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Hi here is a new video on unexplained science facts. Some amazing unexplained science phenomeno in this video Like, Share and comment this video Follow us twitter.com/kichdy like us @fb.com/kichdy Written & Hosted - Randy Camera - Leku Rakapan Edit - Nagaraj

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நம்ம ஏமாத்திய வைரல் போட்டோக்கள் உண்மை என்ன Here is a video on true stories behind the fake viral photos? Top 10 fake photos that went viral #10fakeviralphotos #viswasam Check out the truth and like the video Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon Hosted by Randy (fb.com/radha manalan) #Youtube #Kichdy #FakevsRealPhotos

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Here is our next video on Top 10 Coolest Jobs of 2018 in world right now. You will work free for these jobs if you get to know about these Luxury Car tester, Youtuber, Condom tester and lot more jobs Like, Share and Comment which jobs you would like to apply for Subscribe to Kichdy Press Bell icon Camera: Raakkappan Cuts: Raakappan Anchor: Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath

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Here is our next sketch tamil standup comedy video Worst Excuses by People. How people give often stupid excuse for being late and so many other things in life Like, Share and Comment Like us @fb.com/kichdy Follow us @twitter.com/kichdy Follow me insta/radha manalan

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மனிதனை மிருகமாக மாற்றிய கொடூர ஆராய்ச்சி Creepiest Experiment in History Hi Friends Welcome To Tamil Pro Gamer YouTube Channel Here I Upload Funny And Interesting Videos If You Like My Videos Like Comments And Share My Videos Do Subscribe My Channel Any Copyrighted Contents In My Videos Contact Me Directly My Facebook Account - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022240682640 Thanks For Watching My Videos Have a Great Day

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Vairamuthuvai Vilasiya andha pen yaaar? Who is this nithyananda disciple ?Is she going to come on Bigg Boss 2? What's happening in Deivamagal and what news on bigg boss 2. Watch out all in the latest idiot box episode of Kichdy Like, Share, Comment Anchor- Randy A Kichdy Production Subscribe us and press bell icon

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Hi here is a must watch video if you are using whatsapp forwards. The video tells you the danger of fake whatsapp forwards and its after effects. share if you want to spread awareness Like, Comment and Subscribe, press bell icon This video is inspired from Dhruv rathee, famous youtuber from Mumbai. Thanks Dhruv rathee for making me this video.

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Ravi Shines Tamil: Secrets of Mahabharat - Hidden facts and Secrets about Mahabharat

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#applenewphone #windows #biggestsecrets ஆப்பிள் , மைக்ரோசாப்ட் |ஒரு மறைக்கப்பட்ட சம்பவம் Apple and Microsoft, the biggest tech giants. But many of you don't the know the biggest secret between them and a huge theft behind their brands. What is the secret?Find out in this video Like, Share and Subscribe Comment your views

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When I was a child, I remember thinking I was rich when I found a $20 bill on the ground because here is the top 5 expensive things in the world that only richest can afford. I quickly turned that bill into Pokémon cards, and was the coolest kid on the playground for all of one day. Unfortunately as you get older, being rich might not be as easy as finding a $20 bill on the ground. How do you know when you are “adult rich”? Perhaps it is that moment where the cashier asks if you want to supersize it, and you answer yes with absolutely no hesitation. Others would say it may be the moment when you stop looking at your bank account before every purchase (hey look! I can afford a slurpee!). Once you have started earning some extra zeroes in your bank account, you may quickly find out that there are different levels of “rich”. You can buy furniture without worrying about it? That’s wonderful, but this is not the type of rich we are talking about. Perhaps you will look at your bank account and realize that there is absolutely no way you can ever go through it. It is then, that you get to start looking at things that may be one of a kind. You stop concerning yourself with flying first class because you own the plane company itself. You truly become rich. This is the stuff of excessive spending, sometimes just for the point of being excessive. When you get to start dropping over 100 million dollars on decorations without thinking about it, you realize that there is nothing of monetary value in this life that you cannot possess. So what do you buy when you absolutely do not need to think about the cost? The short answer is whatever you want. The more enjoyable answer to what do you buy? Well, you are just going to have to read to find out. Hope you enjoyed the video of top 5 expensive things in the world that only richest can afford. The advantage of being super rich, and not just rich, is being able to bling out your entire house with expensive things in the world. That is exactly what jeweler Lam Sai-Wing of Hong Kong did when constructing the most expensive bathroom in the world. The bathroom cost Sai-Wing over $3.5 million. None other than the richest can afford these expensive things. Perhaps fitting for a jeweler, the bathroom consists of over 6,000 gemstones, ranging from sapphire, ruby and amber. Every fixture in the bathroom (bath tub, sinks, toilets and so forth) was also made of gold. As a result, the project also required 380 kilograms of pure gold in order to be completed.

