What?! Washed your mittens, You're such good kittens. I smell a rat close by!" "Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow." We smell a rat close by!" 🎵 Watch the LooLoo Kids Playlist: 🎵 Enjoy other LooLoo Kids nursery rhymes: Row, Row, Row Your Boat Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Hush Little Baby The Wheels On The Bus Incy Wincy Spider Five Little Ducks Humpty Dumpty BINGO Three Little Kittens The ABC Song Five Little Monkeys The Finger Family Old MacDonald Had A Farm If You're Happy And You Know It Enjoy educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by experts in children's education! Nursery rhymes in English, canciones en inglés para niños, barnvisorna på engelska, Músicas em inglês para crianças, Gyerekzene, Kinderlieder in Englisch, 英文兒歌, Písničky v angličtině, أناشيد أطفال باللغة الإنجليزية, अंग्रेजी में नर्सरी कविताएं, Comptines en anglais, Lagu-lagu anak berbahasa Inggeris, Musik Untuk Anak, Barnerim på engelsk, Canzoni per bambini in inglese, Engelse kinderliedjes, Piosenki dla dzieci po angielsku, เพลงภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับเด็ก #loolookids #looloonurseryrhymes #loolookids #looloocartoons #looloonurseryrhymes

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Wilson v. Felix/Brown: Soon after her son tragically died, 11 women claimed to have kids fathered by the plaintiff's son. This Tampa, FL woman brings 2 of them to court to prove that her son did not father these children. Subscribe: Follow Paternity Court on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @PaternityCourtTV Follow MGM Television on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @MGM_Television Deceased Man May Have Fathered 11 Children (Full Episode) | Paternity Court Season 4, Episode 98 #PaternityCourt #LaurenLake

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We are back at the abandoned children's hospital in Berlin, Germany. But this time, we venture into the lower levels and the creepy basement of the abandoned hospital to perform a paranormal investigation. Known as Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee, this hospital hides in plain sight in the middle of Berlin. The abandoned children's hospital spans over a vast amount of land, barely concealed by a penetrable metal fence. Learn more about this creepy hospital: Watch part 1: Subscribe to Amy's Crypt: Follow Amy's Crypt on social: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Find Chanae on Instagram: Get your own ghost hunting equipment (affiliate link): Download the GhostTube App: Music: Backwards Souls Sound by Mike Koenig: Music: Track Name: Desolation Reverse Bowl Remix by Kyster is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Source: License: #AmysCrypt #ParanormalInvestigation #AbandonedHospital

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Kids Animal Family Live : Learn Zoo Animals | Forest Animals Names For Kids Children At The Zoo Farm & Barn Animals Fun Play - Learn Farm Animals Names for Kids Children Cartoon Educational #animalsforkids #farmanimals #barnanimals animals,for kids,learn,educational,animals for children,animals for kids,fun,animal,learning,learn animal names,videos for kids,toys for kids,wild animals,zoo animals,kids play,animals toys,toddlers,preschool,pretend,kids videos,animals names and sounds,kids,animals video,funny animals,cartoon animals,funny,elephant,buffalo,kids animla family,els,kids ,play,barn animals,barn,farm,farm animals,cow,goat,sheep,pig,cat,dog,hen,chicken,horse Subscribe For More Videos Following Link : Follow Us: G+: Blogger: Tumblr: Pinterest: Instagram: FaceBook:

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Melissa and Artur ride on cars. Melissa's car got stuck in the ground. Artur on the baby's car wrangler helps Melissa. Fun video about cars for children by MelliArt. Hello, Friends! Thank you for watching our video! Please Subscribe to our channel Facebook Instagram All videos with Melissa and Artur: #babycar #cars #children'scar #toycar

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Play Doh MakeUp Learn Color Stop Motion Animations Children's Videos -------------------------------------------------------------- See More : Play Doh MakeUp Cosmetic Stop Motion Animations Videos For Kids Makeup Set Cosmetic Play Doh Learn Color Stop Motion Animations Videos For Kids Play Doh MakeUp Box Learn Color Stop Motion Animations Videos Kids -------------------------------------------------------------- ●SUBSCRIBE: ●GMAIL : -------------------------------------------------------------- #motiontoy #playdohcartoons #stopmotion -------------------------------------------------------------- All videos are animated for this MotionToy Channel. THANKS FOR WATCHING !!! AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

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Thousands of Toys for Sick Kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles! The kids spend the morning filling bags with tons of toys to donate to CHLA. Thank you #ProjectHollywoodHelpers for inviting us to participate! Yesterday's Episode: Thanksgiving, Episode 1: All of our videos are closed captioned and always family friendly. All of our videos are closed captioned and always family friendly. Subscribe to us: Super Cute Ballinger Family Merch! More Chris: Snapchat: ballingerfamily Twitter! BallingerFamily Instagram: ChrisBallinger Facebook: Chris Ballinger & Ballinger Family BallingerFamily More Jessica: Twitter: BallingerMom Instagram: jessicaballinger Snapchat: jbtvsofficial #chla #vlogmas #ballinger #ballingerfamily #family For Business Inquires Contact: Send us stuff! Ballinger Family 2674 East Main Street, Suite E-747 Ventura, CA 93003 PLEASE INCLUDE A STAMPED ADDRESSED RETURN ENVELOPE!!!

