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Published Date : 2017-09-11T01:36:18.000Z

Scientists warn that the city will flood with just 3 feet of storm surge.

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Published Date : 2017-11-28T20:38:51.000Z Key things to look out of for on the PMP Exam when it comes to RISK management. Our project management courses are credit eligible for contact hours or professional development units (PDUs). Participants studying for the PMP® exam can claim the contact hours earned to satisfy PMI's eligibility requirements for the PMP® exam. Project managers seeking to maintain their PMP certification can claim the PDUs earned to satisfy PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements. Mission Statement At Praizion Media, our goal is to significantly enhance core competency in project management and equip participants with the necessary tools and skills to hit--the-ground-running in their project work. We are committed to providing clear understanding of the PMBOK® Guide, project management, project management tools, techniques and concepts to participants worldwide. With a mind-set of quality and excellence, we strive to: • Uphold the project management methodology advocated by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). • Present real world project management concepts and examples in an accessible, understandable framework. • Provide PMP® candidates with a mechanism to gauge understanding and preparedness for the PMP® exam. • Reinforce project management sensibility through targetted learning instruction.

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Published Date : 2017-05-23T00:17:38.000Z

Round Rock ISD schools took most of the slots for Top 5 elementary and middle schools.

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Published Date : 2015-06-03T20:29:23.000Z

Plan to build at the 45th Street Flea Market ◂ WPTV NewsChannel 5, Local News Coverage You Can Count On. South Florida, Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast breaking news, weather and traffic. WPTV is South Florida's top-rated television station, covering Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. For more download the WPTV mobile app: iPhone: Android:

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Published Date : 2017-01-11T08:26:25.000Z

The 2017 edition of the Global Risks Report looks at the most significant long-term risks worldwide, drawing on the perspectives of experts and global decision-makers.

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Published Date : 2015-04-02T18:10:09.000Z

Tutorial on estimatig the population affected by SLR. Uses proportional geographic allocation, assuming that proportion of populuation affected is same as proportion of area affected. Uses Census Block data.

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Published Date : 2017-03-03T12:59:09.000Z

So-called ‘no-go zones’ where it's too dangerous to enter without police protection, have become a pivotal problem in Sweden, says Gordon Grattidge, the head of the country's ambulance union. The union boss also said they need special equipment to be able to go with the police into dangerous areas. This equipment includes helmets and body armor while ambulance vehicles must be reinforced. Sweden's police officials say the problem in no-go zones is exaggerated, despite numerous reports about violence and high crime rates in those areas. Gordon Grattidge adds those no-go zones are mainly populated by migrants. READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ Listen to us on Soundcloud: RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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Published Date : 2017-11-02T04:00:44.000Z

People living in the British constituency Hayes and Harlington, in Greater London, will be the most affected by the upcoming Intelligence Revolution. As many as 39.3 percent of jobs in the area could, in the not-so-distant future, be completed by robots and other systems of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a new report. Meanwhile, citizens of Edinburgh South can feel relatively secure in their professional callings. Apparently they're the least at risk with only 21.8 percent of jobs in danger of being automized over the next decade or so. Admittedly, one in five is still rather a lot. The paper was written by UK thinktank Future Advocacy, whose self-declared mission is to "work collaboratively towards the policy changes, business practice changes, and individual behavioural changes that will ensure that AI development is beneficial to all of humanity. "They hope to encourage politicians to do more to get Britain ready for the imminent job upheaval. The researchers came to their conclusions by combining the professional make-up of each British constituency with the results of a recent PwC study into the automatability of different industries. The PwC report found that roughly 30 percent of British jobs (and 38 percent of US jobs) are at high risk of automation. Employees are most at risk if they work in the wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, administrative and support services, or transport and storage. Future Advocacy found that the number of jobs that will be threatened by automation by the early 2030s sits somewhere between 22 percent and 39 percent, depending on the constituency. The regions expected to be most affected are the old industrial heartlands (the Midlands, North England, and industrial centers in Scotland); areas that have already seen high levels of unemployment in recent decades thanks to deindustrialization. Breaking it down further, the report lists the five constituencies most at risk of automation. These are: Hayes and Harlington [39.3 percent], Crawley [37.8 percent], North Warwickshire [37.1 percent], Alyn and Deeside [36.8 percent], Brentford and Isleworth [36.8 percent], . The above constituencies have large populations of people working in the manufacturing, and transport and storage industries. In comparison, the five constituencies least at risk have more people employed in highly skilled occupations and industries, like education and healthcare. These are: Edinburgh South [21.8 percent], Glasgow North [22.2 percent], Liverpool, West Derby [22.3 percent], Oxford East [22.8 percent], Wirral West [22.9 percent], . The study likens the upcoming Intelligence Revolution to the Industrial Revolution, where new technology saw a big shift from manufacturing to service jobs. So far, technology has created more jobs than it's taken, but will this continue?. As the authors pointed out, "[The UK] is well placed to reap great overall economic benefits from the development of AI, but it is not yet clear how those benefits will be shared". Thanks for your watching!... Please Share this video!!... And Don't Forget To Subscribe!!.