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Top 10 உலகின் மிக பயங்கரமான இடங்கள். Here is the part 2 of most dangerous places in earth. Which one you want to go.Comment below and like the video Subscribe us and press bell icon

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சமீபத்தில் வெளிவந்த தீரன் படம் ஒரு உண்மை கதையை அடிப்படையாக கொண்டு வந்த படம் என்பது நம் எல்லாருக்கும் தெரியும். ஆனால் அந்த உண்மை கதையில் இருக்கும் ஒரிஜினல் வில்லன்கள் யார், அவன் பேர் என்ன, போலீஸ் எப்படி அவனை பிடித்தார்கள் என்று பல சம்பவங்கள் இந்த வீடியோவில் தொகுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது Book Theeran movie tickets using code "LONG LIVE" and click this link to buy favourite movie tickets http://bit.ly/2z8f59c Watch the video fully to know more Like video, Share and Comment Subscribe us Follow us twitter.com/kichdy

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Things we do not know about Japan! ஜப்பான் பற்றி நமக்கு தெரியாத விஷயங்கள்! In this video we are going to see about the unknown facts of Japan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To receive latest interesting videos and current news, just subscribe our Tamil Crowd channel. We hope our channel will surely entertain you. Subscribe : https://goo.gl/4WNSDn Follow us on FB : https://goo.gl/eFBkU8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- இந்த விடியோவை பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் .. வித விதமான தமிழ் வீடியோக்களை தினம் தினம் பார்த்து ரசிக்க எங்கள் தமிழ் சேனல்லை Subscribe செய்ய மறக்காதீர்கள்.. Music Credit: Tobu & Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lXBHD5C8do

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TOP 10 UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT ANDROID IN TAMIL Watch out to know more about the Android Operating system in Tamil, Watch till end to know a surprise fact.. Thanks for Watching this video, Subscribe for More videos. Lets stay connected, Facebook: https://goo.gl/rbfFFR Twitter: https://twitter.com/itamilup Google+: https://goo.gl/CxhZet

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10 Places Dangerous than Bermuda|Part 1. This video tells you some awesome and scary places than bermuda triangle in world. This video has some most dangerous places on earth. If you find this video interesting, like ,share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon Written & Hosted - Randy Camera - Leku Rakapan Edit - Nagaraj

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வாஜ்பாயி | பிஜேபியின் சரித்திர நாயகனா இவர் |Vajpayee Story|Follow Kichdy like / share / subscribe

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This video explains about top 5 rich people facts and how they spend the money like worlds costly coffee, worlds costly pizza, worlds costly, worlds costly omelette, world costly water and golden toilet.

