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தாஜ்மஹாலை விற்ற பலே கிரிமினல்கள் here is our next video on top 10 super intelligent criminals of India. In this video you are going to see the most wanted and most intelligent criminals and crimes happened in india. some awesome facts indeed Like, Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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#unknownfacts #india #10factsonindia இந்தியாவை பற்றி உங்களுக்கு எவ்ளோ தெரியும் Here is a video on top indian facts that are 100% lies and fake? Do you know these facts?Historical facts about india that are not true!!! Like, Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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நம்ம ஏமாத்திய வைரல் போட்டோக்கள் உண்மை என்ன Here is a video on true stories behind the fake viral photos? Top 10 fake photos that went viral #10fakeviralphotos #viswasam Check out the truth and like the video Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon Hosted by Randy (fb.com/radha manalan) #Youtube #Kichdy #FakevsRealPhotos

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Hi #top10youtubers #pewdiepie #jakepaul #ryanstoyreview This video is all about the top 10 youtubers across the world and who is the no 1 highest earning youtuber in 2018. Who is there from India. Watch the video to know it Follow us and like us Like, Share and comment Subscribe us and press bell icon

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10 Amazing Rolex facts | Rolex வாட்ச் ரகசியங்கள் This video is a KICHDY of Amazing and Unkown facts about The Worlds most popular watch company , ROLEX. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up and let us know your comments below. KICHDY is all geared up with more interesting topics.. Do subscribe to our channel and press the "BELL" icon and stay updated on our videos.. Like us on https://www.facebook.com/kichdy Follow us on https://twitter.com/kichdy Script by Shrinath Voice over by Praharsheta LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!

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Here is our next kickass video on 2.0 movie teaser. 10 Awesome facts on 2.0 movie.Starring Rajinikanth, akshay kumar and directed by Shankar Some mindbllowing and unknown facts of movie first ever time in tamil. Like, Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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Do you know these 10 Unknown facts on Tamil Cinema. This video is full of amazing facts on tamil cinema. Do you know which is the first movie to release with DTS, Which is the first movie to release with Dolby, which is the movie is the use screen writing software, which is the first movie to use stereo. Lots of first time facts of Tamil cinema. If you like this video Like, Comment Subscribe Kichdy Like us http://facebook.com/kichdy Follow us twitter.com/kichdy

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கல்யாண வீட்டில் கோபியின் அடி #tamilserialtrolls #kalyanaveedu In this week's kichdy idiot box, the no 1 tamil serial troll show, we get to watch trolls of azhagu serial, vani rani serial, vani rani last episode, rasipalangal, zee tamil serials, tik tok girls funny and lot more Watch the trolls and enjoy Like, Share and comment Susbcribe and press bell icon Edited by Aniz Camera by Shreyas Hosted by Radha manalan A kichdy production

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Here is our new video on 10 Best Romantic Tamil Movies of all time| . Check if your fav love movie is in the list Like, comment and share Subscribe to Kichdy

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Here is our next video on Top 10 Coolest Jobs of 2018 in world right now. You will work free for these jobs if you get to know about these Luxury Car tester, Youtuber, Condom tester and lot more jobs Like, Share and Comment which jobs you would like to apply for Subscribe to Kichdy Press Bell icon Camera: Raakkappan Cuts: Raakappan Anchor: Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath

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Hi here is a new video on unexplained science facts. Some amazing unexplained science phenomeno in this video Like, Share and comment this video Follow us twitter.com/kichdy like us @fb.com/kichdy Written & Hosted - Randy Camera - Leku Rakapan Edit - Nagaraj

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உலகின் தலை எழுத்தை மாற்றிய இருவர் பற்றி தெரியுமா This video is on tamil troll videos of haasann ads and jayesh bhuva..the comedy of ad industry. Carry minati trolled these two people. Watch the funny video on wasim haasan and jayesh bhuva funny stupid indian ads, top 10 indian ads, top 10 tamil ads, funny and stupid tamil ads, black sheep, and most wanted funny ads of india is there in the video Like,. comment and share subscribe and press bell icon