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Published Date : 2017-10-23T01:41:21.000Z

The Wine Country wildfires drove home the threat posed by wildland-type fires to urban and suburban areas in the Bay Area. Phil Matier talks with Contra Costa County fire marshal Robert Marshall. (10-22-17)

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Published Date : 2015-05-12T12:52:07.000Z

Excerpt: "Nepal officials and child rights groups say hundreds of thousands of children have been forced into camps since losing their homes in last month’s earthquake and some of them are at risk of exploitation, abuse and even human trafficking." - Headline / link: Children in Nepal earthquake areas feared to be at risk: Related: Another Massive Earthquake Hits Nepal Google Exec Killed in Everest Avalanche Due to Nepal Earthquake Nepal Death Toll Now 2300 As NJ Doctor Now Reported Dead Catch the Bo & Rocko Show, Wednesdays, 10-12 PM EST on Revolution Radio, Studio A: for more updates

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Published Date : 2014-11-29T21:38:41.000Z

This video is part of a story that published online November 28, 2014 and in print November 29, 2014: "From broken homes to a broken system" ( ​​ On Pine Ridge and Rosebud, two of South Dakota's largest Indian reservations, many Native American teenagers find themselves caught between broken homes and a broken justice system.

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Published Date : 2014-07-28T19:58:16.000Z

The Culture at Ralph Bunche is so positive, the media had to come check us out.

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Published Date : 2013-10-28T16:10:47.000Z

Flue too close to the air vent - airvent too close to the extractor vent - extractor vent too close to the flue but this combination never work when they are too close ( Like Cameron - Nick - Ed Miliband situation ) To make things even out of the specification dimensions the rain water pipe is nearly touching the flue pipe. This is a immediately dangerous boiler flue.. installer knew it and left the complete length .. still its no good. If you live in London within M25 and need a boiler service or other plumbing or electrical service, book us by calling 02082008580 / 07974711639, or email . Please visit our Website to see our other services and prices.

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Published Date : 2014-09-07T00:12:09.000Z

A group of local at-risk teenagers spent their Saturday helping our environment.

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Published Date : 2017-10-28T15:24:15.000Z