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In terms of geography, demography (the study of populations) and economics, there are a number of ways countries around the world are deemed "the biggest" or "largest" or "most populous" — somewhat arbitrary superlatives to rank countries from first to 196th. Here is the video of 15 biggest countries in the world. When observing landmass, for instance, Russia is the largest country in the world at 6,592,771 square miles with Canada's 3,854,082 square miles placing it well behind Russia in second, and the United States at just under that with 3,717,727 square miles of landmass to its name. However, landmass is not the best way to measure the strength or even size of a country, the gross domestic product — or amount of monetary value it produces and possesses — and the population of the country are much more indicative tools to measure size. Although the land mass owned by many of these countries fluctuate year to year because of new acquisitions or successions, the below list ranks the world's largest countries by land mass according to data from a 2015 report. Russia: 17,075,200 km2 (6,592,771 mi 2) Canada: 9,984,670 km2 (3,854,082 mi2) United States: 9,631,418 km2 (3,717,727 mi2) China: 9,596,960 km2 (3,704,426 mi2) Brazil: 8,511,965 km2 (3,285,618 mi2) Australia: 7,686,850 km2 (2,967,124 mi2) India: 3,287,590 km2 (1,269,009 mi2) Argentina: 2,766,890 km2 (1,068,019 mi2) Kazakhstan: 2,717,300 km2 (1,048,877 mi2) Algeria: 2,381,740 km2 (919,352 mi2) Although landmass is important in terms of geopolitical control, it isn't as important of a factor in determining the strength of a country as population or economy. Also added some more countries in the video.

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This is the story of ayanavaram girl news who had been abused by 18 people. We want sheer justice for the girl and educate parents and kids Like, Share if you care

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Cinema Facts : Tamil Movies Copied from Korean Movies Here is a list of amazing video which has some tamil movies either inspired or copied from various korean movies. Watch out the complete list in this video Like, Comment and Share Subscribe to Kichdy

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Bigg Boss Tamil 2 (Tamil: பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் 2) is the second season of the reality TV show Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan.[1] This season has 16 housemates with 60 cameras.[2] The motto of the second season is to find who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. (நல்லவர் யார் ? கெட்டவர் யார்?)[3] The season commenced on 17 June 2018 and will be for 105 days this time.[4][5] A lavish house set which was used in the first season has been renovated just prior to the commencement of the programme on the outskirts of the Chennai city in the EVP Film City at Chembarambakkam with special features, [6][7] including a jail room to increase the level of punishments to the contestants who commit mistakes. Bigg Boss 2 | Bigg Boss Session 2 Tamil Review | Latest Promo | Morning Masala | Midnight Masala | No Fake Review | bigg boss promo, bigg boss 2, bigg boss tamil, bigg boss season 2, bigg boss 2 promo, bigg boss tamil season 2 promo, bigg boss tamil t, bigg boss tamil promo, bigg boss tamil promo today, bigg boss tamil episodes,Bigg Boss Tamil 29th June Day 12 Midnight Masala Highlights | Vijay Tv Bigg Boss 2,midnight masala highlights Mic used: Boya Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone With 20ft Audio Cable- For DSLRs,Camcorders,Video Cameras And iPhone,Samsung,HTC Smart Phone: https://amzn.to/2KjQmrq Affiliated Links: Apple iPhone X (Silver, 64GB) https://amzn.to/2sYq8jf Honor 7X (Blue, 4GB RAM + 32GB Memory) https://amzn.to/2HIww3K Samsung Galaxy A8+ (Black, 6GB RAM + 64GB Memory) https://amzn.to/2sUQQsY RealMe 1 (Diamond Black, 6+128 GB) https://amzn.to/2sYVR44 Amazon Bestseling Book-The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck-Click below link to check it out: https://amzn.to/2reePTd https://amzn.to/2kiXEgj -Generic Bubble Hut Minions Soft Toy 18 Inch - Yellow https://amzn.to/2J1hf2x -Goreal Minions Toothbrush Holder - Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser https://amzn.to/2LjXhhT -Shoppertize Premium Minion Cartoon Character Printed Supersoft Multipurpose Cartoon Pouches https://amzn.to/2ICmd6m -uelip Classic Printed Minions Company inside Yellow for Tea And Coffee Ceramic Mug 350 ML https://amzn.to/2s23cjp -Buckle Up Minion Contact Lens Case (Random Colors Will Be Sent) https://amzn.to/2IF1hvE -Minion Nylon Multi-Colour School Bag (Age group :8 yrs +)