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‘Purpose’ Available Everywhere Now! iTunes: Stream & Add To Your Spotify Playlist: Google Play: Amazon: Follow Justin: And sign up to Justin’s newsletter: Snapchat: rickthesizzler PURPOSE : The Movement A Short Film Created by Justin Bieber, Parris Goebel and Scott "Scooter" Braun Director: Parris Goebel Production Companies: SB Projects and Bieber Time Films Executive Producers: Justin Bieber and Scott "Scooter" Braun Producers: Justin Bieber, Scott "Scooter" Braun, Parris Goebel, and Allison Kaye Associate Producer: Cori Weber Shoot Coordinator: Cyndi Dumo Filmed and Edited By: Jose Omar Hernandez Big Thanks: Brett Goebel Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Kyra Aoake Dancers: Giverny Hing, Maddison Barnett, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Sarah Whyte, Houston Murray, Ellise Samuels, Ally Mayerhofler, Siyanna Yarr, Drew Sackfield, Cullen Neale, Isla Potini, Alexandra Page, Frannie Aquino, Azaria Ieriko, Biranna Dixon, Aria Henry, Teesha Siale, Courtney McKay, Isabella Thomas-Edwards, Taimania Pupuke,Sophie De Renzy, Anaya Wakelin, Faolan Okan, MJ Neethling, Jovi Ngo, Henk Tomkins, Irava Upu, Ben Rawnsley, Remy Sutton, Matthew Pule'anga, William Tuarae, Donnell Collins, Brookyln Collins, Ayla Ngaluafe, Quincy Ngaluafe, and Dasha Collins Written By: Justin Bieber, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, Sonny Moore, Brandon Green, and Nico Hartikainen Published By: Bieber Time Publishing | Universal Music (ASCAP), Poo BZ Inc. (ASCAP), Sonny Moore/Copaface (ASCAP), Brandon Green / Maejor Music (ASCAP), and Smile Future / These Are Pulse Songs (BMI). All rights administered by These Are Pulse Songs (BMI) Produced By: Skrillex, BLOOD, Maejor and Nico Stadi ©: 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Koncertszervezés: Varga Mónika | 0670-772-0773 | Rendezte: Somogyi Péter (PN Studio) Alapötlet: Ács Róbert Operatőr: Hőna Dávid (HD Pictures Studio) Utómunka: Somogyi Péter (PN Studio) Smink: Dorogi Ildikó Szöveg: Ács Róbert, Nyári Roland, Somogyi Péter Felvétel: Somogyi Péter (PN Studio) Hangszerelés: Tunna Beatz Keverés/Master: Kovács Norbert (Smithmusix) Szereplők: Balogh Marianna, Ács Róbert, Nyári Roland, Somogyi Péter web: fb.: insta: Dalszöveg: Horus: Ha el akarok bújni is rám talál, Hogy ki az aki régen voltam én nem emlékszem, nem emlékszem már. Vajon te is szerettél, vagy csak bennem égett tűz, Bárhogy is volt, ma már csak egy rossz emléknek tűnsz. Bridge: Amikor az élet nem túl szép, Valamihez ragaszkodnom kell, hogy bírjam Kell, hogy bírjam még. Talán te is lehetnél, vagy csak képzelem, hogy jó, Segíts rajtam kérlek, ha túl nehéz a szó... Túl nehéz a szó. Drop Roli: Nem tettem semmi rosszat, most is csak a vádak. Megbánt minden szavad, de én mégis hazavárlak. Ellöknél a szívedtől, hanyagolnál, mégsem tudsz, Az indulatok hajtanak, de valami mégis visszahúz. A szív dobogja ölelj, az ész mondja, hogy feledj, Csak addig maradj itt mellettem, amíg a nap lemegy, Könnyebb lenne ha éreznéd ami idebentről szól, Kimondom majd neked, csak még túl nehéz a szó. Bridge Drop Robi: Annyi mindent kérdeznék tőled gondolatban, Annyi mindent mondanék, de végleg veszni hagytam, Nem hiszem, hogy valaha újra közös útra lépünk, Amíg búcsúzunk és megölellek, mindent újra élünk, Holnaptól nem leszek más, csak féltve őrzött titok, Ha azt kérem, hogy magyarázd meg, válaszolni ki fog? Ha majd nem lesz többé visszaút, ha végleg elengedlek, Újra mindent megtennék érted, de mégsem szerethetlek Bridge Drop

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ABC Song for Children | Learn Alphabets for Kids with Little Baby Play Elephant Wooden Alphabet Toy Little Baby Learning #abcsong for children to learn #alphabetsforkids with elephant wooden alphabet toys, learn colors, numbers, alphabets for children and all #kidsvideos and educational videos Subscribe Here By Following Below Link : .............................................................................................................. Related Videos : Follow Us In Other Social Sites... Official Site: Blogger: Pinterest: Instagram: Twitter: Fb: G+:

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SHOP FIZZY: Video for Children - Paw Patrol Babies Skye Chase Thanks for watching family and kid friendly videos! Music By: YouTube Audio Library Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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♡ ToyFAM Subscribe ▶ ♡ ToyFAM. channel that provides fun play time with toys. Learn colors and numbers education for kids and children. Exciting experience will be uploaded everyday. Thanks for visiting our channel and enjoy our video. #Super #Drive #MegaBloks #Mcqueen #kids #kid #toys #toy #children #kidstoys #kidtoy #excavator #baby #kidscar #toycars #tayo #tayothelittlebus #kidsong #FamilyFun #TayoBusRealLife #toyanime #tayocartoon #playground Copyright ⓒ 2016 Mari&K | ToyFAM (Creator YJYS) All Rights Reserved.

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►If you enjoy this, you might enjoy another children music of mine - OCB Relax on Social Media ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● Pinterest: ● Google: ● Website: MUSIC TRACK: City of Happy Ones ALBUM: Beautiful Life DOWNLOAD: iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Cd Baby: CLICK HERE to watch the original version IMAGE: Irisz Agócs If you want to license these tracks for use in your own projects, then please visit: © 2014 All Right Reserved. More tags, relax, relaxing, relaxing sounds, relax music, relaxation music, musica relax, relaxing music, musica rilassante, background music, anti-stress, wellness, music for studying, music for learning, music for meditation, music to relax, music for background, instrumental music, minecraft music, mental strength, study music, music for homework, spiritual music, ambient music, lounge music, spirit, harmony, feel good, chillout, meditation, slow music, piano music, soothing music, new age music, peaceful music, beautiful music, anti-stress music, sleep music, spiritualismo, zen music, massage music, spa music, enya, soft music, slow music, musica anti-stress, healing music, yoga music, pilates music, chi gong, feng shui, chakra, wellness music, piano music, guitar music, mood music, youtube music, tranquil music, peaceful music, positive, slow background music, musica relax, wonderful music, chill study music, musica chillout, chillout study music, musica de relax, soft instrumental music, best soft music, peaceful tunes, soft tunes, peaceful background music, peace music, positive background music, soothing background music, baby music, soothing music, relaxing study music, guitar music, musica zen, royality free music, slow music instrumental, background music instrumental, slow instrumental music, slow instrumentals, mood music instrumental, sounds of nature, nature sounds, natural sounds, ambient videos, nature videos, nature scenes

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Children's Heart Surgery Fund is Leeds United's chosen charity. The children got a chance to meet their heroes, and walk with them into the pitch. If you thought this video was 🔥 don't forget to subscribe and hit the like 👍 button! Also if you want to get a notification every time we post hit the bell 🛎 button in the top right corner. MOT. ALAW. ⚽️ Get exclusive Leeds United video content first - download the Official App: If you want to keep up with everything Leeds, go check out our other pages

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Build Bridge Blocks Toys For Kids Construction Vehicles Toys for Children | Kids and Toys Our Social Account: Facebook : Google+ : Twitter : Blogger : Pinterest: #toysforkids #constructionvehiclestoys #toycars

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Guest judge Ken Jeong was so inspired by this choir's performance that he gave them his golden buzzer! Watch this children choir's amazing rendition of "How Far I'll Go" » Get The America's Got Talent App: » Subscribe for More: » America's Got Talent: The Champions Premieres Monday, January 7 8/7c on NBC! » Stream Anytime: AMERICA'S GOT TALENT ON SOCIAL Like AGT: Follow AGT: AGT Tumblr: AGT Instagram: In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country. Find America's Got Talent trailers, full episode highlights, previews, promos, clips, and digital exclusives here. NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: Follow NBC: NBC Tumblr: NBC Pinterest: NBC Google+: YouTube: NBC Instagram: ABOUT AMERICA'S GOT TALENT With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search! Voices Of Hope Children's Choir: Inspirational Choir Earns Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2018 America's Got Talent

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Baby Hulk loves milk 💕Superhero Play Doh Stop motion cartoons Sand Snowman Paw Patrol 💕Superhero Play Doh Stop motion videos for kids Elsa & Baby Hulk Ball Playground 💕Play Doh Stop motion videos for children #babygum #dibusYmas #lababymusica

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This Humorous Lalaji Hindi Rhymes for Children comes with a moral message that one should focus on his own work, and not compete with others. For More details visit : Check out our Android Apps :

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Published Date : 2018-12-03T15:01:38.000Z A few months ago, Protective Services officers at Cincinnati Children's requested help from our Marketing & Communications team on a video. They wanted to be part of a lip sync challenge. Police and fire departments and other first responders across the country have been participating in video lip-sync battles, and our officers wanted in on it. But they had an additional spin: They had music talent, parody lyrics and dance moves that they wanted to share with patients and families and with the community. Cincinnati Children's employees stepped up to volunteer with music mixing, vocals, choreography and acting. It gave us a chance to have a little fun around the medical center and get families involved. We invite you to share this video in our social media circles and challenge others to a lip-sync battle of our own. Happy Holidays from Cincinnati Children's!


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