Like us on Facebook: Visit the website where you can search using a specific term: Connect with Linked In: Inventory Fraud Risks Inventory is often the largest account on many companies’ balance sheets, and auditors often find it difficult to verify the existence and valuation of inventories. As a result, inventory is susceptible to manipulation by managers who want to achieve certain financial reporting objectives. Because it is also usually readily saleable, inventory is also susceptible to misappropriation. Fraudulent Financial Reporting Risk for Inventory Fictitious inventory has been at the center of several major cases of fraudulent financial reporting. Many large companies have varied and extensive inventory in multiple locations, making it relatively easy for the company to add fictitious inventory to accounting records. While auditors are required to verify the existence of physical inventories, audit testing is done on a sample basis, and not all locations with inventory are typically tested. In some cases involving fictitious inventories, auditors informed the client in advance which inventory locations were to be tested. As a result, it was relatively easy for the client to transfer inventories to the locations being tested. Warning Signs of Inventory Fraud Similar to deceptions involving accounts receivable, many potential warning signals or symptoms point to inventory fraud. Analytical procedures are one useful technique for detecting inventory fraud. Analytical Procedures Analytical procedures, especially gross margin percentage and inventory turnover, often help uncover inventory fraud. Fictitious inventory understates cost of goods sold and overstates the gross margin percentage. Fictitious inventory also lowers inventory turnover. Table 10-5 is an example of the effects of fictitious inventory on inventory turnover based on the Crazy Eddie fraud. Note that the gross profit percentage did not signal the existence of fictitious inventories, but the significant decrease in inventory turnover was a sign of fictitious inventories. Purchases and Accounts Payable Fraud Risks Cases of fraudulent financial reporting involving accounts payable are relatively common although less frequent than frauds involving inventory or accounts receivable. The deliberate understatement of accounts payable generally results in an understatement of purchases and cost of goods sold and an overstatement of net income. Significant misappropriations involving purchases can also occur in the form of payments to fictitious vendors, as well as kickbacks and other illegal arrangements with suppliers. Fraudulent Financial Reporting Risk for Accounts Payable Companies may engage in deliberate attempts to understate accounts payable and overstate income. This can be accomplished by not recording accounts payable until the subsequent period or by recording fictitious reductions to accounts payable. All purchases received before the end of the year should be recorded as liabilities. This is relatively easy to verify if the company accounts for prenumbered receiving reports. However, if the receiving reports are not prenumbered or the company deliberately omits receiving reports from the accounting records, it may be difficult for the auditor to verify whether all liabilities have been recorded. In such cases, analytical evidence, such as unusual changes in ratios, may signal that accounts payable are understated. Companies often have complex arrangements with suppliers that result in reductions to accounts payable for advertising credits and other allowances. These arrangements are often not as well documented as acquisition transactions. Some companies have used fictitious reductions to accounts payable to overstate net income. Therefore, auditors should read agreements with suppliers when amounts are material and make sure the financial statements reflect the substance of the agreements. Misappropriations in the Acquisition and Payment Cycle The most common fraud in the acquisitions area is for the perpetrator to issue payments to fictitious vendors and deposit the cash in a fictitious account. These frauds can be prevented by allowing payments to be made only to approved vendors and by carefully scrutinizing documentation supporting the acquisitions by authorized personnel before payments are made. In other misappropriation cases, the accounts payable clerk or other employee steals a check to a legitimate vendor. Documentation related to the purchase is then resubmitted for payment to the vendor. Such fraud can be prevented by canceling supporting documents to prevent their use as support for multiple payments. Other Areas of Fraud Risk

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Published Date : 2013-06-13T23:00:33.000Z

Warwick areas at risk for floods

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Published Date : 2017-04-20T12:44:22.000Z

Originally Aired April 11, 2017 "Increasing Support Systems for High Potential At-Risk Learners in Rural Areas" For more resources on the topic link to, Solutions to the Dropout Crisis airs on the second Tuesday of every month at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time

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Published Date : 2017-03-09T15:49:42.000Z

News video: Drivers and vehicles are once again at risk in Calais and surrounding areas as migrants return, say the FTA

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Published Date : 2016-07-28T19:00:03.000Z

Join Jeff, Zach, Polecat and myself in GTA Online as I try to talk everyone into doing stunts! ►GTA 5 Online Playlist► ►Links To Contact Me► Code Zero Gaming Crew▼ ►TheNorthernAlex - ►Chris (Y0TELEX) - ►FroogleSim - ►Jeff Favignano - ►Polecat324 - ►SteveTheGamer55 - ►Zach Houseknecht - ►Music▼ ♫ 'Turn It Up' by Anikdote ►'Turn It Up' Song: ►Anikdote's SoundCloud: ►Anikdote's Facebook: Found Through▼ ►NCS' YouTube: ►NCS' Soundcloud: ►License/Proof Screenshot:

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Published Date : 2015-01-23T07:37:23.000Z

There are now at least seven measles cases in the Bay Area. In San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda Counties. At lease one of them now tied to Disneyland. Christian Hartnett reports. (1/22/15)

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Published Date : 2017-07-07T20:12:34.000Z

Bass Pro Shops donated a Regency pontoon boat to Miami-based nonprofit Mahogany Youth Corporation, significantly advancing the organization’s ability to introduce thousands of area at-risk children to the outdoors through innovative fishing programs.