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Here is a top 10 list of super hit Tamil movies when remade in Hindi became a super flop. Wondering why? Watch this video to know, if Naatamai, Mudhalvan, Aasai, Poove Unakkaga is a hit in Hindi. Voice over by Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath Edited By : Reegan Like Share and Comment on this video Subscribe to Kichdy

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Latest Tamil Comedy | 2016 tamilcinemareview for worst movies Here is the list of the flop and mokka tamil movies of 2016. These movies made you angry.These movies made you go mad? Is it your worst movie also in the list? Watch the full video and find out If you agree, Hit Like, Comment and Share vikram prabhu ( Wagah ) , ( Veera Sivaji ) Sivakarthikeyan ( Remo ) thodari ( Danush ) Sowkarpettai ( Srikanth ) G V Prakash Kumar (Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru ) & ( Enakku Innoru Per Irukku) jithan 2 ( Jithan Ramesh) iraivi ( Vijay Sethupathi , S. J. Surya , Bobby Simha) Pokkiri Raja ( Jiiva , Sibiraj ) etc,. #Tamil #Worst #MOVIES 2016 Subscribe to Kichdy Share this video on your page Like us @fb.com/kichdy FOr busines enquiries mail to kichdykings@gmail.com

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Thalapathi 10 things you don't know about thalapathi rajinikanth Here is our new video on "10 Things You don't know" series. check out the facts that you never heard of Thalapathi is a 1991 Indian Tamil-language crime-drama film written and directed by Mani Ratnam and produced by G. Venkateswaran. It stars Rajinikanth, Mammootty and Shobana in the lead roles with Arvind Swamy, Srividya, Amrish Puri, Bhanupriya, Nagesh, and Charuhasan playing supporting ones. The theme is based on the friendship between Karna and Duryodhana of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. The score and soundtrack were composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The film, which features the last collaboration of Mani Ratnam and Ilaiyaraaja, was dubbed and released in Telugu and Hindi as Dalapathi.[1] The film emerged as a critical and commercial success during its theatrical run.[2][3] It was later remade in Kannada as Annavru.[4] voice and script by Randy Follow us twiitter.com/kichdy Like us fb.com/kichdy

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10 Most Expensive Films of Tamil Cinema That You Must Watch. Here is our new video showcasing the 10 most expensive films over the years in tamil cinema. This is a must watch video if you are a movie buff. Kichdy showcases you the best of cinema facts, current affairs, opinion based shows and more travelogues coming soon. Watch out for this space If you like this video, hit Like,Comment and Share Do Subscribe to Kichdy and Press bell Icon Business enquiries kichdykings@gmail.com for more interesting videos on cinema facts Click this link http://bit.ly/2nyvnTG Voice and Scripy by Randy Editing by Reegan Research by Shrinath

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Here is an interesting video on Jobs that won't exist in 10 years or 10 jobs that will disappear in 10 years. Based on Mckinsey report, here is a video documentary on the most interesting and useful topic 10 jobs that won't exist in 10 years Watch the video fully to know which are the industries going to be affected due to artificial intelligence and robots

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here is our next awesome video on 10 famous logos and their secrets. These famous company logos have hidden messages in their brand. Check out full video to know the awesome facts about apple, facebook, google, hyundai and much more Like, Comment and share Subscribe to kichdy and press bell icon Check out other awesome video facts on this link :http://bit.ly/2BHPVT1

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Kabali- the next movie of Super Star rajinikanth has got some uber cool facts. It is the big budget movie of super stars has many firsts to it.These awesome facts will really blow your mind.