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குரங்கணி காட்டுத்தீ | Kurangani wild fire | Kolukkumalai குரங்கணி காட்டு தீயில் இவர்கள் சிக்கியது எப்படி? ஒரு காட்டு தீ எப்படி பரவுகிறது ? அனைத்தும் இந்த வீடியோவில் Here is our new video on the reasons and science behind wildfire. What causes and how do we need to prevent. All in this video Like, Share and Comment Subscribe us and press bell icon Like us @fb.com/kichdy Script:Shrinath Anchor: Radha Manalan Camera: Leku Rakapan Edit: Nagaraj, Shrinath,Leku Rakapan Mail to kichdykings@gmail.com

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Here is our new video on controversial reality shows on tv. A complete list and interesting details about these reality shows. Hit Like, Comment your favorite "International reality show" in the comment section. Subscribe to Kichdy and press bell icon Voiceover by : Sindhoori Like us facebook.com/kichdy Follow us @twitter.com/kichdy For business enquiries : kichdykings@gmail.com

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"அந்த"விஷயத்தில் இந்தியர்கள் என்ன ரேங்க் ?Indian Porn What indians watch on porn ? A mindboggling survey done by Pornhub and we have made a video on it Like, Share and comment if you want to know Subscribe Kichdy and press bell icon Written & Hosted - Randy Camera - Leku Rakapan Edit - Leku Rakapan

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தெய்வ மகள் காயத்ரியின் அடுத்த மாஸ்டர் பிளான் இது தான் This is next episode of idiot box. What happened to Gayathri in Deivamagal, Ganga of Nandhini, Semba of Raja rani. Watch all the fun here Like, Share and Comment Subscribe to Us and press bell icon

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Watch-The Most Irritating Things Happen to Air Hostesses || Unknown Facts In Tamil ☛Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Tamil - https://goo.gl/GcWkIw ☛ Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Telugu : https://goo.gl/f2OZUJ ☛ Visit our Official website: http://filmyfocus.com/

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Jallikattu or Eru Thazhuvudhal (Bull Embracing) is a traditional, ancient bull taming sport that is played in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. A massive protest is being held (as we speak) to oppose the ban of Jallikattu sport. This video attempts to explain Jallikattu and the truth behind the tradition and reason behind the sport and politics behind the ban. Almost all of the Jallikattu videos are in Tamil, leaving the non Tamil speaking Indians and non Indians from around the world, out of the loop. This video attempts to shed some light on the tradition and the protest for people who are interested in the proceedings. 'What Is Jallikattu? - Truth Behind The Tradition Explained In English' If you think that this video was effective, share it with your non Tamil speaking friends from around the world to spread the message. If you are interested to know more about this channel, then Northern Diaries Digital Media is an entertainment channel created by Sudharsanan Sampath. Here you can watch video essays, short films, feature films, Top 10 Videos, documentaries, web series and many more. Journal of Things is a weekly video essay series that covers topics from films, politics to science and spirituality. Anything can happen is all I’m saying ;) If you are a reader, then I’ve got a Journal of Things blog for you https://journalofthingsblog.wordpress.com/ Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTdj2y_niVoSwPIdHUGVZA Follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/northerndiariesmedia/ Twitter https://twitter.com/NorthernDiaries Credits: Footages from News 7 Television Channel The History of Hindu India, Part Two: 300-1000 ce Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0kLX2aPgo8 Footages from Wild Films India Music: Soaring Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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Published Date : 2018-02-12T17:32:08.000Z