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Published Date : 2017-08-09T15:18:31.000Z

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Published Date : 2014-07-14T14:31:54.000Z

This story originally aired on June 22, 2014.

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Published Date : 2017-11-01T23:14:50.000Z

I was able to share at Youth For Tomorrow. It is an organization that helps kids that are recovering from addiction, abuse, or sex trafficking.

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Published Date : 2010-06-15T20:36:33.000Z Greg Wagenblast has seen his share of trouble in the hills surrounding Oakridge. "The whole Oakridge area is considered a community at risk," said Wagenblast, district forester with the Oregon Department of Forestry. Another fire season is fast approaching in western Oregon. In places where rural

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Published Date : 2017-07-02T20:31:27.000Z

Recorded at Red Lodge, Montana on June 16, 2017, the symposium focuses on the state of the ski industry and specifically community ski areas. Introduction by Jamie Schectman - :15 Key Note by Jon Reveal - 5:11 Panel Discussion with Matt Hansen, Carl Kish & Jon Reveal - 47:27 Topics Discussed: Ski Industry Consolidation - 49:22 How Can Small Ski Areas Compete - 55:08 Sustainability Initiatives - 58:47 Climate Change Affects on Ski Area Operations - 1:10:27 Soul and Authenticity - 1:19:31 Attracting Millennials - 1:29:55 Diversity - 1:35:11 Predicting the Future of Small Ski Areas - 1:41:29 Open Questions - 1:49:39

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Published Date : 2014-12-05T15:47:03.000Z

'The 19 Faces of John Howard Ontario’ Campaign is an Ontario wide, awareness building campaign. Beginning Tuesday December 2nd, Giving Tuesday, John Howard Ontario will release one video a day showing people the kind of work we do and the impact we are having in communities across Ontario. To access services or to support our important work please visit us at

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Published Date : 2017-05-22T22:35:51.000Z

Ten high schools, 5 middle schools, and 5 elementary schools were awarded today at Kipp Charter School.

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Published Date : 2017-08-31T01:32:50.000Z

A look at area levees and the risk of flooding

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Published Date : 2014-01-22T14:14:56.000Z

Most college students would consider tackling a double major while playing an intercollegiate sport to be a difficult task to juggle. But for LaGrange College junior Jalen Butler, it's not enough. "In high school, I was just a basketball player, and people kept telling me to broaden my horizons, especially my mother," says the exercise science and political science major from Augusta. "But that was my comfort zone at the time. When I got to LaGrange College, I met a lot of people who pushed me to do even greater things and get more involved. Finally, a light bulb came on for me, and now I have this internal push to want to serve my campus and serve my community."” Jalen has worked as a basketball camp counselor for the past two years at the college's summer athletic camps for area youth. And as part of the Exercise Science program, he served as an intern for the physical education teacher at nearby Hollis Hand Elementary School spring semester his sophomore year. This year, he has continued mentoring by eating lunch weekly at Whitesville Road Elementary School with boys who do not have father figures in their lives. Each Tuesday at the 100 Black Men of LaGrange Prevention Center he and seven of his fellow teammates help eighth- through 12th-grade at-risk youth with their homework. "I've been blessed to have a lot of people throughout my life care about me," says Jalen, who plans to become a college basketball coach after earning a master's degree. “Some kids don't really have anybody, and that just pushes me. Some people have that one person who might say just one sentence that helps make a big difference in their lives. "I just want to be a positive influence on them. If they're playing in a basketball game, I want to be there so they can see my face in the crowd watching them. If they need help with their homework, I give them my phone number so they know they can call me."” Jalen's basketball coaches have taken notice of the mentoring he's done in the lives of local young students and nominated him for the National Association of Basketball Coaches and Allstate Insurance Co.'s Good Works Team. The award recognizes a select group of college basketball student-athletes who have made significant contributions to the greater good of their communities through volunteerism and civic service. Jalen and his coaches recently learned he was named one of 117 male finalists nationwide for the Good Works Award. (Eighty-four female nominees were named through the Women's Basketball Coaches Association as well.) The final roster of 20 award recipients will be unveiled in February. "For Jalen to be nominated for this award shows what type of young man he is,"” says David McGreal, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach and the college's Director of College Access and Admissions. "He is a wonderful example of creating students who aspire to lives of integrity and moral courage, as our college's mission says. He exemplifies the core values of LaGrange College as well."” Jalen also has excelled in the classroom while juggling basketball and volunteering. He won the basketball team's Glen Simpson Academic Award in 2012-13 and was selected to the USA South Academic All Conference Team that same year. He is a contributing researcher in the college's Political Science program, a junior Senate member of the Student Government Association and an active member of the LaGrange College Honor Council, Enactus and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He's also participated in Real Men Read, the Troup County Beautification Project and Stop Hunger Now. "LaGrange College has been a great fit for me, and my growth while I've been here is amazing,"” Jalen says. "I have pushed myself to be the best I can possibly be because I have lofty goals and aspirations for myself, and I know that slacking will not get me there. People have tried to tell me that throughout various parts of my life, but now I get it."”