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நான் காப்பி அடிக்கிறேனா |மனம் திறந்த பதில் Comments Kashtangal Am i copying from rishipedia videos ? Responding to mean comments Like, Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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Do you know who acted first in enthiran? Do you know who acted first in Gajini? Watch this video and know the amazing list of actors who first acted and replaced. Subscribe us Kichdy Like, COmment and Share this video A Kichdy Production

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Crazy Facts இன்னும் 10 வருஷத்தில் உலகத்தில் இதெல்லாம் கிடையாது Things that will become obsolete in future. Awesome and amazing video . Host- Randy Editing- Nagaraj Camera- Raakappan Writer, Producer - Shrinath Like, Share and Comment Subscribe and press bell icon Check out, comment your views, like, share Subscribe and press bell icon

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Click here to buy the book :https://amzn.to/2Ofb9im How to understand body language of a woman? Understanding body language and its meaning? What to talk to a girl for first time?How to impress a girl through your body language? Like, Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon mail your busines queries to mailkichdy@gmail.com

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Hey all, It's vijay's birthday. here is our new video on the top 10 performances of vijay that every ajith fans will love to watch. Check out this new video. Vijay is the mass actor of Tamil cinem and loved by everyone in Tamilnadu. Like the video,comment and share Hit subscribe and press bell icon

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Do you the Top 10 list of famous Hindi Movie remakes which are flops in Tamil. There are lot of tamil movies which are remakes of Hindi, malayalam and Telugu Movies. All these Hit movies were actually flops .Here is the list of those movies that might surprise you. Like ,Comment and Share the Video Subscribe to Cinema Kichdy- exclusive channel for Cinema, Reviews, Interviews, Facts and Gossips. Our Main Channel Kichdy For business enquiries mail to kichdykings@gmail.com

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Here is an awesome video on best countries of the world based on various factors. Does India has place in it?Which is the best country in the world. Check out in this video and comment your views Host- Randy Editing- Nagaraj Camera- Raakappan Writer, Producer - Shrinath Like, Share and Comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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Did you know that Aladdin is originally from China? This video is a collection of 10 mind blowing facts that you won't believe. These unbelievable facts will make you go crazy. Like the video and share the facts. Subscribe to Kichdy Like us facebook.com/kichdy

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Here is our new video which lists out the 10 epic inspirational dialogues from tamil movies that will change your life for ever. These inspirational scenes will lift anybodys mood and look in a positive way. This is a must watch and amazing video from kichdy So pls do like and leave your favourite dialogues in comment section Writer,Producer : Shrinath Voiceover : Radha Manalan Edited by : Reegan Subscribe to Kichdy and press bell icon For more interesting sketches click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiNlIGRdMyo&list=PLcRrh7Avpwj65dUGHxKWe687OZgDE91k7

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10 Unknown facts of Apoorva Sagodharargal. Here is our next video on "10 Things you don't know".Apoorva Sagodharargal aka Appu Raja is 1989 Tamil film starring Kamalhaasan and Gowthami. Like This video and comment Subscribe to Kichdy

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Here is a new series 10 things you don't know . In our first episode, we are coming up with 10 Things You dont know on Devar Magan starring kamal haasan and Sivaji Ganesan. This video is dedicated to all kamal fans on his birthday .Devar magan is one of the finest films of tamil cinema and this video has awesome facts and pls share if you like it. Voice and Script by Randy A Kichdy production Like us fb.com/kichdy Subscribe us Kichdy Also Do Comment your movie wish that you want to know more

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Do You know these Top 10 Hit Hindi Tamil Movies Remakes in History That You Must not Miss ? Here is our new video on films that are super hits in both the languages.. These are hit remakes in all the languages. This video will give you mindblwoing info on Cinema and if you are a cinema lover, then this a must watch and must share. For more such facts on cinema , click http://bit.ly/2nYtL5z If you like this video Hit Like , Share comment Subscribe to Kichdy, Press Bell Icon

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Here is our new video with complete list of films that collected close to 1000 crores in India across the years. Watch out the full video and know the list. Be the first to know Hit Like, Comment and Share Subscribe to Kichdy Like us @fb.com/kichdy follow us @twitter.com/kichdy bahubali, Ajith, Vivegam, Rajini, Endhiran,Shankar,Thala, Vijay,2.0, Vivegam (English: Wisdom) is an upcoming Tamil-language Indian action thriller film co-written and directed by Siva. It features Ajith Kumar, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan and Vivek Oberoi. Principal photography of the film commenced at Slovenia in August 2016 and the movie is scheduled for a worldwide release in 10 August 2017. 2.0 is an upcoming Indian science fiction film written and directed by S. Shankar, co-written by B. Jeyamohan and produced by Subaskaran Allirajah, founder of Lyca Productions.[7] A sequel to the 2010 Tamil film Enthiran, the film will feature Rajinikanth reprising the roles of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson.[8] The film will have a simultaneous release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. [2][3][4][5] With an estimated budget of ₹450 crore (₹4.5 billion), it is the most expensive Indian film to date.[note 1] The film is expected release worldwide on 25 January 2018.

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Do you know the amazing List of Tamil Copy cat movies from Korean movies. This amazing video gives you the super duper tamil movies which are either inspired or copied from famous korean movies. Jigarthanda from Dirty Carnival Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum from My dear desperado Voice over by Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath Edited By : Reegan Hit Like ,Comment and Share this video Subscribe to our channel kichdy

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Kichdy Channel Trailer What is there in Kichdy? Kichdy vandha enna paakalam Like, Share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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Book your lil 3d statues @www.3dselfiy.com Here is our new video on 10 Best Tamil movies of 2017. These new directors have given stunning tamil movies in 2017. We at Kichdy hav listed down the must watch tamil movies of 2017 Aruvi, Aram, Maanagaram, Maragatha Nanayam and Mersal Like, Share, Comment A Kichdy production

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There are some very popular actors and actress in tamil cinema. But these are the actors who became popular over night with their first film and went missing after few years. Here is a compilation video of one film wonders of tamil cinema For more videos Subscribe to Kichdy Like us @fb.com/kichdy Follow us @twitter.com/kichdy More new channels coming Soon!!!

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Tamil Film Stars and Their Cars. What Cars Do Tamil Film Stars Have? This is a Must watch video of car collections of your favorite tamil cinema stars. What Car Rajini, Ajith, Vijay, Kamal, Surya, Dhanush and Sivakarthikeyan have? BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Bentley and lot more in their collection. Voice over by Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath Edited By : Reegan Hit Like, Comment and Share this video. Subscribe to Kichdy for More hot and happening South News

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Here is our live video on the Kamal haasan political entry. Here are some questions from common man and what would be his political ideology. Like, Share and comment

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காபி உருவான கதை Here is the story of a coffee. How coffee is born, the complete history of coffee and how it divided people and all more stories related to coffee is explained in this kichdy video Script by Radha manalan Hosted by radha manalan Edits by Raakapan Camera by Raakappan Like,share and comment Subscribe and press bell icon

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Do you know the Top 10 movies with Medical Thrillers in Tamil Cinema? Here is the list of tamil heroes with with weird medical disorders in tamil cinema. Short term memory loss in Ghajini, Narcolepsy in Naan Sigapu manithan, Split personality in Anniyan and more. These movies interestingly depicts these medical illness Voice over by Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath Edited By : Reegan Like Comment and Share this Video Subscribe to youtube.com/kichdy Business enquiries and product associations, mail to kichdykings@gmail.com Our new cinema Channel youtube.com/Cinema Kichdy

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10 Bollywood Copy Cat List That Will Shock You. Here is the new video from Kichdy , that will leave you in shock. So many favourite Bollywood Movies are rip off from Hollywood. These Hollywood to Bollywood movies video is an amazing one. If you like this Video hit Like, Share and Comment Subscribe Kichdy and Press Bell Icon Kichdy is a channel for all latest and true info on movies, current affairs and comedy Like us http://facebook.com/kichdy Follow us http://twitter.com/kichdy Watch our Cinema Facts based Videos here http://bit.ly/2nYtL5z Business enquiries kichdykings@gmail.com

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Here is a video list of tamil film directors who attained huge popularity without working as an assitant directors to anyone. Do you know where maniratnam worked? Watch this video to know more Voice over by Randy Writer, Producer : Shrinath If you like this video Pls do Like, Comment and Share Subscribe Kichdy Like us facebook.com/kichdy

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Ajithkumar, the most stylish actor of tamil film industry. Here is a video with the top 10 list of his movies that every vijay fan must watch. Vijay fans and Ajith fans are always locking horns. But these ajith movies will be loved by every vijay fan and we have presented the list. if you agree with this list Hit Like, Share and Comment on this video Subscribe and press bell icon Like us @fb.com/kichdy Hosted by Randy Ajith Kumar is an Indian actor who works mainly in Tamil films. Apart from a small role in the 1990 Tamil film En Veedu En Kanavar,[1] his professional career began three years later with the Telugu film Prema Pusthakam.[2] He made his debut as a lead actor in Tamil cinema with Amaravathi (1993). Despite being a moderate success, the film helped him obtain more modelling assignments.[2] After Amaravathi's release, Ajith opted against acting, and instead tried pursuing a career in auto racing. While training for an amateur race, he injured his back and underwent three major surgeries, leaving him bed-ridden for a year-and-a-half.[3] After recovering from the injury, he played supporting roles in Paasamalargal (1994) and Pavithra (1994).[3][4] The following year, he had his breakthrough with the romantic thriller Aasai. His performance earned him critical acclaim and established him as an up-and-coming actor in Tamil cinema. He was next seen as the main lead in Agathiyan's epistolary Kadhal Kottai (1996), a critical and commercial success.[3] In 1997 he had five releases, all of which were commercial failures.[2] Ajith's dual portrayal of twin brothers—where one is deaf-mute—in S. J. Surya's Vaali (1999) won him his first Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Actor. Impressed with his performance in that film, Rajiv Menon cast Ajith in the ensemble drama Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000).[2] The following year, he collaborated with debutant director AR Murugadoss on the action film Dheena. The film was successful in establishing his reputation as an action hero and earning him the nickname "Thala" ("head").[5][a] He earned critical acclaim for his dual role performance in the vigilante film Citizen (2001),[7] and a Best Actor nomination at Filmfare for the drama Poovellam Un Vasam (2001). His last release of the year was Santosh Sivan's Hindi film Aśoka, where he played a brief antagonistic role opposite Shah Rukh Khan.[8][9] His performance as twin brothers in K. S. Ravikumar's 2002 film Villain won him a second Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Actor.[10] Between 2003 and 2005 Ajith cut back on his acting career to focus on racing.[11] During this time, he had his only commercial success with Attahasam (2004).[12][13] Two years later he starred in Ravikumar's Varalaru, in which he played three different roles. It became the highest-grossing Tamil film of that year,[14] and Ajith went on to receive his third Best Tamil Actor award at Filmfare for his performance. In 2007 he was seen in two remakes—Kireedam and Billa,[b] both of which earned him critical acclaim.[14] His next two releases, Aegan (2008) and Aasal (2010), were critical and commercial failures.[15] Ajith played an antihero—as a money-minded, suspended police officer—in Venkat Prabhu's Mankatha (2011). It had the biggest opening of that year for a Tamil film,[d] and became Ajith's biggest commercial success to that point.[17] His next release, Billa II (2012), Tamil cinema's first prequel,[e] opened to mixed reviews.[19][20] He followed that with the multi-starrer Arrambam (2013) and Siva's masala film Veeram (2014), both of which were commercially successful.[21] In 2015 he collaborated with Gautham Menon for the crime drama Yennai Arindhaal.[22][23] His performance as an undercover police officer earned him a Best Tamil Actor nomination at the 63rd Filmfare Awards South.[24] His second release of the year, Vedalam, had the biggest opening day in Tamil cinema and was among the highest grossing Tamil films of the year.[5]

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2016 Comes to an end? Close to 200 tamil movies were released this year. Which are really profitable for everyone. What is the true collection Theri, Kabali, Remo? What is the box office collection? Watch the video to find out more. The collection figures are collected from various sources and the final figures may vary up to 5%. Subscribe Kichdy Follow us @twitter.com/Kichdy


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