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Karka Kasadara: JEE Exams (23/02/2016) | Puthiyathalaimurai TV Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Online: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Tamil news updates: http://bit.ly/1O4soYP Visit Puthiya Thalaimurai TV WEBSITE: http://puthiyathalaimurai.tv/ Like Puthiya Thalaimurai TV on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PutiyaTalaimuraimagazine Follow Puthiya Thalaimurai TV TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PTTVOnlineNews WATCH Puthiya Thalaimurai Live TV in ANDROID /IPHONE/ROKU/AMAZON FIRE TV Puthiyathalaimurai Itunes: http://apple.co/1DzjItC Puthiyathalaimurai Android: http://bit.ly/1IlORPC Roku Device app for Smart tv: http://tinyurl.com/j2oz242 Amazon Fire Tv: http://tinyurl.com/jq5txpv About Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Puthiya Thalaimurai TV (Tamil: புதிய தலைமுறை டிவி) is a 24x7 live news channel in Tamil launched on August 24, 2011.Due to its independent editorial stance it became extremely popular in India and abroad within days of its launch and continues to remain so till date.The channel looks at issues through the eyes of the common man and serves as a platform that airs people's views.The editorial policy is built on strong ethics and fair reporting methods that does not favour or oppose any individual, ideology, group, government, organisation or sponsor.The channel’s primary aim is taking unbiased and accurate information to the socially conscious common man.   Besides giving live and current information the channel broadcasts news on sports,  business and international affairs. It also offers a wide array of week end programmes.   The channel is promoted by Chennai based New Gen Media Corporation. The company also publishes popular Tamil magazines- Puthiya Thalaimurai and Kalvi.   The news center is based in Chennai city, supported by a sprawling network of bureaus all over Tamil Nadu. It has a northern hub in the capital Delhi.The channel is proud of its well trained journalists and employs cutting edge technology for news gathering and processing.

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watch- He Is Not Only Prime Minister But Superhero || Unknown Facts Tamil ☛Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Tamil - https://goo.gl/GcWkIw ☛ Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Telugu : https://goo.gl/f2OZUJ ☛ Visit our Official website: http://filmyfocus.com/

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Clear NEET examination by the quality training offered by Axent Academy, the best NEET Coaching centres in Salem. They not only concentrate on improving the score of the student but they also improve the confidence of the student. For More: http://www.axentacademy.com/neet-coaching-centres-in-coimbatore

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Cinema is the favorite recreation for the people. For many people, cinema stars are the favorites than any other people in the world. Cinema has bound the people with a magic spell. Here is the list of the birthplace of your favorite actors and the actresses: Kajal Aggarwal – Mumbai Jyothika – Mumbai Shriya Saran – Dehradoon Samantha – Chennai Priyamani – Bangalore Nayantara- Bangalore Dhansika – Thanjavur Andrea – Chennai Nassar – Chengalpet Madhavan – Jamshedpur Arya – Trikaripur Arvind Akash – Jalandhar Kamal Haasan – Paramakudi Ajith – Secunderabad Subscribe us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/H24x8E Like us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nettv4utamil/ Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Nettv4uTamil +1 us on G+ : https://plus.google.com/+Nettv4uall

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Tamilnadu Student fight against NEET exam for Medical Sheet. அருமையான வாதம்... கேளுங்கள் அம்மா நல்லா கேளுங்கள் நாக்க புடிங்கிகிட்டு சாவுறமாறி கேளுங்க

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Watch- Scientific Reason Behind Wearing Toe Rings || Unknown Facts Tamil ☛Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Tamil - https://goo.gl/GcWkIw ☛ Subscribe To Unknown Facts in Telugu : https://goo.gl/f2OZUJ ☛ Visit our Official website: http://filmyfocus.com/