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Published Date : 2015-08-25T00:37:44.000Z


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Published Date : 2015-05-15T13:58:08.000Z

Jonathan Rolande from tells you how to avoid flood risk areas when moving home. How Do You Avoid A Flood Risk Area When Buying A Property? If you're buying in an area that you have lived in for many of years, of course it's quite easy to see know if there has been flooding in a particular area you'd have probably seen it in the local press. If you're moving to new area, of course it's not quite so simple. So, what you need to do is ask around estate agents and so on; "has the property been affected by flooding", and just keep an eye for things near by that might cause it. That could be proximity to the sea or a local river or something like that, that might make a difference. Your solicitor, when they're instructed, will carry out a flood risk survey which is all done electronically. That will give you the chances, in a very specific number, of the property flooding at any time in the future; over the next one hundred years or so. But really, in the initial stages there is no substitute for asking around, direct to the owner if they're showing you around and ask them his property, or any others in the area, have flooded. That should allow you to go to the next stage. See more here:

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Published Date : 2016-04-26T22:03:12.000Z

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Published Date : 2009-06-23T15:44:13.000Z

The English Heritage organisation says one in seven conservation areas across Britain is at risk of neglect or damaging changes; and has launched a new awareness initiative to redress those concerns.

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Published Date : 2014-01-20T05:23:46.000Z

A short film about a scientific project aimed at enhancing risk analysis capacities for flood, severe wind from tropical cyclones and earthquake in the Greater Metropolitan Manila Area. Manila is one of the world's megacities, and the Greater Metro Manila Area is prone to natural disasters. These events may have devastating consequences for individuals, communities, buildings, infrastructure and economic development. Understanding the risk is essential for implementing Disaster Risk Reduction programs. In partnership with AusAID, Geoscience Australia is providing technical leadership for risk analysis projects in the Asia-Pacific Region. In the Philippines, Geoscience Australia is engaging with Government of the Philippines agencies to deliver the "Enhancing Risk Analysis Capacities for Flood, Tropical Cyclone Severe Wind and Earthquake in the Greater Metro Manila Area" Project.

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Published Date : 2014-07-27T11:44:49.000Z

Flood risk warning to the people of coastal area at Cauvery CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR LATEST NEWS UPDATES

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Published Date : 2015-02-11T13:10:28.000Z

In 2015, GAO introduced a rating system for tracking progress in High Risk areas. See how GAO depicts each area’s rating with its five-pointed star tool. Learn more: Get Transcript: Disclaimer: The U.S. GAO does not promote or endorse any non-Government or commercial content appearing on this page

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Published Date : 2017-09-26T15:39:32.000Z

German elections. Catalonia referendum. NZ elections.

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Published Date : 2012-08-14T23:26:16.000Z

DAYTON -- Thousands of local jobs could be lost soon if a deal isn't reached on the budget.That's what Congressman Mike Turner says. Today, he hosted a community forum on sequestration cuts. Those are cuts to the federal budget that are set to take place at the beginning of 2013.Turner says Defense will take a big hit if Congress doesn't come up with a deal."As the next general months unfold, thousands of jobs are going to be at risk right here in our community," Turner said. "People are going to be starting to receive notices from defense contractors that their jobs might be at risk."Turner says the forum was his effort to get the word out about the possible job cuts.

