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Channel Title : Back to the Basics 101

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Published Date : 2018-09-29T22:26:00.000Z


Channel Title : Back to the Basics 101

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Five good ideas I’ve seen here recently. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Happy trails Luke

Channel Title : Back to the Basics 101

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Here is the link to the secret fence stretcher weapon. If you order it off of this link I will get a small cut of the overall price. This way you can support our channel. There are a lot of quick tricks that will save you years of time. To make a structurally strong Barbwire fence is vitally important. The foundation stones of a Barbwire fence will make a fence last for years or fall apart in just a few years. Hope you enjoy the video, if you do please leave comments and hit that like button. May the Lord guide and keep you and happy trails. Luke

Channel Title : Back to the Basics 101

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Howdy folks, let me know what you think of these ideas. If you have any experience please let us know in the comments. Happy trails Luke

Channel Title : Back to the Basics 101

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As a correction when I say I deal with one to two million dollars A year,,,, that was an exaggeration on my part and I want to clarify that. Sometimes it feels like a lot more money than it is. The ranch itself is worth quite a bit of money and the cows equipment etc. But I don’t make anywhere near that kind of money just to be very clear. From this January to To the end of April I will be in the North Dakota legislature. It is been a very busy fall and I am very sorry I have not been making consistent videos. Thank you all for your support and your prayers. Happy trails Luke

Channel Title : Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader

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Woodward Villages Back to Basics Day. A full video of the tools and skills needed to build a homestead. Timestamps to each event Homesteading Kickoff 3:32 Kombucha 8:20 Sauerkraut 12:42 Herbs 15:24 Pig Butchering 19:16 Smoke House 28:46 Tallow and Sausage Making 36:06 Blacksmithing 37:44 Tinsmithing 47:36 Horseshoeing 50:33 Woodshop 59:48 Chip Making 1:09:47 More Sauerkraut 1:11:44 Apple Cider Press 1:16:45 Kettle Soup 1:19:22 Earthen Oven 1:19:53 Soup Making 1:22:17 Quilt Making 1:30:42 Seed Saving 1:31:30 Day Wrap-up 1:35:17 Drone Flying 1:36:46 Making Fun of Wranglerstar :) 1:39:13 My homestead daily VLOG new YouTube Homesteaders site :( under construction ): Help support us buy shopping my Amazon affiliate or help by becoming a Dennis Alan Patreon Go here to buy bitcoin My Bitcoin wallet 13BnchDpNN5nUM297CK8NELjNdHLt59tGP


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