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Everyone is confused with the term GST and thinking what is GST. So here is the GST complete details and GST implementation in India. With the biggest tax reform set to receive a red carpet welcome in Parliament's Central Hall when the clock strikes midnight on June 30, the Goods and Services Tax will irreversibly impact consumers, traders, businesses as well as the revenue collection machines of the states and the centre. Though the real impact of the government's big-bang reform can be assessed only after a full year of its implementation, let us gauge its effect on the various aspects of trade, consumer prices and government revenue. In many cases it may weigh heavily on your pockets while in others it may soothe the traders' frayed nerves with input tax credit. In terms of GST's effect on the government's revenue kitty, it seems to be on the wait and watch mode. Services, including banking and telecom, will get more expensive, as will flats, ready-made garments, monthly mobile bills and tuition fees. From July 1, when you visit an air-conditioned restaurant, be ready to shell out 18 per cent as taxes. In case you prefer a non-air-conditioned food joint, then you will save six per cent as such restaurants will attract 12 per cent GST. Mobile bills, tuition fees and salon visits will also get costlier by three per cent, as GST at the rate of 18 per cent will be applicable on all services from July 1 as compared to the current service tax rate of 15 per cent. Apparels above Rs 1,000 will attract 12 per cent tax as compared to the current six per cent state VAT. It may be noted that apparels below 1,000 will attract GST at the rate of five per cent. In GST regime, buying a flat or shop will attract GST of 12 per cent as compared to current six per cent approximately. "Though the developers are expected to pass on the benefits of input-credit available to them, with the government also issuing an advisory in this regard, practically how it will work is doubtful," GST expert Pritam Mahure told IANS. So what gets cheaper under GST? With 81 per cent of items falling under below 18 per cent tax rate, certain goods that will become cheaper are salad dressings, mayonnaise, weighing machinery, static converters (UPS), electric transformers, winding wires, transformers industrial electronics and two-way radio (walkie talkie) used by defence, police and paramilitary forces, which will attract 18 per cent tax rate. Postage or revenue stamps will also become cheaper as GST on these has been reduced to five per cent. Tax rate on cutlery, ketchup, sauces and pickle under GST will likely become cheaper as they will be taxed at 12 per cent. Salt, children's picture, drawing or coloring books and cereal grains have been exempted under GST. Playing cards, chess board, carom board and other board games have been reduced to 12 per cent GST rate. Rough precious and semi-precious stones have been kept at a special rate of 0.25 per cent under GST. How the traders will be affected? Traders below Rs 20 lakh annual turnover are exempt under GST as compared to the current threshold of Rs 10 lakh in indirect taxes. Traders, manufacturers and restaurants with up to Rs 75 lakh turnover can go for the Composition Scheme and pay 1, 2 and 5 per cent tax respectively. Such businesses though will not get input tax credit but will have to file only one quarterly return. Rest of the traders will have to file three returns every month, out of which two will be auto-populated. The input tax credit under Cenvat credit will be carried forward into the new regime. Integrated GST (IGST) and GST Compensation Cess would be levied on cargo arriving on July 1. Cargo arrived up to June 30 would not attract IGST and compensation cess even though the clearance may happen after July 1. However, additional duty of customs would continue to be levied for imports of petroleum and tobacco products. It is mandatory for all importers/ exporters to declare GST Registration Number (GSTIN) along with Import Export Code (IEC) in the bills of entry, shipping bills and courier forms. Provisional IDs issued by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) also be declared during the transition period. Input tax credit of IGST would be available based on GSTIN declared in the bill of entry. Exports are zero-rated under GST. Exporter would be entitled to refund of IGST paid on exports or refund of accumulated tax credit on inputs used towards exports. Refund of IGST for exports would be based on GSTIN declared in the shipping bill. So how much money will the government raise trough GST? The revenue growth in the remaining nine months of the fiscal are expected to fall to eight per cent as compared to 22 per cent from indirect taxes in 2016-17. However, no prediction has been made by the government for the full year of indirect tax collection growth for the next fiscal. Indirect tax collections (central excise, service tax and customs) in 2016-17 stood at Rs 8.63 lakh crore.

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TOP 10 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT FACEBOOK IN TAMIL Watch out to know more about the social media giant Facebook in Tamil, Watch till end to know a surprise and funny fact.. Thanks for Watching this video, Subscribe for More videos. Lets stay connected, Facebook: https://goo.gl/rbfFFR Twitter: https://twitter.com/itamilup Google+: https://goo.gl/CxhZet

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பில்கேட்ஸ் தொடர்பான சின்ன கதை

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Top 10 interesting facts about left handers in tamil || tamil siragugal || surya sk *This videos shows top ten secrets and interesting facts about left handers.. *If you really like this video please subscribe my channel and press the bell icon.. Rubix Cube by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ ~~~~~~~thanks for watching~~~~~~~

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Story of cycle store to airtel சைக்கிள் கடை to ஏர்டெல் எப்படி தெரியுமா? Airtel is one of the leading mobile network service providers in India. Here we are going to see about the success story airtel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more Tamil cinema news and Kollywood videos, subscribe to our FullMeals channel. We hope our channel will surely help you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe : https://goo.gl/VAVi5y Follow us on FB : https://goo.gl/SAH0W4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Credit: Tobu & Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lXBHD5C8do

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This video does not mean that excessive levels of CO2 in the atmosphere does not have any negative consequences. In fact, excess of anything (oxygen) is not good. However, considering the fact that only 7% of the global carbon emissions is due to human activity and the rest being natural, human emission of carbon has not lead anywhere near to alarming carbon levels in the past. If the carbon emissions to atmosphere (Carbon monoxide) is a health concern then the question remains why hasn't the proponents of man made global warming not talking about water based engines? Instead they are keen on carbon tax. Why? The answer remains in Petrodollar (Watch my first video to know about it). This video seeks every person to get answer from the government on why no steps taken for water based engines? Remember they will tell you "Water based engines are not cost effective to turn you off. If they say so, do your research to understand why it is not cost effective" Climate change, is a term recently coined to replace global warming because for so many decades, the proponents of global warming were talking about warming. However, global cooling is happening. Hence they changed the name to climate change to fit to all possibilities. Proponents of climate change should stop and think what they are standing for, is it that they want the global temperatures to remain constant? The global temperatures has never been constant and never will be due to numerous natural factors. The historical human emissions have been miniscule compared to natural emissions. There is a big commercial and political reason behind the claims that Global Warming is caused by human activity. This video explains clearly the details of the agenda behind the Global Warming claims made today in layman terms. This Global warming madness can be stopped only if every person is made aware of the criminal reasons behind it. Hence please share it to spread the awareness. Global Tilt: The Real Truth about Global Warming, book visit this link-https://amzn.to/2qCUZRw Global Warming and Other Bollocks: The Truth About All Those Science Scare Stories, book visit this link-https://amzn.to/2qx7YUE An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About it, visit this link-https://amzn.to/2HlQrZV There are many interesting videos on health ,politics , spiritual, cinema, tech, how to, wellness and more videos ,waiting for you so please subscribe my channel thank you . Thank you for seeing our videos. If you like our videos, please subscribe to the channel to receive the next videos. http://www.youtube.com/c/webxpress

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The Invisible Other is a documentary film that explores the presence of caste in films and film production in Tamil cinema, especially since the 1990s. The documentary is just a central node that is meant to connect the corollaries [1] that are to follow in the coming weeks/months. Hence there are several lose ends in films that are intentional; it’s meant to trigger tangential questions (possibly directed towards one of the corollaries). The collection's chief purpose is to serve as a knowledge base of sorts -- if it doesn't do much towards social change, it would at least serve as an archive, I hope. [1] Some of the planned corollaries include: Awareness of caste in general and within cinema - interviews from various students. Thevar Magan's influence on the film industry, Tamil audience, politics and its legacy. Dravidian movement's effects on caste in Tamil cinema and in public discourse. History of Caste in Tamil Cinema Censorship and caste Challenges for aspiring film makers https://www.facebook.com/ETDocs Acknowledgment: This documentary contains content that belongs to Sun Network, Star India, Eros India, Autechre and Raj Videos. The clips are purely for educational purposes and I do not own the copyrights to any of the said content. I wish to thank the contents owners for their help and contribution in making this documentary.


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