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Published Date : 2014-05-14T10:24:56.000Z

This wonderful video on transiting pirate infested waters safely with armed guards on-board has been made by Capt. Venkataraman Rajagopal, who was earlier a sailing Master and is now a part of our shore team.

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Published Date : 2016-11-29T02:41:25.000Z

Crash Course 6: Introduction to drowsy driving as a risk factor. Akilla, our Alliance member in New Zealand, has built effective programs on drowsy driving. They address myths and other risk factors and in this webinar they will explain the importance of drowsy driving interventions and present examples interventions that work.

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Published Date : 2017-06-21T16:41:26.000Z

As Tropical Storm Cindy approaches the border of Louisiana and Texas, the risk of flooding and severe thunderstorms will ramp up along the upper Gulf of Mexico coast. People should not just focus on the path of the storm as heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms will extend well out from the center, especially to the east and north of the track. Strong winds aloft are shearing the storm. The winds are causing the swath of heaviest rainfall to focus on the large storm's northeastern quadrantStorm to make landfall in US Cindy has begun to move to the northwest. A gradual turn to the north is expected Wednesday night," according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. "Landfall near the border of Texas and Louisiana is likely early Thursday morning." States of emergency have been declared in Alabama and Louisiana as the risk of flooding continues and the potential for severe weather increases. Deep South at risk for major flooding While minor coastal flooding can occur, the greatest impact from Cindy will be the risk of major fresh water flooding in the Deep South and other parts of the eastern United States. Flooding problems will range from small streams, bayous and urban areas to some of the rivers in the region. Locally heavy rain has been falling on part the South well in advance of Cindy since this past weekend. Some areas have received 4-8 inches of rain from Sunday to midday Wednesday. Areas along a 600-mile-long swath of the Interstate-10 corridor, from Louisiana coast to the Florida Panhandle and western Georgia, will experience the heaviest rainfall and greatest risk of flooding.Total rainfall of 6-12 inches is likely over part of the central Gulf Coast states with locally higher amounts of 15-20 inches possible, due to the slow-moving nature of the storm," Kottlowski said. Cities that could experience flooding problems from the storm include Tallahassee, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Biloxi, Mississippi; and New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, Louisiana. As the storm approaches land, heavy rain with isolated flooding is likely to wrap westward across part of northeastern Texas, including part of the Houston area. Heavy rain and the risk of flooding directly associated with the storm are forecast to extend well inland over the South into this weekend. Tornadoes to be spawned by storm Locally gusty winds with and without thunder could down tree limbs and lead to sporadic power outages near the Gulf Coast. "People along the upper Gulf coast will also need to be vigilant for the risk of a few tornadoes and waterspouts through Thursday," according to AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Richard Schraeger.

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Published Date : 2017-09-08T19:42:15.000Z

PU$$Y STRATS espisode 4 out now: Tired of choosing between low-risk, low-reward and high-risk, high-reward dropping strategies in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? This new strategy has the best of both worlds. It's a tactic that has low risk of early dying, but a high chance of getting some good kills and good gear. It's basically a looting guide with one specific route, but you can use the same strategy in other locations on the map. The strategy relies on dropping at a small compound NEAR a very highly contested loot spot, it could be anywhere such as prison, school, Hospital, or Mansion. Just get a rifle from a nearby building, lie in wait for the "winner" of the highly contested area to show himself, kill him, and take his loot. Even if this specific route doesn't work for you, use the general tactic elsewhere on the map. Check it out and let me know if you like it! See Pablo dressed as Olaf the Snowman at our winter Lan party: My Gaming PC Build: Follow me on twitter to see when I'm streaming next! Thanks for making this video go viral!

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Published Date : 2016-05-18T13:30:07.000Z

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Published Date : 2013-02-21T21:47:52.000Z

A video from Chicago Public Schools details the success that teachers and children have gained while piloting iStartSmart Mobile tablets by Hatch. (Business Wire) Business Wire press release available: